Loliconopoly – ‘Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me’ Episode 3 Review

Loliconopoly – An Anime QandA Review for ‘Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me’ Episode 3


What’s the show? Wataten!: An Angel Flew Down to Me, Episode 3.

How’s this episode? First of all–I don’t normally mention individual episode titles, because most of the time its consequential but this episode was called “Imprinting” and boy did my brain jump to some scary conclusions when I saw that at the end of last week’s episode…

Okay, why? Well if you’ve managed to force yourself to watch the entire Twilight saga of films, including the final film ‘Breaking Dawn Part 2’ you’ll know ~exactly~ why “imprinting” is one of the most vomit-inducing things ever conceived of. But I digress…

…you watched all of the ‘Twilight’ films…? I’ve done a lot of stupid things in my time, okay? Don’t judge!

Danger danger!

Right… okay then, ahem, so what’s this episode about presumably some manner of “imprinting”? Thankfully not–least not in the way I was thinking about. This episode has two main themes. First we have Hinata, Hana and Noa making a board game in class about Miyako, yes that’s right they made a board game about Hinata’s weird big sister. But turns out the game has an ulterior motive–to help Miyako overcome her overall awkwardness by forcing her into ~mild social interactions~ all of which she fails… well except for the ‘Hugging Hana’ spot on the board which she over commits to and earns a well-deserved slap in the face from Hana over. “No” means “no!” Miyako!

It was pretty satisfying watching Miyako getting slapped by Hana.

A “board game for her to overcome her awkwardness”, well that’s a new one. It’s pretty endearing the fact that these elementary school girls are trying so hard to help out Miyako but it also reinforces what an absolutely pathetic specimen Miyako is, so you know swings and roundabouts.

Wholesome, except in the hands of a lolicon.

Hmm, true. And the second “theme”? Well it ties into the titular “imprinting” but is more about the fact that Hinata is utterly obsessed with spending time with her big sister and as far as this show goes this is about as wholesome as it’s been (and probably ever will be) as we learn about the closeness between these two sister’s. It’s adorable and completely not-weird (and the fact I have to clarify it’s “not-weird” says all you need to about this show).

The struggle is real.

Okay then. So good episode? As good as the others I suppose. I’ve noticed this show has a very slow pace, even compared to other shows of its ilk and while I don’t ~dislike~ that fact it does take some adjusting to get used to. That said there’s a few good laughs in this episode and some begrudging character development and it’s for the most part perfectly entertaining so yeah, “good episode” pretty much about sums it up. I’m still waiting for the turning point that turns this show into something ~different~ than my current expectations line it up with but I wonder if I’m waiting for something that’ll never come.


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  1. I defended and continue to defend Uzamaid! as a solid black comedy that tells a touching story about moving on from losing a parent.

    This though? I got about 5 minutes and I was like “nope.”

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