Make The Yuletide Gay – ‘DAKAICHI -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year-’ Episode 13 Review with Irina & Matt

Make The Yuletide Gay – An Anime QandA Review of DAKAICHI -I’m being harassed by the sexiest man of the year- Episode 13

Episode 13 of me and Irina’s collab reviews on DAKAICHI, I’m represented by the bold text while Irina (from I Drink And Watch Anime) is not in bold.

And we’ve made it to the finale, Irina, what an adventure this has been! We giggled, we sometimes didn’t giggle, there was this one time I was hungry! What a ride!

With things all but wrapped up with the previous episode there was thought as to whether this would be a filler episode, and well… it’s a Christmas episode so that probably counts! It felt like filler to me. We revisited all the major characters for a cameo and got little recounts of the story. If there’s ever a season 2, I really don’t see this one being anything else than filler.

What could possibly go wrong?!

I know you’re not the biggest fan of Christmas episodes so you must have been wary going in? A little, coupled with Dakaichi’s track record for non plot episodes and yu had the potential for something truly awful…

On the plus side unlike the Hawaii episode which looked like a hurried mess, this episode was one of the better looking episodes! And that was the first thing I noticed. Actually no, the first thing I noticed was that despite being essentially filler, this episode thematically bookendshe series by stating out with Takato fuming over being voted no.2 guy I want to spend Christmas with, under Junta. That was a nice touch and made the episode feel much more consistent with the series and as a proper finale. Also the art was on par with what we’ve see. There were a few quite nice scenes at that. You are going to have a great time picking our screencaps. The only animation low I really noticed (there were a few inconsistencies throughout) was the passionate kiss behind the car. That looked so weird!!! They’ve kissed before, it was always nicely choreographed. This time it kinda looked like a kid smooshing action figures together. Was that the second the budget ran out?

“Now kiss” *smoshes flat faces together*

So the plot of this episode is minimal, but cute, Takato wants to make the perfect Christmas for Junta but isn’t sure how and leaves it to the last minute to try and come up with ideas. It’s very much a traditional romantic comedy plot but I liked it. I thought it was super sweet. And it allowed Takato to shine, being essentially a one man show for the most part. It really showed him at his best. Petty, impatient a little selfish and also lost, vulnerable desperately trying to make Junta happy. He’s a good character! Layered like an Ogre…

I liked that we got to see literally every character that’s appeared on the show appear for a brief cameo, contrived as it was it was still nice to check in on everyone. That’s sort of a filler standard trope. A bit of non sexual fanservice so everyone gets to see their favourite chara.

*flamboyancy intensifies*

Then it turns into a missings person hunt as Takato can’t find Junta anywhere! Except he’s been following him all day and even dressed up as his taxi-driver just so he could watch Takato fuss over him. I mean, is it stalking if you’re in a relationship with the person? Or is it just cute? I guess it depends the mood you’re in when watching something like this… What did you think of Junta’s whole plan? I didn’t get it? I mean I know Takato is self absorbed but he never once looked at his driver? They were together all day. I didn’t think about it too hard. I was silly but hey, the episode as a whole was rather sweet so I went with it.

And it turns out Junta is some sort of expert at Christmas and has rigged up Christmas lights at their favourite ‘makeout’ spot and has bought dozens of presents and even went to the trouble of brewing his own hot chocolate and putting it in cans. Is there anything he can’t do?! He’s also very very strong. I mean he often carries Takato around like he weighs nothing. I know Takato is delicate and all but he’s still a fully grown man only slightly shorter than Junta. My point is, Junta’s a super powered alien. I’m calling it for season 2.

Seems legit.

I don’t know how I feel about this episode. On the one hand it’s cute and fluffy which is always a good feeling for a Christmas episode but ending a series on what is essentially a filler episode is a bold play in my opinion. I mean maybe they felt obligated to make a Christmas episode because of the proximity it had to the airing date but even so I can’t help but feel this was the wrong choice for a last episode. Am I being too much of a Grinch? What did you think Irina? Well this is the type of fanservice episode you often see as a wrap up in reverse harems and well…I like them. I like to have a small, happy, consequence free episode at the end of the series where you get to see what everyone is up to. It’s the extended they lived happily ever after epilogue. Like the grown up kids in Harry Potter who we see for just a minute and they’re all grown up and married with kids.  

Any idea who these three were supposed to be? New characters from the manga maybe?

This type of thing doesn’t sit every story but in something like Dakaichi, where their relationship is nothing for fire and ice, seeing them settled down a touch and ding something as mundane as celebrating Christmas together is nice. The audience can leave the series comfortable in the notion that these two crazy kids are going to make it because they have a bit of proof.

It does make me wonder why we had to bring up that ominous red head last episode. Are they really trying to get a second season? The show has been pretty popular….

And seeing as this is the finale, what about your thoughts on the show as a whole? It was much more enjoyable than I expected it to be. The highlight as far as I’m concerned is still Junta’s fantastic flashback episode. That single episode, couple with Takato’s powerful charisma as a character (no way he would ever be no. 2) is what elevated the show in my eyes. It’s my favourite that we’ve watched together though not my favourite of the season. I agree! Look at that, us, agreeing on something for once!

Strike a pose, Takato!

How about you Matt? Or are you going to keep us in suspense until your full series review? Nope, no full series review, least not in the way I usually do (I’ve got different plans for how I’ll wrap up each show I watched this season ~stay tuned~) so I’m happy to give my thoughts right here! It should come as no surprise that this show was well out of my comfort zone, this was my first yaoi and as such the first time I’ve watched a show with a 90%+ male cast and what’s my main take away from that? It wasn’t nearly as intolerable as I was expecting. In fact I liked this show more than a couple of other shows I watched this season that would normally be considered in my ‘wheelhouse’ so put that as a win! I don’t know that i’ll ever go out of my way to watch a yaoi again but then again I wouldn’t say no if I was asked! The best compliment I can give this show is it was endearing and entertaining and I mean what more could you ask for in a show like this?!

And that’s it for DAKAICHI, thanks to everyone who read through our collaborative review! And thank you, Irina, for putting up with me for another collab! I look forward to whatever show we end up reviewing together next!

Merry Christmas indeed!

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