Trial Run – ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ Episode 3 Review

Trial Run – An Anime QandA Review for ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ Episode 3


What’s the show? The Quintessential Quintuplets, Episode 3.

How’s this episode? I feel like I can never form a concrete opinion of this show in my mind. Actually never mind, just as I typed that I thought of exactly my opinion on this show.

Then why don’t you just go back and dele– Never! Don’t interrupt my process!

Fine~, so have at it then… This show is simply ‘good’.


Wow. What an exceptional revelation. You joke, but it is a revelation for me. I kept thinking “why is it that I can’t really connect with this show?” and “why aren’t I having as much fun as other people seem to be while watching it?” but the same time I was like “these girls are really good characters” and “gee this show is nice to look at and well voice acted, so obviously I don’t have major issues with the show”. And yeah, revelation this show is like a solid 7, it’s all round ‘good’ but nothing about it is exceptional or makes it stand out.

Well it’s faint praise but it could be worse. It makes my job harder though. Simply being ‘good’ isn’t interesting enough to make compelling weekly reviews of!


Sibling rivalry.

I’m sure you’ll think of something. Tell me what happens in this episode in the meantime? Uesugi wants to tutor the girls, so far he has Miku and Yotsuba on his side with Ichika and Itsuki sort of begrudgingly participating/actively observing. The big problem is Nino–the girl who went to such lengths as drugging him in Episode 1 to get out of having to be tutored. She stubbornly refuses to participate and goes as far as orchestrating scenarios/firmly suggesting reasons the other girls should leave. And they do, all but Miku who at this point has got a pretty big crush on Uesugi (not that she’ll admit it) and won’t leave his side for any reason. It’s a stalemate and so Uesugi leaves for the evening but not before realising he’s forgotten his study notes. Miku buzzes him back into the building, warning him that she’s in the shower, he enters the apartment and sees Miku blow-drying her hair and sitting in nothing but a towel. He passes by tentatively and she doesn’t even flinch, only he realises it isn’t Miku but his nemesis Nino! She doesn’t notice that it’s him though as she’s got terrible eyesight without her contact lens. Some shenanigans ensue and while attempting to save her from a falling pile of books ends up on top of her in a compromising situation just as the other girls are returning home.


Oh? And what happens after that? In any other harem anime Uesugi would either get a scolding or a slap–regardless of the fact that it wasn’t really his fault and he was just trying to shield her from the falling books. But not in this show, instead we have a mock trial with Ichika acting as judge and the others (minus Yotsuba, who didn’t get home in time) deliberating on whether he intentionally assaulted her or it was an accident. And it was right about at this point I was wishing I was watching ~literally~ any other harem anime.

The courtroom setting appeared for all of like 5 seconds in (someone’s) imagination.

Didn’t enjoy this part of the episode then? It was such a waste of time. And more so than that it falls into a particular trope I hate, the whole “if you just explained the situation you wouldn’t need to go through all this!” but rather Uesugi just sits there not even bothering to explain anything and rather have the girls figure out the eventual truth on their own. But what’s the point of doing the scene like that? Maybe I’m missing something but the whole thing felt drawn out and pointless.

So they tried to bait the audience into thinking Ichika has a shady job but I’m not buying this for a second.

So much for being “good”, huh? Well it gets back to that point there’s some good character development between Uesugi and Nino after she storms off from the mock trial. Turns out one of the reasons she “hates” him is because she loves her sisters so much and doesn’t want anyone to upset the balance of their household. And all the other sister’s get little moments of interest too (like with Yotsuba being asked to join the basketball club). Yes, it’s mostly all ‘good’ and at the end of the day that’s all I really have to say about the show at the moment until it does something more interesting than being ‘good’.

This episode had a few perks though.

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