Tentacle Trouble – ‘To Love-Ru’ Episode 4 Review

Tentacle Trouble – An Anime QandA Review for ‘To Love-Ru’ Episode 4


The Episode Review:

What’s the show? To Love-Ru, Episode 4 Review.

Episode 4 title card.

And how’s this episode? I distinctly remember, on my first viewing of this episode, being slightly underwhelmed by a certain part of it, so it was with some trepidation that I ventured into the rewatch of Episode 4.

Okay, and how’d things end up after a second viewing? Well, turns out this episode was a lot funnier than I remembered! If the previous episode set the stage with Lala’s antics leading to ridiculous comedic shenanigans then this episode upped the ante considerably–though not without cause.

Yep, nearly every episode bro!

Well let’s start the beginning then, shall we? Right, so Rito wakes up from a dream about Haruna only to be confronted with the ~reality~ of Lala rubbing him in the face. After a breakfast in which Lala relishes the chance to have hot food (she’s not used to eating hot meals because by the time the taste-testers are done with their food back home the food is cold–the perils of being a space princess is those pesky assassination attempts!) Rito heads to school where he further laments his situation–which is only made worse by the information Zastin gives him.

Simple pleasures.


And what information is that? That as the groom-to-be, Rito will be responsible for leading the Devilluke army, conquering new worlds–basically being on the frontline of all the planets conflicts going forward. Something that doesn’t at all sit well with pacifist Rito and so he furthers his attempts to get out of his ‘engaged’ status with Lala.

Poor Rito. No one wants to be drafted like that.

And how does he plan on doing that exactly? Well during a family dinner of sukiyaki, Rito quizzes Lala and Zastin about typical Devilluke food and attempts to whip something up–expectedly it’s terrible (it’s not entirely her fault–they didn’t have any ingredients from their home planet on hand) but Rito uses this as an excuse to try and get rid of Lala, he tells her that he won’t get married to a girl unless she can cook because it’s important to him that the person he loves can make him something from the heart. This shocks Lala to her core and she promptly leaves the planet.


Wow. Kind of a dick move on Rito’s part, yeah? For sure and his imouto Mikan throws all the disappointing looks at him she can muster, and it’s not long before Rito is regretting the way he talked to her–regardless of how much trouble she’s caused him in this short period of time he’s grown somewhat fond of her and at the end of the day he’s a kind hearted guy. But she’s not even gone 24 hours when she appears at school, drags Rito from class boasting a surprise for him. She’s brought a special cooler filled with Devillukian ingredients so she can make him a worldclass dish–see she took his words as a further confession of love and now she wants to repay the favour.

Always look on the bright side I suppose!

Oh and I’m sure that goes flawlessly and without any kind of shenanigans? You’re picking up on the trend I see! Yes, turns out the cooler is one of Lala’s inventions, it has a space warping ability meaning it can hold nearly countless things of immense size, including a giant space octopus that–after the cooler malfunction–defrosts and decides to attack everyone! Oh and the octopus is followed by a giant space squid, a giant space crab and then a giant space slug that proceed to wreak havoc and destroy the school!

*tentacles intensify*

Giant octopus huh, I’ve been doing these reviews long enough to know that means only one thing, ‘tentacle shenanigans’, am I right? And what a perfect time to segway to the fan-service portion of the review!

The Fan Service Review:

Sweet dreams.

So how’s the fan service in this episode? It’s improved from the last couple of weeks! Which is always a great thing to be able to say! We start early on with Rito getting a faceful of naked Lala and as always she looks great, plus it’s nice to see some nipples since they were missing from the previous episode, its brief but its still nice to see!

You can see ’em better on a bigger screen.

I’m sure it was… so what else? Well the last part of the episode gives us our ecchi fan-service centerpiece with the octopus attack, and if you aren’t overly familiar with ecchi anime (if so, I applaud you to still be reading this series of reviews!) the tentacle ecchi shenanigans is a staple of a lot of ecchi–especially ones with science fiction or fantasy leanings. Now, this is by no means one of the best tentacle ecchi scenes in anime–heck its not even the best tentacle scene in the ‘To Love-Ru’ series, but where it lacks in sheer perversion it makes up for in comedy. But this section isn’t about the comedy, it’s about the fan-service!

The 3D tentacles actually look pretty good against the 2D everything else all things considered.

Uh-huh, so what do we get here? It’s pretty tame, tentacles going where tentacles shouldn’t some mild squeezing and caressing, but no actual nudity. Personally my favourite part was the simple cleavage shot of Lala’s breasts being constricted but then again I’m a simple man with simple pleasures…


Simple is right. Anyway anything else to add? I almost forgot to mention Lala’s nude x apron combo–it’s all kinds of wonderful and is really well animated, just look at that sweet jiggle towards the end of her animation sequence! Love it!

Anyone else hungry?

The Conclusion:

Final thoughts and score for ‘To Love-Ru’ Episode 4? This episode does a damn great job of combining the kind of comedic shenanigans that made the previous episode so inherently watchable with the story and character development necessary to further this series in the right direction. The ending of the episode is comedic absurdity that while I never appreciated during my first viewing takes on a different light when viewing this episode as pure comedy–which it basically is. My score for the episode is 92 out of 100 and my score for the fan service is 80 out of 100.


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