The True Power Of The Demon Lord – ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ Episode 16 Review

The True Power Of The Demon Lord – An Anime QandA Review of ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ Episode 16


What’s the show? That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Episode 16.

So how’s this episode? Ahhhhh! I’m so happy!

Oh god, what now? The cute pink haired fang girl with the skimpy outfit who’s been teased in the OP since the beginning of this series has ~finally~ appeared… and she’s everything I could have hoped for and more! Ah, I’m in love!

*heart eyes*

Please… stop… it’s embarrassing. No, never!

Wait, weren’t you like literally in love with Shion just last episode? I… I have room in my heart for two… I think…

She just wants some honey.

Oh boy, this is going to be a ~weird~ one folks, strap in. So who is she and what’s her relevance to the narrative? Her name’s Milim and she’s a Demon Lord and upon learning about Rimuru and his budding nation she pays a visit and promptly gets involved with fighting Rimuru’s kijin entourage (Shion included), but he manages to “tame” her with a delicious treat known as ‘honey’ and with the suggestion that being friends with Rimuru is more fun than being a full-time Demon Lord (which is the only reason she is a Demon Lord in the first place–for the fun of it).

Her expressions were adorable all episode.

Right, wait, she’s a Demon Lord? Is this another Demon Lord Loli?! How did this become a trope and so quickly too? I know right, in the space of a couple of seasons we’ve had ‘How Not To Summon A Demon Lord’, ‘Endro!’ and now this show pulling it out and I gotta say I’m still not sick of it! Sorry/not sorry for everyone who is.

I had a reason to include this gif BUTT I forgot.

Of course you’re not. So I know you’ll probably want to talk about her some more but what else happens in this episode? A surprisingly large amount of things at quite a pace too. Vesta, the guy exiled from the Dwarf City by the king way back in Episode 5 returns to work as a researcher for Rimuru. Speaking of returning from exile, Gabiru’s back and he’s joining Rimuru’s town and has been relegated to ‘comic relief whipping boy’ which feels a lot better than Gobta having to cop it. Also Gabiru’s sister Souka is there with her entourage and so Rimuru decides to give them all names which means a level-ip turning the lizardmen into dragonewts which as a result gives the men wings and the women… well let’s not beat around the bush, it turns them into sexy human-looking women. Because of course it does…

Is it racist to say I like how she looks now instead of before?

Okay that is a lot of things happening. Yeah and all that happens before Demon Lord Milim even shows up in the episode! Anyway so they bring Milim to town and immediately she punches Gabiru for calling her “chibi-chan” and did I mention how much I love her?

You did, move on. And so the townspeople are surprisingly cool with a Demon Lord moving in to their town and her declaration that she and Rimuru are “besties” and it turns out it’s because having a Demon Lord align with your city or country or region is not-unlike being under their protection. Of course, what that means going forward is anyone’s guess but I doubt it’s going to be all smooth sailing seeing as Milim has a bunch of Demon Lord cohorts who at this point aren’t even aware she’s joined forces with Rimuru.

A surreal moment in an episode full of them.

So it sounds like you loved this episode quite a bit then yeah? Sure, I mean it wasn’t perfect. I didn’t like the fact that Rimuru had a big important meeting about the future of the town and the only people invited there were the men. Meanwhile the girls were just frollicking in the hot springs (oh yeah, they have a hot springs now too). That kind of sexism I’m not fond of the women’s opinion are just as valid as the men, don’t start excluding them now when you were doing so well before.

I’ve still got time for Shion, especially when she’s serving up the bath service like this.

Anything else you wanted to– I LOVE MILIM! MILIM DAISUKI!

Ugh, end of review!

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