20 Questions About Me

20 Questions About Me 

Who are you? I’m Cactus Matt, the creator and writer of Anime QandA and the 20 Question Anime and Manga Reviews!

Great, and who am I? You’re a construct of my mind, you don’t actually exist, you serve as someone to comically bat questions off of in order to review anime.

Oh yeah! Maybe it’s you that don’t exist, ever think about that? Often, but this blog isn’t about existential crisis’, it’s about anime television shows! So let’s leave the philosophising to the… uh philosophers, I guess…

Fine. What kind of anime can I expect you to review? All kinds, every kind, I’m not picky when it comes to anime. I’ll watch (almost) anything!

Almost? Well… I’m not really into BL. But I suppose if someone to offer me money I’d consider review it…

Dare I ask, what’s BL? I’ll tell you when you’re older.

Ugh, anyway, what anime do you prefer? Currently I’m into a lot of slice of life shows, so expect reviews of that genre to be predominant after the first bulk lot of reviews go out!

So how often are you going to review anime, I don’t want to get my hopes up waiting for a new review only for you to flake out and disappear for a month?! Every. Single. Day.

What!? That sounds like a lot of work; don’t I at least get a day off? Nope, the Internet never sleeps and there’s a whole lot of anime out there to get the twenty-question treatment.

Can I at least get my birthday off? When’s that then?

I don’t know, whenever you say it is, I am a construct of your mind or whatever you said… Hmm, okay, your birthday is February 30th; you can have that day off.

Yay! Ah, wait… hey; there is no February 30! You tricked me! No days off! Anime, all the time! 1 million years of anime! Anime forever, days off never!

I want to complain to whoever’s in charge around here! Who do I contact? You can talk to my boss here: twitter.com/Cactus_Matt

Finally, satisfaction! Hey, wait a minute, this is just your personal Twitter account, what am I supposed to do with this? Add me, talk anime with me and suggest what anime you’d like to see reviewed in the future!

You’re not even listening to my complaints are you? Nope.

Fine, I’ll just have to bide my time and take you down when you least suspect it. What was that?

Nothing, nothing. Ah, so anyway, anything else you want to add to this needlessly long but expectedly appropriate ‘about me’ section? Traps aren’t gay. #trapsarentgay

I’m sorry, what? Don’t worry about it now; it’s bound to come up sooner or later.

You’re one weird dude, you know that? Oh, I know.

Anything else to say? Thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy my 20 Question Anime Reviews and don’t hesitate to hassle me on twitter with feedback or ideas or whatever! Just don’t be a douche about it, this blog is about positivity and fun and our hopefully shared interest in all the anime we love!

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