10 Best Anime ED’s Winter 2019

10 Best Anime ED’s of Winter 2019


Here we are–back again counting down the 10 Best Anime ED’s of Winter 2019! In case you missed it, click here for my 10 Best OP’s of Winter 2019.

~Number 10~
“Happy Happy Friends” by Wataten☆Five from ‘WATATEN!’

This is just pure catchy good fun, plus the visuals remind me of the ‘Muppet Show’ for some reason.

~Number 9~
“Wagamama” Arisa Takigawa from ‘Domestic Girlfriend’

It’s just a great damn song that fits the mood of the show (and the ED visuals) perfectly.

~Number 8~
“Little Soldier” by Azusa Tadokoro from ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’

There’s a lot of feeling wrapped up in this ED plus it’s also a straight up banger that could have easily served as an OP in place of the mediocre one we got!

~Number 7~
“Zettai Zetsumei” by Cö shu Nie from ‘The Promised Neverland’

Unabashedly a Cö shu Nie song and I mean that with all the compliments I could ever afford them.

~Number 6~
“Hagan” by Fujifabric from ‘3D Kanojo: Real Girl 2nd Season’

I don’t watch this show but this ED is so damn good it almost makes me want to! It’s a powerful song that resonates despite having me personally having no real attachment to the imagery on screen.

~Number 5~
“Colorful☆Wing” by Gripen (Yuuka Morishima), Eagle (Hitomi Ohwada), Phantom (Shiori Izawa) from ‘Girly Air Force’

Cue “I love anime songs sung by the voice actors comment” here. It’s especially true when the voice actors all have such distinctive voices–especially hearing best girl Gripen singing is all kinds of amazing and adorable.

~Number 4~
“Whiteout” by Riko Azuna from ‘Boogiepop and Others’

‘Cool and mysterious’ is how I describe this song, it’s also a straight up banger that as soon as I hear it I can’t get it out of my head!

~Number 3~
“Sign” by Aya Uchida from ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’

The driving beat along with the rapid but sensual vocals all instantly hit all the right buttons with me. This ED is a bonefide masterpiece and I love every second of it, and in any other season it would have been enough for the number 1 spot and yet there’s still two ED’s that are better!

~Number 2~
“Sentimental Crisis” by halca from ‘Kaguya Sama: Love Is War’

The term ‘art’ gets bandied around pretty frequently these days but damn if this ED isn’t a beautiful work of art that only gets all the more endearing and gorgeous every time I watch it. I do love an ED that tells its own little story with its own visual style and this is a prime example of it.

~Honourable Mention~
“Chikatto Chika Chika” by Konomi Kohara from ‘Kaguya Sama: Love Is War’

So um, here’s the thing, this is the best ED ever. That’s not a joke or hyperbole this is fact. But the reason this has only gained an ‘honourable mention’ in my list is for one stupid rule that I have that one off ED’s are not eligible to be numbered in my OP/ED lists. This ED is perfection but it’s mostly due to the flawless animation in Chika’s dance that makes that the case. I love this so much, this pure unadulterated joy that everyone on Earth should experience just once in their life.

~Number 1~
“Sparkle☆Power” by Iketeru Hearts from ‘Pastel Memories’


This is a 100% biased, fan-service inspired pick for number 1. Just putting it out there, but no other anime ED this season has brought such a smile to my face every time it plays. There’s nothing academic or intellectual I can say about this pick other than ‘dem girls thicc, me likey’.

(P.S. There were no good versions of the song on Youtube, hence why I couldn’t embed and had to use a ‘Streamable.com’ version of the ED.)


And there’s my list! Agree? Disagree? Leave a comment below and let me know what ED was your favourite this season!

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