10 Best Anime OP’s Summer 2019

10 Best Anime OP’s of Summer 2019


It’s time for the OP’s of Summer 2019, and I watched all of them to make this list, yes every OP of the season and while I don’t think the OP’s were as strong as some previous seasons we’ve still got a enough truly great ones to make up a top 10! As with my previous lists I’m judging both the music and the visuals and of course, I’m a little biased with my picks (who isn’t?!) With that out of the way let’s count down the 10 Best Anime OP’s of Summer 2019!

Note: I’ve tried to get Youtube links to all the listed songs where possible but some are not ideal quality (i.e. videos played in quad view to avoid copyright detection) and if links end up being broken in the future it’s because they’ve been taken down.

~Number 10~
“FLARE” by Void_Chords feat.LIO from ‘Arifureta: From Commonplace to World’s Strongest’

I’m not sure what it is about this OP but despite being very ~modern~ sounding it just connected with me in a way I didn’t expect. It’s got a bit of James Bond about its opening notes, then transitions into something reminiscent of trap and dubstep and then suddenly saxophones? Maybe some might call it “messy”, I call it “avant garde”!

~Number 9~
“Inferno” by Mrs.GREEN APPLE from ‘Fire Force’

A part of me wanted to complain how generic and routinely ‘shonen’ this OP for a new shonen anime sounded… and then another part of me thought I should get my head out of my ass and just enjoy what is a simply banging tune, with slick accompanying visuals. It just works!

~Number 8~
“Zero Centimeter” by Yuiko Oohara from ‘Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2’

While not as immediately catchy as the OP for ‘Takagi-san’s’ first season, this OP feels like a worthy spiritual and emotional successor that only benefits from having knowledge of the show its from and the journey we’ve been on. It’s cute and sweet and fun and light and just an utter joy to watch/listen to.

~Number 7~
“Shadow is the Light” by THE SIXTH LIE from ‘A Certain Scientific Accelerator’

It’s dark and brooding and tense but still got that infectious beat that makes an OP a winner.

~Number 6~
“MUKANJYO” by Survive Said The Prophet from ‘VINLAND SAGA’

Survive Said The Prophet delivered one of 2018’s best OP’s with “Lost & Found” from ‘BANANA FISH’ so its no surprise that their second(?) go at an anime OP is a kick ass banger! Yes, it’s not as catchy as the aforementioned but it’s still packs a punch and captures your attention from beginning to end!

~Number 5~
“Iya yo Iya yo Mosuki no Uchi” by Spica Spica from ‘Do You Love Your Mom and Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks?’

It’s just well made, high energy silly good time fun–kind of like the show itself!

~Number 4~
“HELLO to DREAM” by Yuka Iguchi from ‘Is It Wrong To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon II’

Say what you will about bagpipes as an instrument but they can be evocative when used sparingly and, let’s face it, as far as rare instruments appearing in anime OP’s bagpipes are pretty much at the top of the list. Aside from that though it’s just a damn solid OP with some expensive looking 3D background visuals to tie it altogether.

~Number 3~
“Daisuki” by Ayaka Ohashi from ‘Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie?’

There’s something comfortably cliche and fundamentally familiar about this OP song, it by no means breaks new ground musically, nor is it an exemplary example of this genre’s music, but what it is is an OP that impresses without being flashy and delivers without being drastic, simply said it’s just an all round great experience without drawing attention to itself.

~Number 2~
“Onegai Muscle” by Hibiki Sakura (Ai Fairuz), & Naruzou Machio (Kaito Ishikawa) from ‘How Many Kilograms are the Dumbbells You Lift?’

OP’s from Doga Kobo anime in the last year or so have been absolute utter joys to behold, there’s just such an utter commitment to the theme of their given anime and “Onegai Muscle” is absolutely no exception. It’s a high energy, supremely focused and wonderfully tight melding of music and visuals that transcends the language barrier and indeed even the interest barrier (I have no interest in exercise or weight training and yet this OP has me entranced) which comes together to create a sublime OP experience.

~Number 1~
“Rin! Moon! dass! cry!” by Nozomu Tanaka (Chinatsu Akasaki), Akane Kikuchi (Haruka Tomatsu), Shiori Saginomiya (Aki Toyosaki) from Wasteful Days of High School Girl

Before I’d been given the translation of this OP’s lyrics this song was already highly ranked on this list, probably second or third. After all its a unique sounding song (which is admittedly rare given just how many anime OP’s exist in all sorts of musical genres) but not only that the visuals were a fun and dynamic treat too. Then came the third episode on ~whatever streaming service this show airs~ and we were afforded the translated lyrics… and then everything came together. This OP is wonderfully meta, tongue-in-cheek and legitimately hilarious… I don’t think there’s ever been a case where I’ve not only laughed at an OP and its lyrics but done so repeatedly after the fact. It’s very specific but it’s also very funny and very cool!


And that’s my Top 10 OP’s for Summer! Agree, disagree? Let me know your picks in the comments and thank you all for reading!

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