Rokka And Roll – ‘BanG Dream! 2nd Season’ Episode 3 Review

Rokka And Roll – An Anime QandA Review of ‘Bang Dream! 2nd Season’ Episode 3


What’s the show? BanG Dream! 2nd Season, Episode 3.

So how’s this episode? So there’s a new character in this show who isn’t in the mobile game nor was she in the previous season and I neglected to mention her the previous two reviews because–well there was too much else to get to–but now we’ve got an episode more-or-less focused on her so now’s a better time as any!

Okay, who is she and what’s she do? That’d be Rokka, an adorable glasses girl and massive Poppin’ Party fan! How much of a Poppin’ Party fan is she? So much so that she basically moved schools and left all her friends in the country behind just so she could be in proximity to the band. Okay maybe that’s oversimplifying but that’s totally the ulterior motive behind her moving.

She’s precious!

Sounds a bit “stalkerish”. It might sound like it but it’s really not, she even panics/jokes about being mistaken for a stalker but all of the girls in Poppin’ Party welcome her into their life as a friend. Btw this episode is just too sweet for words there’s a long scene towards the end of the episode where the girls perform ‘Kirakira datoka yume kirakira ~Sing Girls~’ for her privately in their rehearsal basement while Rokka reminisces about the journey that brought her to this moment and all her hardships and sacrifices and it literally brought a tear to my eye. She’s quickly climbing the best girl ranks!

Naww, look at Rokka watching Poppin’ Party for the first time, adorable!

Right, but what about the rest of the episode? To be honest not a lot happens in this episode but what little does feels significant so I’m not really complaining (though we could always use more music, that’ll be my long-standing complaint all season!). The main other thing that happens is Roselia is approached by a music producer by the name of CHU2 and asks their leader Yukina to come work for her and sing a song she’s produced because she’s convinced that it’ll make them “the next big thing” if they do. But Roselia–or rather specifically Yukina–isn’t about “selling out” to be big, they’re going to becomes stars on their own terms with their own music! And CHU2 is none too pleased about it, kicking over a trash can in anger and swearing that she’ll “destroy their stupid band”. So I guess we’ve got a villain now!

She’s trying to steal their souls!


Wow, okay, that’s sudden. Mmm, I mean it kind of came out of left-field and felt somewhat at odds with the rest of the episode but at the same time I’m not opposed to some ~drama~ in a show like that and it’s always more interesting (at least for me) when it’s ‘professional’ or ‘work related’ drama rather than ‘relationship’ based as there’s more variables with an unknown third party interfering in affairs.

Yes, CHU2 kicks over the trashcan, but then she picks up the trash and puts it upright again. I mean she’s not a complete monster!


Okay fair enough. Overall thoughts on the episode? A necessary slow episode that helped Poppin’ Party as a band realise what they want to do moving forward and that (hopefully) helped Rokka get out of her shell a little more. The stuff with Roselia is 100% in this show because Roselia is by far and away the most popular band with fans (all the popularity polls and sales figures reflect that) but as they’re my favourite band too I’m more than happy for this kind of ‘fan service’. Overall a lot of fun, earnestly endearing and promising for the episodes to come!


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2 thoughts on “Rokka And Roll – ‘BanG Dream! 2nd Season’ Episode 3 Review”

  1. I liked the reflection on the part of Kasumi and the rest about what they want to do with their show, not just that they want to have one.

    I did roll my eyes a bit at Rokka, talking about how she has to work two jobs and save all this money for her family then having a .strandberg guitar. But the show always plays it a bit fast and loose with the top-end equipment that all of these characters use, even though they’re amateurs.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The irlwaifu made that observation but argued that she’d probably saved up New Years and Birthday money to buy it considering she’d had her eye on a guitar since she was so young. I think it’s believable that she’d have put money aside for that while still saving money too.


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