Laying Down The Law – ‘Amazing Stranger’ Episode 2 Review

Laying Down The Law – An Anime QandA Review for ‘Amazing Stranger’ Episode 2


What’s the show? Amazing Stranger, Episode 2.

And how’s this episode? You know what, kudos where kudos is due–this show is pretty unpredictable.

Oh yeah, how so? Well I haven’t seen a lot (a.k.a, any) of these ‘toys that come alive’ anime but I didn’t expect things to escalate as quickly as they did. The first episode had our male protagonist seemingly hellbent on making sure Nona not realise she was a “fictional” character in his favourite anime and a part of me thought it was going to keep up that farce until at least episode 9, but nope, episode 2 drops the bombshell on Nona that she’s a fictional character and, uh… she takes it surprisingly well! Or surprisingly sexist… I’m not quite sure…

*existential crisis intensifies*

Oh dear… what happens? Well after spending the majority of her free days watching television she comes to the conclusion that she needs to marry Haruto–why? Well because being a housewife means she can sit home, eat chocolate and watch more television all day without any guilt!

I’ve eaten those chocolates before! They’re okay…

Oof. But it’s okay because she’s savvy and self-aware and finds his “thin book” collection (a.k.a. Porn doujin’s of her) and decides to punish him for being an otaku pervert and… Yeah that’s all a lot of silly fun but uh…

What’s this “Uh…” what’s wrong? I called this show “unpredictable” earlier–which I stand by–but it’s also something else that I almost dare not say…

Best part of the episode.

What? What is it?! It’s kind of sitcom-y.

Oh no, that’s the same complaint you had about ‘The Quintessential Quintuplets’ isn’t it? Yeah… and I know it’s a kind of facile complaint, annoyed that something is “good” because it evokes a familiar Western sentiment. But I don’t watch anime for the familiar, of even the “unpredictable” familiar–I watch it for its’ subversiveness. And while this show has plenty of the requisite subversiveness I crave (I mean all the otaku references are an absolute goldmine!) the show feels a bit too safe for my liking. This isn’t an ecchi, it’s hardly even ecchi-adjacent–just because Nona wears a skimpy outfit doesn’t qualify it by default as “ecchi”. And much like the aforementioned show, I enjoy this show quite a lot but it’s yet to position itself as something truly subversive. And until it does I’ll just be left smiling politely and then promptly forgetting it once it’s over.

And she means with a real woman or fictional ones! She’s a strict one!

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