Virtual NTR – ‘My Sister, My Writer’ OVA 1 Review

Virtual NTR – An Anime QandA Review of ‘My Sister, My Writer’ OVA 1 Review


This post contains some NSFW imagery.

What’s the show? My Sister, My Writer. OVA 1 (Episode 11) Review.

Wait. I thought you were taking a hiatus from seasonal anime reviews, and hasn’t this god-awful abomination of a show already ended?! What’s going on here?! Calm down buddy, I thought I’d make an exception and review the 11th episode (it’s not the 11th episode, it’s an OVA, but whatever) of ‘My Sister, My Writer’ since Crunchyroll decided to stream it.

Yep, that about sums up the show.

That’s kind of rare in of itself, isn’t it? Crunchyroll doesn’t usually put OVA’s up on their service, do they? You’re oddly well-informed in this regard, and yes, that’s true they usually don’t. And what’s more remarkable is they’ve put up the uncensored version of the episode!

Mai putting up a good case for a new ‘best girl’ from this show.

Ah… and now we come to the real reason you’ve come out of semi-retirement–the pursuit of anime nipples! Do you really think I’m that shallow?

*cough*, *ahem*, *mumbles* Okay fine, you got me. But obviously I wouldn’t be talking about this episode unless it had something noteworthy about it, would I? Something I felt compelled to share with my lovely readers.

“I love the power glove, it’s so bad”.

Oh yeah? And what’s that… It’s ~really~ funny, both ironically and unironically.

Okay, so what’s the OVA about? Right, so the gang is all gathered at a non-descript meeting room because Double Peace Sensei has asked them there. Turns out the “company” she works for has developed an ultra realistic deep VR game that they want to beta-test on Yu and the girls. Turns out the game is a ‘GNTR’ or ‘Gender switched Netorare’ which for the innocent among you basically means Yu’s going to act out being a married man at the center of a cucking harem. That’s not a typo by the way, ‘Netorare’ is a genre of fiction and eroge that deals with a married person (usually a wife, but in this case husband–hence the “gender switched” bit–who is sexually pursued by others with a modicum of consent on the part of their partner).

Asking all the tough questions, Suzuka.

I’m already confused and annoyed. Shut up, it gets better. So basically the whole episode is each of the girls interrupting sexual encounters that Yu has with each other girl in a kind of knock-out round situation. So after Double Peace Sensei (who “luckily” rolls the role of Yu’s wife) tries to get Yu to enter her back entrance Mai crashes the scene with a more powerful ‘card’ and so the shenanigans continue with each girl getting a chance to get their boobs out and generally be sexy for no apparent reason but to give the audience the fan-service they deserve after sitting through 10 mostly mediocre episodes of the show!

Send this pic to someone who doesn’t watch anime and show me their reaction. I dare you.

Aside from pandering to your perverted proclivities I fail to see how this episode is entertaining. Listen, it’s a genuinely funny and occasionally well-written episode and it’s a darn sight more self-aware and tongue-in-cheek than the series was. I wish the rest of this series had this level of playfulness and frivolity!

“Fever time” huh?

Right. So you’re settling on? This is probably the best episode of the series from a sheer entertainment perspective (assuming you have no issue with excessive fan service and nudity). The animation is passable and never dips to the horrendous levels it did during the show’s run which I know for some people who watched this show as a spectacle train-wreck rather than appreciating it for what it is will be disappointing. But for the rest of us who genuinely enjoyed this amateurish exercise in anime–punctuated with professional level fan service–this is about as good as it gets for ‘My Sister, My Writer’.

Jiggles + nipples through shirt. What a time to be alive.

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