Day 3 – Best Chest (30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge)

Day 3 of the 30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge


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Warning this post contains some NSFW imagery.

Day 3 – Best Chest

Why do I do this to myself? How am I supposed to pick the best chest in a world full of ~nice oppai~?! I’ll narrow it down to three picks for the sake of giving a larger sample size then, pick one for the sake of being definitive.

Nayuta Kani from ‘A Sister’s All You Need’ – ‘Exquisite roundness’ is how I’d best describe this chest, maybe such spherical perfection is impossible in nature, but this is anime and I can’t help but be drawn in closer and closer.

Momo Deviluke from ‘To Love-Ru’ series – Bigger isn’t always better, which might as well be the motto for the To Love-Ru series as the majority of its female cast has a C-cup or smaller. Momo’s subtle supple breasts are often on display and likewise hard to beat.

Hotaru Shidare from ‘Dagashi Kashi’ – As far as anime girls go Hotaru’s pretty unique (for a lot of reasons) but mostly because she spends 95% of the series in the same high-neckline outfit, robbing the viewer of all potential for cleavage. And yet, the magnificence of her boobage still finds a way to persist beyond the clothy confines! Maybe it’s the tightness of the outfit, maybe it’s the jiggle but Hotaru will always have “nice oppai”.

And the winner is: Momo Deviluke from ‘To Love-Ru’, though I might as well have just nominated the entire cast because to be honest–nobody in manga or anime alike has ever drawn boobs quite as well as Yabuki Kentarou did in the To Love-Ru series and not only are they faithfully rendered in the anime but they’re even better!

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