The End Of AnimeQandA and The Future

The End:

Hello everyone, this is just a post to announce the ending of AnimeQandA. Apologies if this at all seems like a sudden decision but for me it’s been a long time coming, since March 2019 I’ve been steadily reducing the content on my site with the intention of inevitably ending this site. The site itself will remain online for anyone still interested in the previously released content but no new posts will be made after this one. As for the reasons why, well it should be obvious to anyone who’s kept up with this site that the original ‘QandA’ style format that started this whole thing has been long since abandoned so from a strictly relevance perspective the idea of still calling it ‘Anime QandA’ was grating at me. Another reason is a lot more personal and it’s the idea that fellow bloggers have stopped reading or liking my posts because I’ve stopped reading their posts–which is completely fair because I have stopped reading other people’s posts–but I still have this guilt which had made the act of posting on my site less enjoyable. So AnimeQandA is dead but my passion for anime is still as high as it’s ever been so what does that mean going forward?

The Future:

A new blog site with a new theme is on the horizon, with a few new distinct caveats for anyone wanting to follow me from here to there. First of all, while it will be a WordPress blog I won’t be following anyone back who follows me and I’ll be leaving the comments off. With the new blog will be a new twitter account, my existing @Cactus_Matt twitter account will still function as a personal account while the new one will function solely to update new followers of new posts however engagement will be limited. Most importantly, the new blog is very strictly a “blog” as opposed to a “website”, no effort will made to monetize it, it’ll be more akin to a tumblr account where I can just throw out extended thoughts and related screenshots in a loose style at random intervals related to both current and previous season anime. I’ll post links to the new blog and twitter account once they are live (expected ETA in early January 2020).

My Thanks:

Lastly, I’d just like to offer my thanks to everyone who’s followed me here, whether your a newbie or a long-time follower I appreciate whatever support you’ve managed to give me over the years. But an extra special thanks is deserving of Irina–who I’ve collaborated with through multiple seasonal reviews and continued to be the sole contributor to my (now shut down) Patreon page for the duration of its lifespan. Thanks again everyone, it’s been an experience!

Author: Cactus Matt

I love anime and more recently manga too. What else do I need to write here?

13 thoughts on “The End Of AnimeQandA and The Future”

  1. I know I haven’t been keeping up with everybody super well but it’s disappointing to see ya go. I enjoyed your content, however I totally understand your reasoning. I hope you get what you want out of this change 🙂

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  2. Well, I’m bummed. I really enjoyed your old format — I thought it was catchy. I don’t know if another site like it.

    I also enjoyed your summaries. The week to week score comparison was an interesting way to track how much you enjoyed the series.

    I get what you’re saying, but only on the surface. What I mean is that I’ve never understood the follow/follow back etiquette. If someone likes my site, I hope they follow it. If they don’t like it, even if I follow their site, why would I expect them to follow mine? Following is a convenience thing, not a comment on me as a person.

    I’ve told you before that you remain one of the few people to have changed my mind. And I’m not kidding. That doesn’t happen very often, virtually or IRL.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with next. I hope it’s something that you enjoy writing as much as I enjoy reading it!

    This isn’t hyperbolic; it’s something I honestly think. The loss of any unique voice weakens us as a species. So I hope you’ll be back!

    BTW: Love the GIF you chose for the post.

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