Good Things Take Slime – ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ First Season Review

Good Things Take Slime – A First Season Review of ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’


What’s the show? That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.

And what’s it about? You know what it’s about, everyone does at this point–this isn’t like one of my niche cute girl or ecchi shows that no one’s bothered to investigate.

Wow. Why the attitude? No attitude, just cutting to the point of this review. Also, if I’m honest, I kinda didn’t want to write this review.

Reincarnation seems like a fun idea…

Oh? And why’s that? Because I’ve kind of got nothing to add to the overall discussion around this anime. Sure I’ve seen my share of complaints about this series (mainly on WordPress) but at this point it feels like the people who don’t like this show are steadfast in their disapproval and there’s no amount of discussion on my part that could sway them to think otherwise. Nor would I want to, that’s really not my job after all.

Hehe, the little ears and tail!

For the sake of sating my curiosity, what are the complaints? You want me to do a Top 5 Complaints and Rebuttals About ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ type thing then, because I’ll do it?!

Sure, means I can have a break while you talk to yourself… I mean more than usual… Right! Here we go!

    1. “Rimuru is too overpowered!” That’s practically every shonen anime ever–at least the one’s I’ve watched. Overpowered is the point of these types of wish-fulfilment fantasy series’, to be able to envision yourself in the place of the protagonist crushing your enemies like you wish you could do to your enemies in real life.
    2. “He’s so overpowered that there’s no threat to any of his encounters with his enemies, he can just pull out some ‘deus ex machina’ and win instantly!” Even if that was true (which I think is a bit of a stretch, he has to rely on a couple of more powerful or more knowledgeable individuals throughout the series) what’s so wrong with having a protagonist with god-like powers? It makes for an interesting inversion on the tried and true Shonen formula of ‘fight a guy, get defeated, train, learn new skills, fight a guy, win’. Not to mention its good for comedic effect–which this show leans on quite a bit.
    3. “The show’s pacing is far too quick. Entire storylines are brought up and resolved within the space of an episode!” I hate this complaint so much, yes it’s pace is fast. There are many one-episode arcs that could (and would) have been stretched out to 3+ episodes if this was an adaptation of a long-running filler filled shonen manga. But this is originally based on a web novel that’s 248 chapters long and that presumably has a definite beginning, middle and end to the whole saga. Added to the fact that the first season only adapts 64ish chapters means there’s a larger story to tell then the brief arcs which are mere connective stitches in the overall “bigger picture”.
    4. “Why do the more animal or monster looking characters turn more human and “sexy” when they receive a name and rank up?” Not to be racist, but human looking characters are typically sexier than monster-looking characters. That’s literally the reason, don’t think too hard about it.
    5. “I just find the whole series underwhelming and kind of boring.” That’s fine, that’s your opinion and if you think so then there’s no need for you to watch the upcoming second season. I personally am very invested in the characters and have the confidence that the author (and those responsible for the adaptation) will deliver a compelling story to come!






Hmm, oh, you’re done? Sorry I was just taking a nap. Hey! You asked me to do this!

The ogre’s are still my favourite group of side characters.

Oh yes, right and what a splendid job you did. Should we continue with a proper review now? Yeah, yeah…

So what was your favourite arc in the first season? Obviously Shizu’s story remains the beating heart of this series and while the episodes about her were always of a high quality, I really enjoyed connecting it back to the kids she was trying to save and the last arc with Rimuru teaching the students, gaining their trust and finding a way to “cure” their predicament. I get the feeling we’ll be seeing those kids again, albeit at a later and more pivotal moment in the series where they can repay their debt to their slime sensei.

The feels.

Just for the record you haven’t read any of the Web Novel or Light Novel this is based on right? That’s pure speculation. Correct, I barely have the patience to read one manga a week let alone get through that many chapters of a novel. With full sentences and hardly any pictures!

Right. And what was your least favourite thing about the series? Aside from my one-sided feud with Gabiru, I think some of the female characters were underutilised at some points. This is a minor nitpick as, with so much of the story yet unadapted, there’s still plenty of time to use them later down the line. But I still would have liked to see more action from Shion and Milim.

More of this please, or better yet a whole series of Shion kicking butt in her suit.

Ahem, speaking of which, in your Best Waifu’s of Fall 2018 list you gave Shion the number 2 position meanwhile in the Best Waifu’s of Winter 2019 list you gave Milim the number 2 position. Care to definitively pick one as all time favourite from this show? Oh god, why are you making me choose? That’s like asking which do I prefer ‘anime boobs’ or ‘anime butts’! But, gun to my head I’m picking Milim–I just prefer her overall personality to Shion’s.

Just look at that face!

Answering the tough questions here folks! So final recommendation and review for ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’? I’d have thought this show would have almost universal appeal but there seemed to be a fair share of people who didn’t care for this show–or maybe they just happened to be especially vocal and in my direct circle of fellow reviewers/commenters. That said, if you enjoy the isekai genre, fantasy, comedy and action you should find something to enjoy about this series. While I had no overwhelming complaints about the series I don’t think it’s the best isekai out there but nevertheless I still enjoyed the experience from beginning to end (or should that be beginning to one fourth of the way through the full story). Final score: 89 out of 100.

I mean, you have to admire my restraint that I didn’t make all the gifs in this review ones like these…

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3 thoughts on “Good Things Take Slime – ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ First Season Review”

  1. While I didn’t entirely like how monsters became more human-looking once they got a name, like they were de-diversifying the cast, I can also appreciate it as an example of Rimuru’s humanizing influence, or, rather, as an external representation of such. They were monsters, trodden underfoot, and now they rise, becoming more like humans, starting with when they get a name.

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