Week 7 of Summer 2019 Anime In Review

All the new anime episodes I watched in Week 7 of Summer 2019 ranked and reviewed!


Week 7! As always the following is a list of episodes of seasonal anime ranked from worst to best, their individual score (and the change in score from the previous episode) plus a little review of each. Let’s go!

Isekai Cheat Magician – Episode 6

70/100 (DOWN 8 points from previous episode)

Oh boy, this shit again…

This episode employed my absolutely most hated of all narrative tropes, the “all bad guys are rapists” trope–it’s a prime example of lazy writing and trying to inject drama and ‘edginess’ for the sheer sake of it. Thankfully for our female characters none of them were actually subjected to any sexual violence but still the mere invocation of it was a crater-like low-point in an episode that was otherwise decent(?). The episode highlight of which was Rin’s scientific approach to casting magic of mass destruction and the women kicking butt. Other than that though this show continues to fall in my favour with each passing week thanks to lacklustre writing and cheap attempts at seeming relevant amongst throngs of similar shows.

given – Episode 6

77/100 (UP 2 points from previous episode)

I’ve missed this version of Mafuyu from like the last 5 episodes…

I’ll give this episode some props for making Mafuyu an actually interesting character but even then it felt like such a sudden change to his very identity (he actually seemed like he had a brain and new how to use it in this episode) that I couldn’t help but find it jarring regardless of how much of an improvement it was. Things are still moving slowly but at the very least I think this show is showing off some more dramatic chops than it had previously.

Magical Sempai – Episode 7

78/100 (DOWN 5 points from previous episode)

I’m game.

At first I thought expanding the cast would have resulted in a more rounded experience but if this episode is any indicator than the opposite may in-fact be true. It’s not bad by any means, it still retains a lot of what made this show fun from the get-go, it’s just spreading its content thin and making me worry about the quality of future episodes.

Demon Lord, Retry! – Episode 7

81/100 (EVEN with previous episode)

Me, when reading most other people’s opinions on seasonal anime.

It’s official, I unironically love how slap-dash and silly this show is and even in an episode where the action and drama is hiked up it still manages to deliver some of the most absurd and unexpected moments in any anime this season… and I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing all things considered but it sure makes for a damn fun time regardless!

Are You Lost? – Episode 7

82/100 (EVEN with previous episode)

I mean, what else would it be a dock for?

The decision for the girls to (finally) properly explore the island offers this series’ its greatest potential to elevate its material beyond survivalist shenanigans and while there’s a certain irresistibly compelling feeling of discovery that reminded me of the early seasons of US TV series ‘Lost’ (especially when they found the abandoned stone pier) this episode existed as mere set-up as the cliffhanger ending either promises something substantially interesting or something predictably disappointing. 

If It’s For My Daughter, I’d Even Defeat The Demon Lord – Episode 7 

82/100 (UP 2 points from previous episode)

Info dump!

There was something pleasantly and endearingly low-key about watching Dale and Latina explore some new cities on their way back to his childhood hometown. It was comforting and warm but it didn’t just rest on this feeling alone as it also managed to squeeze in a fair chunk of exposition and world-building about the demon world, its society and the various demon lords who control each demon-city. It was about as interesting as this show has been thus far at least on the world-building side of things though I wonder if it’ll play a part in the larger series’ narrative going forward considering we’re more than half-way through the season.

Do You Love Your Mom And Her Two-Hit Multi-Target Attacks? – Episode 6

84/100 (UP 4 points from previous episode)

*school swimsuit intensifies*

I expressed my mild annoyance with this arc in the previous week and hoped it would reach its conclusion this week but alas we’re once again afforded an awkward cliff-hanger to the proceedings. Thankfully this episode is at least more visually interesting (in every sense of the phrase) than the previous as well as being inventive, entertaining and occasionally hilarious almost in-line with this show at its best. Almost.

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san 2 – Episode 6

85/100 (DOWN 1 point from previous episode)

Wishful thinking.

The first couple of segments were business as usual for this series it wasn’t until we got to the ‘Date’ segment did things feel like they were moving forward in a satisfying way–whether this is the start of real progress between the budding relationship between Nishkita and Takagi or just an incremental progression will remain to be seen but it was touching and adorable and funny in all the ways this show is already an expert at.

Re:Stage! Dream Days♪ – Episode 6

85/100 (DOWN 3 points from previous episode)

I agree, that is weird mii!

Aside from being utterly confused for longer than I care to admit about how a character can have an aunt who is younger than them (family trees can be confusing, you know) this episode undid a bit of the progress on the character of Minori–the headstrong and stubborn student council president who came off more annoying than entertaining. Nevertheless there was still a lot of great moments and necessary progress towards the ‘Prism Stage’.

Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she’s a cutie? – Episode 6

86/100 (EVEN with from previous episode)

Don’t worry she’s not interested in what’s inside his boxer shorts, just the shorts themselves.

Unexpectedly we’re given another full episode introduction to a ‘pervert’ girl seeking to win our protagonist Keiki’s heart… or rather places perpendicular and south. While it was an easy guess as to her particular predilection–our new girl Ayano has a smell fetish–what wasn’t expected was just how endearing and cute she could be about the whole thing. But then again, I guess that is literally in the name of the show so maybe I shouldn’t be so surprised…

Cop Craft – Episode 6

86/100 (UP 1 point from previous episode)

Tilarnia’s high-stakes driving antics were a highlight.

This episode reminded me of one of my favourite 80’s US TV shows, ‘Miami Vice’–so much so that I wouldn’t be surprised if it were the inspiration for many facets of the show. That aside, what we got here was a fun, action-packed and entertaining episode and a fun little diversion from the usually more serious subject matter this show has dealt with previously. 

Fruits Basket – Episode 20

87/100 (UP 2 points from previous episode)

Yes, please protect Kisa-san!

Above all else, I admire this episode for introducing a character so positively irksome and irritating and then somehow by the conclusion of the episode not only make said character endearing and relatable but also willing to wring a few tears from me too! Such is the (apparent) power of ‘Fruits Basket’! I’m still wondering the point of fleshing out these minor characters so much, but the continued tease of a more sinister narrative beneath the Soma family is getting pretty irresistible.

Wasteful Days of High School Girl – Episode 7

88/100 (UP 4 points from previous episode)

I’d say their equally hopelessly stupid…

When I saw that this episode was going to focus on my least favourite of side-characters, Yamai, the semi-delusional otaku with her head in a fictional fantasy world I was worried this would devolve into a whole episode of her trademark awkwardness that had otherwise been confined to brief scenes. Thankfully this show knows how to ‘subvert expectations’ in all the best ways by grounding her antics in the reality of their situation and by putting her in situations outside her comfort zone to both comedic and character-building effect. The set-piece with her getting her head stuck in a child’s photo-op standee was a genuine comedic masterpiece!

YU-NO: A Girl Who Chants Love At The Bound Of This World – Episode 19

88/100 (UP 3 points from previous episode)

You named your child after the show you’re in?

The ‘isekai’ arc continues and kind of blew me away with how risky and complicated the narrative was progressing. Spoiler alert, but our protagonist Takuya has a kid with the pointy-eared best girl Sayless! And while it’s always been hinted at that Takuya had been sexually active in earlier episodes it’s always a surprise when a show takes the leap with such a narrative decision. That particular plot point aside this episode did a great job at remaining intriguing and unique and keeping the audience guessing right up to the end of episode cliffhanger.

The Demon Girl Next Door – Episode 6

89/100 (UP 2 points from previous episode)

Demon Girl and Magical Girl teaming up to fight crime! I like it!

Everything great about this series already is fully on display in this episode but in addition to that we’re also afforded a surprising and comically satisfying plot twist that seeks to shake up the formula this show has built up–seemingly not content with retreading the same tried and tested ground that has made the show a success in my eyes so far. I eagerly await what developments come from this narrative shift!

How Heavy Are The Dumbbells You Lift? – Episode 7

91/100 (DOWN 6 points from previous episode)

Now these kind of idols I could get into!

A six-point drop might seem severe but this episode still manages to surprise and enthrall along with hitting the familiar beats that have made it a joy to watch week-to-week. And it’s the final few minutes of the episode that elevate it to near legendary status as the girls (and their begrudging teacher) decide to become idols–yes that kind of idols–to hilariously ridiculous effect. This show is at its best when its subverting its own self designed expectations which if the last two episodes have shown it is more than capable of doing so and with absolute ease.

Fire Force – Episode 6

92/100 (EVEN with previous episode)

Another week, another gorgeous set-piece.

This episode is arguably better than the previous one by at least two points by not only having the focus to stay with just one fight for the vast majority of its run time (Shina vs Hibana) and intersperse it with plenty of plot and character development as well as some gorgeous visuals and fighting sequences. Where it loses points (and therefore ends up on equal score to last week’s) is regrettably in the ‘censorship’ of the flashback scenes. It sucks that I have to even mark something down for what is ostensibly just a compassionate move on a studio’s part to lessen the visual impact of scenes of children burning to death in the wake of the real life Kyoto Animation tragedy but the editing of these scenes does have a detrimental effect to the narrative. These scenes, meant to evoke the horror of Iris’ and Hibana’s past are neutered by the studio’s decision to dull the colours and in some scene outright black-out images entirely. From an empathetic position I completely understand their want for cautiousness around such triggering imagery but from a critical standpoint it weakens the effectiveness of these otherwise impactful and important character moments.

Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? II – Episode 6

93/100 (UP 9 points from previous episode)

Hello new best girl!

Call me predictable but having an episode called ‘The City of Lust’ piqued my interest but having it be an arc set in Orario’s version of a red light district and have a multitude of scantily clad prostitutes as its characters definitely has my attention! Beyond the superficial though the opening act was masterfully comedic as Bell and Co. navigate the streets and the various women of the night interested in the ‘Little Rookie’ (no pun intended) meanwhile the final act affords us a wonderfully introspective interaction with a Kitsune by the name of Haruhime whose softly tragic self-loathing for her profession and allotment in life is as heart-breaking as it is well-written. New best girl? Maybe…

O Maidens In Your Savage Season – Episode 7

95/100 (UP 1 point from previous episode)


A small part of me was at least passingly miffed that we weren’t afforded any major advancement in any characters ark like I might have expected/wanted. What we did get however was a lot of small but nevertheless significant movements in unexpected directions, especially as far as Niina’s narrative is concerned. Meanwhile Kazusa and Izumi’s journey takes a much needed step in a positive direction for the first time in what seems like the whole season–though I get the feeling that’ll be short-lived.


And with the exception of ‘Arifureta’ which had a recap episode this week that’s all of week 7 done and dusted! Let me know what your best and worst of the week were and thanks for reading!

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