But Is It Bestiality? – ‘Conception’ Episode 11 Review

But Is It Bestiality? – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Conception’ Episode 11

What’s the show? Conception, Episode 11.

So how’s this episode? I’m kind of at a loss for words. And not because it’s so bad it’s beyond description and obviously not because it’s done anything so good it’s left me speechless, I’m just kind of in disbelief that something like this exists.

As are we all, week after week. So what happens in this episode? A lot, and very little of it makes sense and tonally it’s all over the place but I’ll try and make sense of it all. So Itsuki and Alfie have a star child together and immediately people notice that there’s something different about this one. Namely it just looks like a normal kid and not a kid in a Halloween costume like the others. Alfie falls sick and is bedridden so Itsuki goes to a Christmas market to find a gift for her and the other maidens. Meanwhile, it’s revealed that the only way for Itsuki to seal the 13th labyrinth is to sacrifice himself—which raises way more questions than it answers!

Also Mana’s apparently been playing an unspoken game with the audience all season.

Like what? Like what was even the point of him creating star children in the first place if this series was just going to end with him needing to sacrifice himself? And he’s surprisingly okay with it?! Like I know he’s been a bit of a passive and agreeable protagonist all the way through the series but he took more convincing to sleep with a guy then he did needing convincing to be a sacrifice! Speaking of which…

Speaking of what? Itsuki sleeps with Mana.

Not sure if bestiality…

What?! As in Mana the annoying flying tanuki thing?! Yes, and to the show’s credit it was funny and I mean, Mana was practically begging for it these last few episodes so I shouldn’t really be surprised…

Mana has a human girl’s shadow here, nice little touch.

Right… anything else you need to add? Alfie is 30 years old. I know that’s not a big deal but the show makes a big song and dance about it (literally) so I figure it’s worth at least mentioning. What is a big deal (probably not) is that Alfie herself is actually a star child, one who lost her powers and more or less became a normal woman. Hence why his and Itsuki’s star child is different. Maybe this will play a part in the finale somehow and Itsuki won’t need to be sacrificed? Or maybe it’s just more random backstory from the game.

There were a lot of weird references to 80’s J-drama that went over a lot of people’s heads, mine and Itsuki’s included.

Uh-huh… so overall thoughts on the episode? With the exception of a few lackluster episodes Conception still manages to surprise me in the three areas that I first honed in during the first episode. In the stupid department, in the sexy department and in the trash department. There’s an air of sincerity around this episode too which is less surprising since I know it’s capable of it from time-to-time but it was appreciated at least. And regardless of my feelings on the plot developments here (and at this point I’m not sure why I should even bother caring about that aspect) the show remains entertaining and I can’t fault it on that.

And even Mahiru got some attention too.

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2 thoughts on “But Is It Bestiality? – ‘Conception’ Episode 11 Review”

  1. I’m not so sure if I’m being entertained by this at the moment or more just stunned that it keeps finding new ways to be weird. I’m going to finish it but I can’t really say I’ve enjoyed it at this point. It went from being not so great but intriguing to just being pretty terrible but too weird to stop watching.

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