10 Best Anime ED’s Winter 2018 – Listing Compulsive

My 10 Best Anime ED’s of the 2018 Winter season.

Hello and welcome back to Listing Compulsive, this weekly countdown blog I’ve got going! Well I’ve already covered my 10 best and 10 worst opening (OP) songs for the Winter 2018 anime season, might as well get the ending (ED) songs one’s done before the Spring season starts and I do it all over again! Listening to the many ending songs one thing was abundantly clear; the ending songs from this season were far more consistently better than the openings, by a wide margin in fact! Which as you can imagine made compiling both lists a lot more difficult!

As per the previous lists, I listened to every available ED track from the current anime season, but refrained from looking at the visuals, as this is a list ranked on audio alone. Also, while it may seem unfair, I have excluded any show that has a different ending song for every episode (or more than 3 in the space of a short run). So without further ado here are what I consider to be the 10 best anime ED’s of Winter 2018!

Number 10: “DIRTY BULLET” by TRI4TH from Hakata Tonoktosu Ramens.

‘There’s something super funky, and effortlessly cool about this track, kind of like something from Cowboy Bebop’s soundtrack.’

Number 9: “Harvest Moon Night” by Mikochi & Konju from Hakumei and Mikochi

‘While not anywhere near as moving and sublime as the opening proved to be (it ended up at number 1 of my OP list despite never having watched the show!) it’s still a sweet and charming tune.’

Number 8: “Furu Biyori” by Eri Sasaki from Yuru Camp

‘There’s a fine line between meditative and boring, but somehow no matter how many times I hear this track I’m never bored.’

Number 7: “HUG tto! Miarai*Dreamer) by Cure Yell, Cure Ange and Cure Etoile from Hug tto! Precure

‘Imagine my surprise when a show I’ve never even heard of delivers such a bangin’ tune! High energy, high fun, what’s not to love?!’

Number 6: “I AM STANDING” by RUANN from March Comes In Like A Lion 2nd Season

‘I don’t know, is it just me or does this singer sound a lot like Sporty Spice? Weird thought I know, but I do enjoy this song a great deal, it’s different enough for me to take notice but weirdly nostalgic in a lot of unexpected ways.’

Number 5: “Miracle Colors☆Honjitsu mo Ijou Nashi!” by Colors☆Slash from Mitsuboshi Colors

‘Remember in my best of list where I said I can’t resist anime songs that feature the voice cast? Well, ditto☆.’

Number 4: “Ref:rain” by Aimer from Koi wa Ameagari no You ni

‘It’s Aimer, what else did you expect but a beautifully sung piece of music?’

Number 3: “PRIMALove” by ClariS from Beatless.

‘Another popular and reliable name in anime music, aside from the top tier vocals the beat is infectious and there’s a great sense of progression to the song, captured in such a short period of time. Hard to fault, really.’

Number 2: “Kedarmono Damono” by Kitsunetsuki from Killing Bites

‘You ever listen to an ending song and wonder why it wasn’t made the opening instead? Yeah, well this 100%. Also, I don’t know why but for some reason the song reminds me of High School of the Dead’s opening and Daria(!?)’s ending song. Yeah I don’t know…’

Before we get to the number one pick, here is an honourable mention!

Honourable Mention: “The Perfect World” by Marty Friedman from B: The Beginning

‘This is a really great song, and maybe it should be number one! But you know what stops it from being number one and the reason is going to sound really dumb, but it’s because the lyrics are too good. Namely, I can understand them because they’re all in English… I know I know! That shouldn’t disqualify a song, but for me it almost felt unfair, like here were all these Japanese language tracks and then suddenly BOOM, English lyrics and good ones too! Talk about playing dirty, but I guess it makes sense since it’s from a Netflix anime…’

And now the number one anime ED of Winter 2018 is!

Number One: “Suki no Skill” by Wake Up, Girls! from Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

‘I’ve heard mixed to bad things about this show, but when ‘Wake Up, Girls’ are on form, it almost doesn’t matter! Okay that’s probably not true, I haven’t seen this show but I just really dig this song! It’s not even that unique of a track, it doesn’t do anything particularly groundbreaking, it just does everything right it’s probably what I would call the ‘perfect example’ of an ending song, and that’s why it’s number one. Also it just sounds as cute as all heck!’

And that’s my 10 best anime ED’s of Winter 2018, but stay tuned because soon comes a list that was almost impossible to forge, the 10 5 worst anime ED’s! Thanks for reading!

10 Worst Anime OP’s Winter 2018 – Listing Compulsive

My 10 Worst Anime OP’s of the 2018 Winter season.

Generally speaking, I don’t like to be negative about the things people like, at least not without consideration and cause, I mean why would I want to make people feel bad for something they like. But I already did a lot of work compiling my personal 10 Best Anime OP’s of the 2018 Winter season, so why not countdown the ten worst anime opening songs of this season! And remember like the previous list, only the music was listened to, the visuals of the opening are not taken into consideration; this list is solely about the individual song and not the show.

Number 10: “Error” by GARNiDELiA from Beatless

It kind of reminded me of the Pop Team Epic opening, except nowhere near as fun. Not a terrible song, just not terribly interesting. I expect better from GARNiDELiA!

Number 9: “Endless happy world” by Daisuke Ono from Gakuen Babysitters

I’m sorry, was the singer recovering from the flu? He sounds seriously congested in the nose. Plus it’s just a dull song. 

Number 8: Maboroshi Wink” by AOP feat. AOP ZERO from Mr. Osomatsu 2

This must be how all J-Pop sounds to people who hate it. (Because I usually love it) This is just obnoxious and grating and not in any way charming or cute.

Number 7: “Keep the Heat and Fire Yourself Up” by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas from Hakyu Hoshin Engi

Autotune can work if used sparingly; hear it should be credited as a featured vocalist because that’s all I hear. Also the song doesn’t have enough variation, it’s just like someone clipped a random part of the song without any consideration.

Number 6: “DxDxD” by BREAKERZ from Dame x Prince Anime Caravan

I swear I’ve heard this song before, and that’s not a compliment, like this is just forgettable and thoroughly mediocre. 

Number 5: “Schichiten Battou no Blues” by THE PINBALLS from Junji Ito Collection

“Should we go for another take guys?”
“Nah, I totally nailed it first time.”
“But it’s a bit rough isn’t it, kind of sounds like a demo…”
“I said it’s FINE!”

Number 4: “Slide Ride” by Run Girls, Run! From Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

I feel like there’s a decent song in there somewhere, but it’s buried by a very messy and probably hurried production. Just lazy.

Number 3: “Hope” by Namie Amuro from One Piece

As good as some shonen openings can be, there can also be some real turkey’s out there, serve this one up for Thanksgiving.

Number 2: “Genkai Toppa x Survivor” by Kiyoshi Hikawa from Dragon Ball Super

Thanksgiving leftovers.

Number 1: “MAN HUMAN (DEVILMAN crybaby Ver.)” by Denki Groove from Devilman: Crybaby


Originally I was going to put this in my dishonourable mention section. But then I was like, why? Why should it be let off the hook just because it has (almost) no vocals, and is more like a dance track then a traditional song. It’s still an anime, it’s still an OP, it should be judged with the others! And it sucks.

And there it is my Worst 10 Anime OP’s of the Winter 2018 season, agree/disagree leave a comment with your worst below! Thanks for reading!