Day 25 – Most Unexpected Fan Service From An Anime (30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge)

Day 25 of the 30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge


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Warning this post contains some NSFW imagery.

Day 25 – Most Unexpected Fan Service From An Anime

It’s fair to say that fan service exists in a lot of anime, even in ones not typically known for such, CGDCT show, shonen shows even dark and gritty shows indulge from time-to-time, so it takes a lot for something to be ‘unexpected’ or rather it takes a certain kind of anime to pull off the unexpected and make it unexpected. Does that make sense? Probably not but hopefully my choice will! We’re going way back into the innocent days of the early 2000’s for this pick, not just for when the anime came out but when I watched it too. Back then, when I was in high-school I didn’t even ~know~ what an “ecchi” was let alone that certain anime genre themselves as such. So imagine my surprise when a quaint and seemingly reserved little show like ‘Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi unfolded into an ecchi (albeit tame by some standards) filled comedy extravaganza. Even to this day the appearance of Miss Mune-Mune still catches me off guard–in all the right ways!

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3 thoughts on “Day 25 – Most Unexpected Fan Service From An Anime (30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge)”

  1. For me it was Slow Start… It was a kinda decent/workmanlike CGDCT, but about midseason it took a weird turn and fanservice started popping up. Felt so out-of-place, especially because it was so leering.


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