A New Federation Rises – ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ Episode 15 Review

A New Federation Rises – An Anime QandA Review of ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ Episode 15


What’s the show? That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Episode 15.

So how’s this episode? Good news! We’ve got a new OP! My prayers were answered! Bad news. It’s not much better than the first one…

Tears of joy for the new OP. Tears of disappointment when it’s not much better.

Well, you win some you lose some… more importantly what happens in the episode? It’s one of those episodes where ~technically~ a lot happens but describing it in great detail doesn’t make for a terribly riveting recap. So I’ll be quick about it; Rimuru pardons the orcs but everyone’s okay with it because who’s going to say no to Rimuru, Treini the dryad makes Rimuru chancellor of the Great Forest of Jura for saving everyone which basically means he’s in charge of all the monsters. The orcs help build a community for everyone and everyone’s getting along great. 3 months pass and then the Dwarf King Gazel Dwargo suddenly shows up to see what’s been going on with all these monsters suddenly getting names and being all civilized and shit. Next minute he’s challenging Rimuru to a sword dual but Rimuru manages to block his most powerful attack earning the King’s respect. Then everything’s cool again and they have a dinner meeting together to discuss matters. Turns out Gazel Dwargo wants to formally recognise the Great Forest of Jura and the monsters living in it as an official country and just like that the Jura Tempest Federation is formed with its hastily named capital city of ‘Rimuru’.

Look at this motley bunch.

Lots of politics huh, sounds kinda dry… As I said, just highlighting what happens doesn’t give a sense of this shows personality and heart. There’s so many good little scenes within this episode, like when the newly named Orc King begs forgiveness of the Kijin whose village was destroyed and offers his head in penance only for the Kijin to show mercy and restraint even with so much pain and hate in their hearts. And even Gabiru manages to impress with his resignation at the thought of being executed for treason only to be excommunicated instead. I mean I’m glad he’s out of the show (though I know he’ll totally be back one day) but still his character arc was at least interesting.


Anything else happen that’s worth mentioning. I don’t trust the King, like at all. I know this episode was trying hard at having him seem like a good, down-to-earth guy what with him having trained with the Kijin elder as a child but I’m not buying it. My money is that he’s only backing the decision to make their place a country so he can “officially” wage war on it later.

I wouldn’t mind living in Rimuru. *cough*

That’s very pessimistic of you, but fair enough. So overall thoughts? Another great episode that’s made hard to talk about because it is more or less in-between arcs and laying the groundwork for future episodes. Nevertheless it’s full of great character moments and interactions and promises of bigger and better confrontations (at least if the OP’s new visuals are anything to go by!) I’m looking forward to whatever this show brings!

Here’s your weekly dose of Shion.

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One thought on “A New Federation Rises – ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ Episode 15 Review”

  1. It was a very transition filled episode and yet at this point I’m kind of sold on the characters (they aren’t my favourites but they work) and world enough to enjoy these moments in between story arcs where they continue to establish the village/city/country/whatever it now is. Not the best of episodes but fun enough.

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