Day 15 – Best Bath/Shower Scene (30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge)

Day 15 of the 30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge


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Warning this post contains some NSFW imagery.

Day 15 – Best Bath/Shower Scene

Seemingly not an episode goes by that To Love Ru Darkness doesn’t at least have one scene spent in the bath and/or shower. So it’s got to take something pretty unique for it to stand out–not only from itself but the rest of anime shower scenes on the whole. So here we are with a scene from the To Love Ru Darkness’ OVA #3, yep we’ve got a deep cut here! To set the scene, one of Lala’s inventions causes schoolmates and long-time respective crushes Yuuki and Haruna to switch bodies (ala ‘Freaky Friday’) after a day full of shenanigans they end up back at Haruna’s place only to get covered in mayonnaise and in need of a shower (just go with it). So in order to respect Haruna’s privacy, Haruna, who is currently in Yuuki’s body, will wash her own body (which Yuuki is inhabiting) while he keeps his eyes closed. The whole situation is complicated but what isn’t complicated is the end result. Haruna looks over to the mirror, seeing herself being washed all over by the boy she’s been pining over all these years and gets lost in the moment. She fantasises about him taking charge of her in the shower and then… they switch back into their own bodies with Yuuki suddenly in a more compromising position than he intended.

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