10 Best Anime OP’s Spring 2019

10 Best Anime OP’s of Spring 2019


Spring anime has sprung and with it a fresh bloom of new anime OP’s and ED’s have risen from the garden! As per my (new) rules–instated at the start of the year–both the quality of the visuals and the music are being taken into consideration and every anime of the season is being assessed and is eligible regardless of whether I’m watching the show or not. Yes this list might be biased towards certain factors but I’ll explain the “why” of my choices under each pick. With that out of the way let’s look at my 10 Best Anime OP’s of Spring 2019!

~Number 10~
Equal” by sumika from ‘Mix’

Sometimes an OP is just so refined and polished–despite being about a topic that’s ostensibly uninteresting to me (in this case boy’s highschool baseball)–that it can’t help but grab your attention. But then again sports anime almost always tend to be remarkably polished and catchy so I shouldn’t be too surprised.

~Number 9~
Dash&Daaash!!” by Fudanjuku from ‘Magmel of the Sea Blue’

Striking a balance between both familiar sounding and with some uniquely fun elements (okay so random English words thrown in isn’t unique–but it works so well here) is made to look effortless here. It’s also the kind of OP that’s over so quick you’re kind of sad because it was such a fun time throughout!

~Number 8~
Again” by Beverly from ‘Fruits Basket: 1st Season’

This song almost brings me to tears every time I hear it, it’s so beautiful and melancholic and I never even watched the original ‘Fruits Basket’ anime or read the manga so my feelings are coming off (as of the writing of this post) just three episodes of the new series. It’s a moving song for a moving anime. The only reason it isn’t higher is because listening to this OP more than once in a short space of time proves difficult because of how slow it is.

~Number 7~
“Bon♡Kyu♡Bon wa Kare no Mono♡” by Sumire Uesaka from ‘Why the Hell are You Here, Teacher!?’

Generally speaking, OP’s aren’t that sexy–sure there have been some in the past but I can pretty much count them on one hand that’s how rare they are. Usually the sexiest visuals are saved for the ED (for some reasons) but not only is this one among the sexiest but it’s also comes with a damn cute song too!

[If the embed doesn’t work for the ‘Streamable’ video click this link: https://streamable.com/jz4qh]

~Number 6~
Kotae” by Mao Abe from ‘AFTERLOST’

It’s just a banging tune with some cliche (but still dynamic) visuals accompanying it–sometimes simple works best.

~Number 5~
“Hitoribocchi no Monologue” by Hitori Bocchi (Chisaki Morishita), Sunao Nako (Minami Tanaka), Honshou Aru (Akari Kito), Sotca Luckythar (Yuuko Kurose) from ‘Hitori Bocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu’

I’ve made no secret of the fact that I adore OP’s and ED’s that are sung by the cast and the cuter the cast the better. Hitori Bocchi’s OP is full of high-spirited energy and joy and makes me smile every time I experience it!

~Number 4~
WONDERFUL WONDER” by EDOGA-SULLIVAN from ‘Ao-chan Can’t Study!’

In past season’s I had a (admittedly stupid) self-imposed rule to not include any OP’s that were 1 minute or less–here’s the OP that “forced” me to break and disregard that rule once and for all. This OP is cool and fun and catchy and matches the visuals perfectly! One minute OP’s deserve attention too!

~Number 3~
“Koyoi mofumofu!!” by Senko (Azumi Waki), Shiro (Maaya Uchida) from ‘The Helpful Fox Senko-san’

Sometimes a thing is just too cute for words. (PS, can’t find a version of the OP that isn’t in weird “quad vision” so just watch the show for yourself!)

~Number 2~
“Ultimate☆MAGIC” by i☆Ris from ‘Kenja no Mago’

One of the biggest compliments you could ever award an OP is that based on its quality alone it singlehandedly made you want to watch the show it was from. I had next to zero interest in this show until I watched its OP. It was a joy from start to finish to watch the OP and (once I get round to watching it) I hope the show is as much of a joy to watch as well!

~Honourable Mention~
“Isekai Quartet” by Ainz (Satoshi Hino), Kazuma (Jun Fukushima), Subaru (Yuusuke Kobayashi), Tanya (Aoi Yuuki) from ‘Isekai Quartet’

A part of the absolute joy of this OP is entirely in knowing the shows these characters are from (that extends to the show too for the most part) and while it’s arguably deserving of a spot on the list I felt it was too niche of a choice to justify it because of the requisite knowledge required to enjoy it. It’s still a catchy tune with bright visuals but ultimately there were more appropriate picks for a list like this.

~Number 1~
Seishun Seminar” by Study from ‘We Never Learn!’

There’s a lot to like about the OP but likewise it’s not immediately evident from a first or even second viewing. It’s low-key sexy but not salacious (like the Number 7 pick), it’s catchy but it does it with subtlety, it’s the kind of OP that grows more and more fun to watch the more you see it but in a way that’s almost hard to quantify. All I know is I can’t stop thinking about it and when it comes to an anime OP that’s the sign of a true classic.


And that’s my Top 10 OP’s for Spring! Agree, disagree? Let me know your picks in the comments and thanks for reading!

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