Day 30 – Sexiest Overall Anime (30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge)

Day 30 of the 30 Day Anime Fan Service Challenge


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Warning this post contains some NSFW imagery.

Day 30 – Sexiest Overall Anime

The difference between this and the previous category is while To Love Ru Darkness 2nd has the best, most consistent and overall highest quality of fan service. The fact that only (arguably) two pursue him sexually means that overall the anime is less sexy than my pick for ‘Sexiest Overall Anime’ which is Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls’. All of the girls (arguably) are pursuing sexual relationships with Kirihito which creates an energy throughout the entire show that few shows can compete with. Added to that the fact that (arguably) all the women in this harem are powerful monster girls who can (and often do) take the dominant roles sexually gives the series a different feel than other harems. While the inherent art and animation is arguably better in the aforementioned ‘To Love Ru-Darkness series’, Monster Musume makes more of a case for the inherent sex factor of something very different to the norm.

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