Learning Love The Hard Way – ‘Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher?!’ Episode 1 Review

Learning Love The Hard Way – An Anime QandA Review for ‘Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher?!’ Episode 1


What’s the show? Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher?! Episode 1.

Aggressive title. So what’s it about? As far as I can tell its an ‘erotic love comedy’ about a guy by the name of Ichirou Satou who keeps getting into compromising and increasingly perverted ~situations~ with his teacher Kana Kojima. Also judging by the (amazing) opening credits there’s 3 other teachers/faculty members on the cast but this is not a harem as each of these teachers is paired up with 3 other male students. So rather than a 1 v 4 harem situation we have a 4 v 4 quadruple romantic comedy situation–which is kinda unique in itself!

This is the opening seconds of the episode. We’re off to a good start!

I can’t help but notice you glossed right over the whole “teacher x student” erotic romance aspect of this show. Yep, because it’s a comedy an exceedingly silly and gross-out one at that. Think ‘Prison School’ just without the prison.

Her bark is worse than her bite.

A gross-out comedy, huh? Setting the bar low, are we? Don’t be mean, scatological humour can be funny if done right and with restraint, which this show does (if the first episode is anything to go off) we have both a bathroom pissing scene in which both teacher and student wet themselves in each others presence and a reciprocal suppository scene all within the space of 12 minutes. And not once did it get gross… well I say that but different people have different ‘lines’ when it comes to this kind of stuff and not once did it step over the proverbial line for me.

She’s talking about her pee, no need to think it’s something lewd! Geez!

I think you’re a “special” case, though… I choose to take that as a compliment!

It really wasn’t… Anyway what else did you want to talk about regarding this show? It’s an exceptional looking show–at least for one of this genre, the lines a sharp and detailed and the animation is fluid (no pun intended). It makes a drastic step-up in quality from another short teacher ecchi this season that I ~was~ going to review but that ended up so underwhelmingly mediocre looking I didn’t bother (the anime in question was ‘Nobunaga teacher’s young bride’, FYI).

Because you’re in a comedy, dude!

Right. And the characters? All good–Ichirou has a fantastic line delivery and his reactions are pitch perfect and as for our titular teacher Kana Kojima, her range from strict disciplinarian to blushing maiden is sublime. I could listen to her all day…

Very cute.

So final thoughts and recommendation then? Aside from the fact that the version of the episode I watched was censored, this was a pretty fantastic experience. It manages to be both sexy and funny and inappropriate and kinda sweet all in such a short span of time added to the fact that it’s not a typical harem and has four male characters and four female love interests makes it all the more interesting. It’s a polished looking production with a flawless OP and crisp artwork, if you like your comedy bawdy and bold then this absolutely comes recommended–I eagerly await the rest of the episodes (and uncensored next time, please!)

When your teacher has a fever and there’s only suppositories in the medicine cabinet. Desperate times call for desperate measures!

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