Day 14 – Best Hot Springs Episode (30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge)

Day 14 of the 30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge


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Warning this post contains some NSFW imagery.

Day 14 – Best Hot Springs Episode

Believe it or not, Hot Springs episode’s aren’t my favourite kind of episodes. Mostly because I find they all follow some rather predictable tropes, don’t get me wrong, any chance to see the majority if not all of our cast in the nude is a blessing from heaven but seldom is a visit to an onsen anything other that moderately predictable. So leave it to the original ‘To Love-Ru’, to deliver a hot springs episode (Episode 19: “Hell’s Hot Springs”) that’s not only strange, hilarious and surreal but also has a body-count higher the most violent action anime! To surmise, Lala wants to visit a hot springs, but rather than go about it the easy way she invents a digging machine to tunnel to an underground hot springs, things are going okay for a while until she sets off a chain reaction that results in magma erupting from the core and flooding the hot springs. Then in what can only be described as one of the darkest moments of this whole series, they come across an ancient civilization of mole creatures who are planning to take over Earth only for Lala’s mishap to murder them all in sea of overflowing magma. What other show would have a hot springs trip end up with the genocide of an entire population of mole creatures?!

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