Offering Support – ‘BanG Dream! 2nd Season’ Episode 2 Review

Offering Support – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Bang Dream! 2nd Season’ Episode 2


What’s the show? BanG Dream! 2nd Season, Episode 2.

So how’s this episode? There’s less music in this episode–which is bad. But there’s more character and plot focus–which is good!

Well you can’t expect every episode to have 5 live music performances like episode 1 now can you? Can’t I?

Me, every episode.

I mean… I guess you can, but that’s a bit unrealistic isn’t it? Though to sate my longing for music the show gives us a new opening credit sequence, which looks like it’s going to be the case with every episode–12 different songs with accompanying visuals with beautiful music-video like detail put into them is an a-okay consolation prize! Though I did think ‘Kizuna Music’ (which was Episode 1’s OP song) was pretty perfect as an OP song. This time we’re treated to the gorgeous ‘BRAVE JEWEL’ by Roselia–and this episode is pretty heavily focused around Roselia too which makes me very happy indeed.

Land of the Lustrous?

‘Kay, so what’s the episode about then? Well Poppin’ Party–or rather Arisa, the level headed tsundere of the band–has realised that putting on their own self-sponsored show is probably going to be more work than any of them are truly expecting or ready for. Especially as the two members of Roselia who are on the student council with her, outlay all the things they’ve had to do much to Arisa’s horror. So they obligingly give Poppin’ Party the last remaining spot as an opening act for Roselia’s sponsored show–as a way to show them how it’s supposed to be done. And while I know very little about live music and putting on a concert (I’ve been to a few but that’s about where my experience ends) this episode shows just how much hard work and planning goes into these things!

They broke Arisa.

And how’s it go? Pretty flawlessly, for both bands. Though I do wish they’d shown all of Poppin’ Party’s live performance and not just the brief few seconds of the start and the end but I guess since we saw the song last week I could just go back and watch that… Thankfully we get all of Roselia’s ‘BLACK SHOUT’ another of my favourite songs of theirs and as expected the visuals of the show from lighting and camera angles down to Yukina’s awesome stage presence and Lisa’s legs! Ompf!


All right, settle down there… I don’t think you understand how much I like Roselia, while I doubt I’d go out of my way to see the real band perform (I prefer their 2D look as opposed to them in real life) they are a band I can’t get enough of and so seeing such beautiful live performances (and the music video quality OP) gives me chills! But this is sheer fanboy talk here, I doubt I’d be as complementary to this show if I’d not played the mobile game for so many hours. Don’t get me wrong it’s still perfectly enjoyable but it’s clear this show is made with players in the game in mind–or rather it’s simply just more enjoyable because of the already established connection us game players have.

I wish I had a gif of her hand movements here, it was pretty cool.

Glad to hear it. Anything else you wanted to add? Obviously the other bands will be playing a large supporting part in the show and it’ll be interesting to see how they get integrated. I’m guessing each will end up offering their support to the Poppin’ Party girls in various ways but I do hope we get some more performances at ‘Circle’ throughout the series. Also and this is a small note but I feel like they’ve softened Arisa a bit from the first season–which is good as it shows growth but I’m wondering if it’s in an effort to make her more likeable? Which if so, is working because I certainly do!

Also a small moment but I loved that all the hardcore dressed-up Roselia fans showed up after all the supporting acts had finished.

Overall thoughts? While I talked at length about how much I preferred this show to a certain other idol show, I will admit season 1 had problems, it felt a little shaky and uneven at times–but in a way that was reflected in Poppin’ Party’s growth as a band just starting out. Here in season 2 everything feels more assured and the show is all the better for it! This episode had lots of fun character moments but with enough depth to bring you in to the plot, I keenly look forward to the next episode!


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