Keeping Each Other Afloat – ‘Bloom Into You’ Episode 13 (Finale) Review

Keeping Each Other Afloat – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Bloom Into You’ Episode 13 (Finale)

What’s the show? Bloom Into You, Episode 13 (Finale).

So how’s this episode? It’s surprising…

By which you mean? I’m surprised by its non-ending—not that I was expecting any kind of closure, one of my commenters assured me of that fact that weeks ago. I’m surprised by the confidence this show has in its audience. Also I’m surprised by how good it still is, actually scratch that, this show has proven itself more than capable at this point. The point I’m trying to make is that the show doesn’t force a ‘fake’ ending and it’s still a satisfying finale. Even if things are left more or less ~in the middle~ of two stories.


You don’t think your being too forgiving? Maybe. But I prefer the show to not rush towards a conclusion it’s not ready for just for the sake of an impatient TV audience, this is roughly the midway point of the manga, the mangaka has estimated an end date in 2019/2020 so maybe we’ll get a second season then.

Right so what happens in this “non-ending”? In the first half Yuu and Koyomi go to everyone’s favourite gay cafe to work on the amendments to the play’s script and Koyomi tasks Yuu with coming up with a title. Afterwards Sayaka and Touka come to the cafe after the other two have left and they have a deep discussion about Touko’s sister—we don’t see the conversation and that works in the show’s favour I think. Also because we already kinda know what Touko’s sister was like to Touko because Touko plays that role everyday. Then after they leave Riko, their teacher stops by to pick up Miyako the coffee shop owner from work so they can go home together and the two have an “interesting” exchange.

I love these two so much!

Oh? And what do you mean by “interesting”? Well turns out our favourite gay couple are both actually bisexual. Which I mean doesn’t change much, but I tell you what it’s good to see bisexual characters in an anime who are in a stable relationship and not presented as sexually aggressive or perverted. Also turns out, when asked her preferences for either men or women Riko says she prefers men which elicits a comical reaction from Miyako. Riko then elaborates by saying it’s “different” with her and that she’s just fallen for her. And it reminded me of the best character and moment in ‘Citrus’ when Sara explains her bisexuality to Yuzu by saying “it doesn’t matter if I’m in a relationship with a boy or a girl, it just happened to be a girl this time.” More of this in our anime please!


Hard to argue with that. Anything else? Yes of course that’s only half the episode! So Yuu invites Touko to go to an aquarium and watching these two have about as a ‘normal’ a date possible for them was so heartwarming and adorable. And the episode doesn’t end with some forced cliffhanger or dramatic moment or angsty misunderstanding it just has a quaint little montage of all the characters over the end credits and that’s it for Bloom Into You (for now–hopefully)!

Such a simple gesture but it means everything.

Right then, overall thoughts on the final episode? I could absolutely understand a person being underwhelmed by this ending. Especially as how nearly half the season has been building to a stage play that’s yet to eventuate in the narrative. But as for me I’m more than happy with what we got, it’s a beautiful, low-key and heartfelt episode that makes me want to watch the series all over again.


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Author: Cactus Matt

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3 thoughts on “Keeping Each Other Afloat – ‘Bloom Into You’ Episode 13 (Finale) Review”

  1. I think this was a fine last episode, and there probably wasn’t anyone still watching this show that would have been disappointed with this ending, compared to what it would have been if it had tried to shoehorn an actual “ending” into the show. It’s also very much like other yuri / lesbian relationship anime that adapted the beginning and a bit of their manga / books and then just ran out of episodes in the “middle” of the story (Aoi Hana, Sasameki Koto, even Sakura Trick).

    The episode did have a bit of an “OVA” feel to it, tho, which is not unheard of in anime series. I’d definitely like to see the story continue in anime, but I feel it probably won’t (I’d also like to see a Kase-san anime following on from the OAD they did earlier this year).

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