Steins;Gate 0 Episode 6 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review of Steins;Gate 0 Episode 6.

What’s the show? Steins;Gate 0, Episode 6.

So, does the streak of excellent episodes continue? You know it’s funny, round the half-way mark of this episode I was getting this kind of creeping dread that the show was starting to falter, nothing massive just that maybe it was beginning to spin it’s wheels a little.

Me, all the time.

How do you mean? Well it was all very light and ~seemingly~ inconsequential, they talk about New Year’s, and then go to a shrine for a celebration where a bunch of the cast are helping out as shrine maidens, and the American side characters continue their broken-English comic relief shtick. And it’s all very entertaining to watch, it’s like being with old friends again, but I was kind of like “shouldn’t we be doing something more important?” and then they have a New Year’s party back at the lab, which if you’re keeping track that’s three parties in the space of six episodes.

They look gross but I’m sure they taste… fine…

You’re sounding very negative all of a sudden. And then shit gets real. First the others discover Amadeus on Maho’s phone and they’re all quite interested in this AI, even if Mayuri gives Okabe a look that lets on more than we know. Then, as the AI disappears from the screen a group of gun-toting masked men crash the party, their motifs unknown and Okabe is once again confronted with the very real possibility that someone he cares for deeply could die. History is repeating itself, just slightly off-kilter.

IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN *anguished face*

So the dramatic ending saved the episode? No, not at all. The more I thought it over—and this show has me thinking more than any other show this season—the more absolutely brilliant I realised the first half of the episode was!

What the “inconsequential” stuff? Ah, but see, that’s where I was wrong! Or rather missing what was right in front of me! More than being about time travel or artificial intelligence or orchestrated high-stakes drama involving people being held at gun-point. This is a show about the cunning and insidious pervasiveness of grief and trauma, it’s always there, just waiting to pounce, lurking beneath the surface of Okabe’s face. Even in the most joyous and carefree moments, where everything seems ~fine~ something as simple as a bridge or a face or a phrase can trigger the grief and it all comes flooding back like a wound torn its stitches.

There are ghosts all around us…

Is this new information though? I thought you were well aware this show was about Okabe dealing with his grief. I believe you mentioned that in the first episode review? That was me rationalising his character, how he was as a man. It’s only now that I realise that it’s more than just that, the loss of one’s self through the loss of a loved one and the continued anguish that puts on one’s soul—that is what Steins;Gate 0 is about. Not science and technology and government plots and future wars, it’s about how grief affects everything and everyone it touches.

That’s the look of someone who’s seen some shit.

Fair enough then. So the boundless praise continues then? As if there was any doubt.

Oh Maho, marry me pls.

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Steins;Gate 0 Episode 5 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review of Steins;Gate 0 Episode 5.

What’s the show? Steins;Gate 0, Episode 5.

“Blah blah blah, best show ever”? Hey! Were you peeking at my notes?!

I—I was joking! That’s not really what you were about to write, was it? Listen, there’s only so many episodes of a show that can pass that are each executed so flawlessly that I have to wonder whether it’s some sort of omni-fluke or I’ve just lost my goddamn mind. Either way, Steins;Gate 0 is as close to perfection as an anime like this has ever achieved. Well, at least on this world-line…

Truer words were never spoken.

Wha… what do you mean by “world-line”? Shhh, that’s not important right now.

Er, um, okay. What happens in the episode? lot. We get to see what the duplicitous and potentially dangerous Moeka is up to, namely here working as some sort of private investigator and attainer of knowledge. Daru has employed her services to find the missing girl, you know the future girl who was ‘lost’ in 1998 as a 10 year old and who looks a lot like a young Kurisu, but I’ve made that connection before haven’t I? Or maybe that was in a different time…


What’s going on, you’re acting strange… I don’t know, anyway, moving on… Maho is once again badgered into facing her true feelings for Okabe, and so goes to Akihabara to visit him only to be stalked~ by an unknown party, causing her to panic dial Okabe en-route to his lab and find herself cornered in an alleyway by an assailant…

She’s so anxious, I just want to hug her!~

Oh no! Except it’s just another ~American~ from the university who speaks in some kind of disturbing faux English for comedic effect until she realises her intended audience speaks Japanese and continues to do so fluently.


Sorry… so what happens next? Well Ruruka (Luka the cutest boy in anime) shows up at the lab, with the ~important request~ she had called Okabe to discuss towards the end of the previous episode. And surprise surprise the person in tow is a gorgeous Kurisu analogue with amnesia and FOR SOME REASON OKABE DOESN’T REALISE THIS IS THE MISSING GIRL IMMEDIATELY WHAT KIND OF GENIUS ARE YOU?!

Kurisu, C-cup edition.

Whoa! Settle down… I mean maybe you could make the argument that Okabe never actually looked at the photo of missing future girl Kagiri Shiina but really you just finished talking about a 22 year old-girl who’s missing in the city and then suddenly a 22 year old-girl with amnesia appears and you don’t immediately join the dots? Get your head in the game Okabe!

You mentioned something about “world lines” before? Metal oopa! The missing girl has one, except it’s all old, even though it’s something that only came out a few months ago, except it’s different from the one on this world line and this is all very important information!

Is it oopa or upa?

Time travel is confusing, yo. Hey, that’s my line! And we haven’t even got to proper time travel plot lines yet (I can only assume they are coming). You can imagine my anxious excitement as for what’s to come! Let’s just hope whatever the outcome, Maho can find someone to warm her bed at night. I mean I totally ship her with Okabe, but that’s only to try and keep Daru away from her! Now… where were we or more appropriately, when were we?

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Steins;Gate 0 Episode 3 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Steins;Gate 0 Episode 3.

What’s the show? Steins;Gate 0, Episode 3.

Things still progressing in a satisfying manner? That’s an understatement! This show is amazing!

Not even going to bother with saving ‘final verdicts’ ’til the end are we? Sorry, it’s just sometimes you watch something that’s destined to be a classic and you have to almost pinch yourself at the kind of achievement that you’re witnessing.

AKIHABARA!!! *fangirls*

Sounds a lot like you’re just caught up in the hype to me. Oh I’m sorry, are you the one watching Steins;Gate 0? No? Then stick to asking the questions!

Fine, I’ll word it like a question. Don’t you think you’re letting hype cloud your judgement of the series? I’m not getting caught up in anything other that witnessing the impossible, namely a sequel anime series successfully meeting and possibly exceeding the ludicrously high standards set by a critically lauded and fan beloved predecessor.

Childhood friend-zoned.

Isn’t it a bit early to be making such proclamations? This is only episode three! I’m willing to look a fool if I’m proven wrong by time, but right here and right now, I’m calling it like I see it!

AI Kurisu blushed!

Fine. So what happens in this episode that’s got you so jubilant? It’s not what happens, it’s how well it happens. Simply put Okabe is getting too attached to the AI version of Kurisu and people close to him are starting to notice (namely Mayuri and Maho). Also there’s a Christmas party. If I put it like that it sounds like not a lot happens, but it’s the way this show deals with its topics and its characters, it’s like watching a master craftsman at work. There’s just so many great scenes in this episode, so much character development, especially for Mayuri and there’s a heap of charming and funny moments, especially at the Christmas Party! It’s soulful and intelligent and just impossible to not get caught up in. Kind of like how Okabe gets caught up in this artificial version of Kurisu.


How do you mean? It’s all about the comforting illusion, the solace in reliving something that’s long gone, rather than confronting the harsh reality that all that remains is a pale imitation. Okabe wants so much for Kurisu to be alive again, and for the viewer it starts to feel like the old Kurisu too, the more Okabe interacts with her the more her trademark spunky personality comes out. It’s only when Maho turns off the screen at the end of the episode does the reality sink in. She is dead, and nothing’s going to bring her back. Or is she?!

Brutal, but he needed to hear it.

Huh? You did this last week too, what do you mean? The final moments of the episode have Okabe enduring one of his flashing visions, what does it all mean? We get glimpses of violence and sadness and lots of different faces, is it past or is it future? Whose world line/s are we seeing? And what does this mean for Steins;Gate 0 going forward! So many tantalising questions and I can’t wait to see how/if/when they’re answered!

Yes he is 😉

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