Sizing Things Up – ‘Ao-chan Can’t Study!’ Episode 2 Review

Sizing Things Up – An Anime QandA Review for ‘Ao-chan Can’t Study!’ Episode 2


What’s the show? Ao-chan Can’t Study! Episode 2.

And how’s this episode? They might as well have titled this episode ‘Comedic Misunderstandings’ because it’s a gradual compounding of more and more misunderstandings both on the part of Ao and Takumi to the point I’m surprised they fit so much in in such a short running time!

You won’t know ’til you try!

And are they funny? Yes and no. It’s a sort of inundation of the same type of joke (albeit with different outcomes) and while they are separately funny just the sheer number of them concurrently makes the experience feel a bit samesy. Which is a shame, because there’s good comedic writing here and with voice performances to back it up–plus the fact that the start of the episode revolves around a legitimately interesting concept as ‘Ao being afraid Takumi’s penis will be too big for her’ only for it to seemingly forgotten by the end of it.

I love her eyes.

Excuse me?! Oh, she overhears some classmates talking about how big Takumi’s penis is and so begins to worry, first confirming with her father that a big penis can be painful for the woman then trying to determine how big he is by sneaking a peek. She doesn’t get that far mind you, only getting as far as his hands which are also big, much to her concern. And I like that this is being discussed in an anime (even if it is mostly for laughs) I think in general these types of things should be talked about when it comes to relationships–it’s only natural after all.

10 minutes into “anime and chill” and she gives you this look.

Uh-huh, anything else you want to add? Ao’s father comes off as less belligerent and juvenile in this episode–which was good to see a different side of his character–makes him less 1 dimensional like he kind of came off as last week.

No comment.

So overall? Bit of a mixed bag, the comedy wasn’t as diverse as last week, but there was still an effort to grow both Ao’s character and the budding relationship between her and Takumi–which was nice. The shorter format almost seems more conducive to comedy so I appreciate when time is spent on character development, hoping for more in future episodes!

I’m not sure I get the reference but I still laughed.

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