Day 4 – Best Butt (30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge)

Day 4 of the 30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge


If you want information about what this challenge is all about click here or on the image above to be linked back to the challenge start page!

Warning this post contains some NSFW imagery.

Day 4 – Best Butt

Again, this is a hard choice *cough*, so I’m going to have to pick three at first and then narrow it down to one, just so at least more than one girl posterior gets preserved for posterity.

Aqua from ‘Konosuba’ – Arguably this pick is more about the “availability” of said rear end, rather than the butt itself, it’s still a fine behind but the fact that Aqua never wears underpants and only wears that short skirt is a definite selling factor!

Xenovia Quarta from ‘High School DxD’ (specifically in ‘High School DxD Hero’) – Season 4 of DxD really made me appreciate Xenovia as a character, also that fine booty too got more than its fair share of screen time!

Suruga Kanburu from ‘Monogatari’ series (specifically ‘Nisemonogatari’) – Sometimes a good butt just sneaks up on you from out of nowhere and becomes a favourite, as was the case when Suruga decided to lounge around naked because she was too depressed to put on clothes.

And the winner is: Aqua from ‘Konosuba’, surprised? Me too, but ultimately I picked Aqua because its rare for a character’s defining physical feature to be their butt, so that alone sells the choice. Also I just wanna reach out and grab it! Ahem…

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