Angel Sweets – ‘Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me’ Episode 1 Review

Angel Sweets – An Anime QandA Review for ‘Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me’ Episode 1


What’s the show? Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me, Episode 1.

So how’s this episode? So we’re in familiar territory with this anime, it’s basically ‘UzaMaid!’ all over again with our lolicon protagonist fawning over an elementary schooler–who in the case of this anime is her younger sister’s new best friend.

Really? This again?! And so soon after ‘UzaMaid’?! I know, I was surprised too but here we are, no use you complaining, we’re in it for the long haul!

Ugh, fine! So what’s this show specifically about and who is our pervert this time? It’s about Miyako Hoshino a terminally shy college student who spends most of her free time drawing and sewing cosplay outfits at home, she has a little sister named Hinata and they have a very close relationship.

That’s three degrees of head-pat-seperation!

Siscon and lolicon?! Calm down, she’s not a siscon, well… I mean, she doesn’t want to date her sister, she appreciates her sister’s cuteness and enjoys dressing her up–that’s about where it ends (as far as we know so far). So anyway one day Hinata invites her classmate Hana over and it’s “funny, squirmy feeling” at first sight for Miyako.

Is it diarrhoea?

Excuse me? Those her words to describe her feelings upon seeing such a “cute angel” like Hana. Simply put, she’s got a big ol’ crush on an elementary school girl and doesn’t know how to process it. What the rest of the episode is more or less Miyako trying to get closer to Hana, Hana (quickly) realising that Miyako is creepy and Hinata being oblivious to it all.

*Stockholm Syndrome intensifies*

And by “getting closer” you mean…? Dressing them up in her cosplay outfits and taking photos, making Hana sweets in the hopes of winning her over (or at the very least keep her in her life) then the requisite sleepover related shenanigans.

I’m sold.

This sounds very creepy, even for you. Did I say I liked it?

Wait, what? You didn’t like it? No of course I liked it, but I have issues… Unlike ‘UzaMaid!’ which had me from the first second and (almost) never let go there’s one BIG thing stopping me from calling this a largely enjoyable experience. And (unsurprisingly) it’s our lolicon protagonist Miyako. And I thought about this longer than probably anyone should, trying to think why I don’t like this particular flavour of lolicon but Tsubame from ‘UzaMaid!’ was so delicious. And at the end of the day it all comes down to confidence. People will tell you that confidence is sexy and alluring and brings with it charisma, and they are absolutely right. Tsubame was a hard-working ex-airforce woman with a killer six-pack and an attitude to match, she could say absurd lines about only liking girls who hadn’t had their period and you believed in her conviction–and (as much as this is probably the most problematic thing I’ve ever said) she made being a lolicon seem like the right play. Her confidence and self-assured attitude made you nod your head agreement all the while inside you were shaking your head in disbelief.

Everybody watching this show.

But not Miyako? Nooo~, Miyako is always in her sloppy loungewear (you can imagine they stink of sweat), she talks and acts like a shut-in otaku, she is the polar opposite of Tsubame and as a result you’re not endeared to her perversion (as much as one can be considering the subject matter) but rather repulsed. She is–to put it plainly and harshly–pretty gross.

I only just noticed her drawing tablet is a ‘Cherry’, now I’m worried about Hana’s virginity…

Wow. I didn’t expect that kind of dressing down on a show like this, a show you’d ordinarily be all for. Stop. Make no mistake I am all for this show, this show is aesthetically superior to ‘UzaMaid!’ absolutely everything about it from the loli’s themselves, to the more low-key setting, to the music and the visuals it is all incrementally preferable to ‘UzaMaid!’ in my opinion and for my preferences. But Miyako will continue to be a stumbling block for the rest of this series, oh I don’t doubt we’ll get some tragic backstory about why she’s so shy and housebound and maybe even a reasoning for her love of loli! Maybe she didn’t have a proper childhood and maybe she’s trapped in that mindset? Maybe high-school was so terrible for her that she reverts to her happiest time of life when at home? But until it does those things (assuming it does) and does them well, I can only take what I can see and that’s that Miyako is not an appealing protagonist. Yet.

Probably for the best. (Okay that was a bit harsh)

Okay, fair enough. So uh, how do you go about recommending this? The target audience for this show (at least among my readers, presumably) is small–if you enjoy moe, slice of life it’s a “maybe”, if you enjoyed ‘UzaMaid!’ it’s a “probably” everyone else nothing to see here, move along…

“Hey kids I’ve got candy in my van, come see!”

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Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

6 thoughts on “Angel Sweets – ‘Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me’ Episode 1 Review”

  1. I liked this show, but I’ve also been reading the manga, and I think the later parts of the manga work better than these early parts where Miyako is a much bigger creep, even if it’s that she’s kind of an unintended creep. I think she really doesn’t have a fixation on lolis, more that she’s love at first sight with Hana.

    I think a lot of the difference from UzaMaid is that Tsubame knew she was a deviant, and loudly and proudly embraced her deviance, even making exceptions to it in her mind for Misha. Mya is just a lot more clueless about everything, and it doesn’t really give you an angle to accept her as much.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I was very harsh on Mya, but my reviews always end up being something of an over-exaggeration of my true feelings for the sake of making an entertaining read. I’m sure I’ll be fine with her in a couple of episodes time.


  2. God, I can almost picture myself actually asking those questions. Spot on.

    I couldn’t stand Uzamaid but the way you compare Miyako to Tsubame makes for a strong argument. I can see why you’d like the latter more and I think I like Miyako less after reading your post.

    Liked by 1 person

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