Clash Of The Tit-ans – ‘Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master’ Episode 12 (Finale) Review

Clash Of The Tit-ans – An Anime QandA Review of Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master, Episode 12

What’s the show? Senran Kagura: Shinovi Master, Episode 12 (Finale).

So how’s this episode? I’ll cut to the chase, it’s kind of disappointing.

No nipples, huh? No nipples…

Wh- I was joking! That’s not seriously the reason why you’re disappointed by the finale is it? Put simply I watch this show for 3 reasons, the fan service, the characters and the concept. If it’s ever lacking in any of those departments in any given episode, naturally I’m going to be disappointed. Certainly this episode delivered in the character department, and even the action–which isn’t even something I watch this show for–was probably at it’s best here. But without adequate fan service, is it really Senran Kagura?


That seems dramatic. Okay, fair call. That was overly dramatic of me, this isn’t like a betrayal, the core episode was great, there were emotional moments and funny moments and their was a satisfying conclusion to Fubuki’s story–though it still leaves room for more stories (hopefully!) But I feel like for a season finale of a show that was so riotously celebratory with its nudity early on that not having any nudity (except for the end-credits, which doesn’t count) just seems like a wasted opportunity!

Serious business with Fubuki.

I may not understand you but I at least see your point. So you say there’s a satisfying conclusion to Fubuki’s story? Wasn’t she hell bent on destroying all the shinovi? Yes but the rage that fuelled her journey of revenge has been tempered by many things since the start of her journey, by the warmth of friendship, by the memories of her childhood with Yumi, by the promise of a new life not ruled by rage. Arguably its an easy won ending, not physically though, Yumi almost dies for her trouble but Fubuki recognised she was on the losing side, especially after Rasetsu–her Youma buddy got sealed away. Fubuki knew that she couldn’t win any more so she admitted defeat, she probably would have been happy to have died but neither Yumi or the others would have taken things that far. This was about saving Fubuki from her revenge not defeating her.

This was a really cool moment.

Fair enough. Anything else you wanted to add? The episode ends on Christmas Day, the series began on the weeks leading up to Christmas, meaning this is officially a Christmas anime! What does this mean? Well you can add this to ‘We Without Wings’ as shows to binge watch over the Christmas season that are completely un-family friendly and inappropriate!

This is about as much fan service as the episode provides. Thank you Ryona for your continued support to the ecchi cause!

You’re weird. Overall thoughts on the final episode? With regard to story and character I’m happy with what we got, fan service on the other hand not so much, but in the grand scheme of things and with regard to binge-watching that will matter a lot less. As it stands this was a satisfying conclusion to a great show that I enjoyed a great deal. Here’s hoping we get another season sooner than later!

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    1. This is the second season, there was a first season back in 2013 that’s a lot more light-hearted than this one. However you don’t need to have seen the first season to really understand this one, at least in my opinion.

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