Defeat By Retirement – ‘Endro!’ Episode 2 Review

Defeat By Retirement – An Anime QandA Review for ‘Endro!’ Episode 2


What’s the show? Endro! Episode 2.

So how’s this episode? While not quite as good as the first episode (second episodes of comedy and slice of life shows seldom are) but everything about the show that was great in episode one is still wonderful here. The camaraderie and banter between the girls is top tier and the school shenanigans are just as good as the dorm shenanigans.

Sleepover fun!

Okay, you just reviewed the whole episode in the first paragraph, good job, what’ll you do with the rest of the review? I know right? It’s almost like I started at the end and am going to work backwards…

Nice try, don’t pretend like you’ve got some meta-gimmick that ties into the show, you’ve just got nothing to talk about. Right so this episode does a couple of interesting things with its overall premise–firstly we learn that it was a flub in Yuusha’s sealing spell that caused the demon lord to go back in time and become a loli–because magic. Also our demon lord loli Mao, realising the futility in trying to split up the adventurous foursome who are going to lead to her ultimate destruction straight up quits being the demon lord!

You enjoy your retirement, Mao!

Well that’s certainly a development for this early on. I don’t usually like to make predictions about future plotlines in the anime I’m watching but I get the feeling that after some time and no demon lord returning the girls are going to get disheartened about not being able to fulfil their destiny to become heroes. So it’ll be revealed (in whatever way) that Mao was in-fact the demon lord and they’ll try and convince her to return to that role. Whether that’s many episodes away or something that’s going to happen quick I don’t know but that’s how I see this show going forward.

Strike a pose!

Fair enough. Anything else you wanted to add? I do like the new teacher they introduced, sure it’s (apparently) become a bit of a trope to have a sexy tanned female lolicon (I mean ‘Ulysses’ last season had one in the form of LaHire) but its a character trope I enjoy. Besides she just wants to “hug” Mao, so nothing lewd here. Well except for the new teacher’s outfit!

You’ve got to keep those thoughts inside.

Of course you’d mention that… So final thoughts on the episode, I mean if you can since you already gave them. I’ll wrap up by saying I like the fact that while this episode feels relatively ~safe~ it doesn’t feel predictable either and despite my prediction earlier this show could go and do absolutely anything from here to mess with audience expectations especially as considering this is an original anime and not beholden to any kind of manga or game source material. Also, just to reiterate, I love this show!

The scene where Yuusha tries to “gather” supplies from people’s house was very RPG inspired and very funny too.

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