Brotherhood of the World Award – Untold Questions

An Untold Questions blog about the Brotherhood of the World award.

Another award? I’m running out of space on the walls for all these awards!

What walls? This is a virtual space. The walls of my heart.

Oh dear. So what’s this award? Brotherhood of the World Award!?

Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants? I don’t… I don’t know what that is…

I’m sure someone will get a chuckle out of that. Don’t quit your day job.

This is my day job. Ugh, sorry.

Get on with it! Right, so I was nominated by Ruyji of Ryuji Tatsuya’s Anime Corner!

Cool, so what are the rules? Your such a square! Forget about the rules man… okay nevermind, the rules are: Thank the Person who nominated you and link back to their blog. Answer the questions sent to you. Nominated around 10 bloggers. Create your own set of questions for your nominees and display the rules… well obviously…

‘Kay, so what questions do you have?

  1. Briefly Describe Your Blogging Style (Where is your favourite blogging spot/what is your favourite blogging tool).

Well, I can blog just about anywhere but my favourite place in my apartment is my anime office (it’s just an office filled with lots of anime merch). Either that or on the couch in the living room. I almost exclusively blog from my MacBook, but occasionally tap out a blog on my phone when I’m away from the lounge or office…

  1. How do you manage your blogging and blog reading time?

I only follow like 50 people at the moment so it’s easy, I read every blog that’s relevant to my interests, live my life, and do a couple of blogs a day. But then again blogging comes exceptionally easy to me in the 20 Question Format. It’s just so much fun, that I don’t ever feel like it’s taking up too much time.

  1. Who is your most read author?

Assuming this means manga author the answer is Okayado of Monster Musume fame. Not my favourite author mind you, just the one I’ve read the most of. But if you ask me this in a couple of months time the answer will probably be different, I’m getting into manga reading in a big way, more than I ever have in the past.

  1. How did you come up with your blogging name?

By this I assume you mean the name of my blog. In which case it’s actually a bit of a story (though not particularly interesting but here goes…) Originally the name of this blog was to be ‘Questionable Anime’ but the irl waifu thought it was too confusing of a pun of a name and suggested ‘Questioning Anime’, but upon making a wordpress blog I found out that name was taken by a blog that had been deleted for years. So I was just casually browsing Twitter when I saw the #qanda pop up on my feed. It being the official hashtag of a shitty Australian show where racist people argue with people of colour and I thought, “hmm, anime q and a, there’s some SEO to be had there.” And the rest is history!

  1. What Keeps You Blogging?

Existential dread? Alcohol? The constant approval of my peers? No, to be honest it’s just wanting to talk about anime; something I love more than anything else in this dumb world.

Now that that’s done with you have to nominate 10 people! It’s hard to keep track of all the people I nominate over these various awards, so hopefully I don’t double up and sorry if I missed you! Also I’m only nominating 5 people.

But… but the rules?! No!

Fine, who are your FIVE nominees? They are these fine bloggers! Also, as usual no obligation to do it if you’re too busy or already have been nominated!
Rose @Wretched and Divine
Lili’s Blissful Pages
A Nerdy Perspective
Moyatori of The Moyatorium

Cool, also don’t you have to come up with your own questions for them? Nah.

What do you mean? I think those same questions will be fine, besides Ruyji did the same, so precedent and all that.

You’re just being lazy, aren’t you? Why can’t it be both!

Sure. Whatever. Thanks for reading!

20 Question Weekly Review Week Ending 4th March 2018

A 20 Question Weekly Review for the Week Ending 4th of March 2018.

It’s March already! It’s March already! Which means it’s almost April! So many good shows are coming, I can’t waiiiiiii-

Anyway! So what’s new this week my dude? Please don’t.

Ahem, so what’s good in the weekly airing anime world? Lots of things this week. Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles warranted an individual episode review, Slow Start was fan(service)tastic! Citrus was on form and dramatic as heck (until it wasn’t). Yuru Camp was as good as it’s ever been!

So everything was good then? Did I say that? No, I said ‘lots’ not ‘all’.

Oh? Episode 8 of Darling in the FranXX gave me super sized conniption; you can read my frantic ravings here if you feel like witnessing the mental degradation of an anime fan.

Yikes! Remind me never to bring up that show again, yeah? You can ignore it all you want but it will find a way to invade my life even if I did drop it.

And other non-currently anime consists of? I finished ‘A Sister’s All You Need’; expect a review sooner than later. Started and almost finished ‘Yuru Yuri’ season 2 and dabbled in ‘Hozuki’s Coolheadedness’.

Fair enough. So what of the manga scene? “Manga scene”? Please, just stop trying to be cool.

Fine. What books did you read? Better. I read ’12 Beast’ Volume 1 which is from the author of one of my favourite manga’s ‘Monster Musume’. It… it was kind of disappointing! Like I don’t say this to many people, lest writers I like, but just stick to what you know! Action is not your forte!

By which you mean? I don’t get action anime in manga form, I know this is probably someone’s specific kryptonite, but like, wow, I can do romance, I can do comedy, I can do drama, but action just doesn’t come across well in manga form… at least where ’12 Beast’ was concerned. But maybe there are examples of manga that do have well drawn and easy to understand action. Leave a comment below if you have a recommendation!

Anything else you read? Yes! I read volume 1 of ‘Dragons Rioting’ which was a lot more interesting than I expected. I mean it’s not like it’s high-art or something but having a harem protagonist who will literally die if he gets aroused (because of a medical condition of course) is an interesting flip. And the action in it is actually well drawn and understandable so forget that whole comment about action coming across in manga from the previous question!

You okay? I don’t even know, haha! Also I read volume 1 of ‘NTR: Netsuzou Trap’.

What’s that mean? This isn’t a review, you don’t have to ask what the title means.

But I’m curious… It means ‘cucking’, but not in the way racist people on twitter use it.

Oh? Is the book any good? I really like it, I mean I know there was apparently some discourse when it came out among critics that it was dark and creepy. But I don’t get that at all, its kind of like Citrus, except a bit better? I’ve still only read Volume 1 of both so it’s hard to say, but they do feel very similar.

So any manga’s bought this week? Nope.

Oh. Any merch then? Nope!

Well, this is a kind of anticlimactic end to this blog post. Guess you should have asked those questions first, yeah?

Right. Obviously my fault… So do you at least have some news for the blog? Sure! Though some people already know this, but I’ll be reviewing manga on here soon, starting this week in fact!

Great, so how would you rate the week ending March 4th 2018. The end of the week marked my first month blogging on wordpress about anime and I’m grateful for all the people who’ve continued to support me by reading my reviews, liking my posts, leaving comments and even nominating for awards. It’s been a great experience, a boon to my self-esteem and I look forward to many more months (and hopefully years) of writing reviews for you all and interacting with this wonderful and kind blogging community!

The Unique Blogger Award – Untold Questions

An Untold Questions post regarding the Unique Blogger Award.

Congratulations! We got another award! Who’s this we business, we all know I’m the star of the show.

Sure sure, so what’s the award? The Unique Blogger Award!

‘Unique’ huh? I guess that’s one word for it… Hey! I’m a unique and beautiful snowflake.

Moving on… who nominated you? A Nerdy Perspective! Thank you so much! You should check out their site!

Cool. So what are the rules for this award? Share the link of the blogger who nominated you. Answer the questions provided. Nominate 8-13 people. And ask them 3 questions.

Seems simple enough! So what questions did you get?

  1. What is one food you couldn’t live without?

If you’d asked me this a couple of months ago I would have said hot chips or ‘fries’ as some other countries like to put it. But recently they’ve not been agreeing with (must just be because I’m getting old!) So instead I’ll say white rice.

  1. What are you listening to at the moment? (This could include bands, artists and genres.)

I have a very varied musical taste, of the 8000+ song on my ITunes library only 600+ are anime songs but I mostly listen to the whole thing on shuffle! So it’s a very eclectic list! When it comes to anime music I generally only listen to OP and ED songs, but a couple of Japanese artists who I’ve downloaded full albums for are, MONORAL, moumoon and Nothing’s Carved In Stone.

  1. What is your favourite anime this season? Or favourite anime at the moment if you don’t have one!

Oh! Tough question! The critical pick is probably A Place Further Than The Universe for the amazing animation and genuinely touching story and characters. But if I’m being honest, Slow Start is just a show I adore and will probably be something I obsess over long after it’s done.

Tch. You and your ‘cute girls’. You were listening?

Obviously, what else am I going to do? Fair ‘nuff. Well that was fun! Thanks again A Nerdy Perspective for the nomination and great question, I’m a total whore for answering questions about myself.

Not to mention a whore fullstop. Whoa! Easy now!

So who are you nominating? My nominations are:
Auri @Manga Toritsukareru Koto
Keiko @Keiko’s Anime Blog
Chizurue of Midnight Ravings
Shadowcat99 @Exploring The World of Anime and Manga
Thespookyredhead @The Spooky Red Head
Remyfool @the lily garden
Negativeprimes @Welcome to Curiously Dead Cat

Also if any of you don’t want to do the whole answering of questions thing that’s cool too! Speaking of which…

Your questions? Yes I was getting to that! My questions are going to cover by three favourite M’s:

  1. Manga! Assuming you read it, what is your favourite?
  2. Music! Favourite band/artist?
  3. Merch! Favourite anime merch you own?

 And we’re done? For now… thanks everyone for reading!

3 Days 3 Quotes x 2 (Day 3) – Untold Questions

A 3 Quote 3 Days Challenge (Day 3) – An Untold Questions blog.

And the final day of the 3 Quotes 3 Days challenge has come! It went so quickly!

Rule refresh please? Sure, so the rules are you have to thank the people who selected you, then the meat of it; post a quote every day for 3 consecutive days, and then nominate *three bloggers each day to do the same. Also, I’m doing two quotes because I got two consecutive nominations, anyone else who’s nominated doesn’t have to do the same!

*? You know what it means by now, I’ll nominate however many I want, damnit!

Like anyone’s going to stop you! So who nominated you again? Ryuuiji and Arthifis!

Cool first quote of the last day is?

“If great talent knows the frustration of defeat early on, it can become even greater.”

  • Koro Sensei, Assassination Classroom


Interesting, what’s it mean to you? It means a great deal, sure it’s a simple sentiment but it’s an important thing to remember, no matter what you’re doing in your life. Defeat can allow you to learn from your mistakes, refine your skills and hone your craft as well as make future defeats more palatable by comparison. Never give up.

Well said, and the second and final quote that you’re going to leave us with? The last one is from a song, I had so many songs that I wanted to feature but every time I had a song in mind I realised it was the song as a whole that I was gravitating towards rather than a lyric or lyrics, so while this isn’t my favourite song of all time it does contain some of my favourite and most relatable lyrics. I could have posted all the lyrics but I chose to pick just the last four lines. But I do recommend you listen to the whole song if you get the chance.

“So if you’re careful / you won’t get hurt / but if your careful all the time / then what’s it worth?”

  • Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket, Pal Waaktaar. Song: Cosy Prisons by a-ha from Analogue (2005).

Well this has been an interesting experience. Indeed, and for the final nominees: @ameithyst @anerdyperspective @shadowcat99

Thank you for reading. Yes, thank you, I hope you enjoyed reading these as much as I enjoyed talking about them!

3 Days 3 Quotes x 2 (Day 2) – Untold Questions

A 3 Quote 3 Days Challenge (Day 2) – An Untold Questions blog.

Another day another quote challenge, eh? It’s the same one just the second day of it.

I knew that! Pfft, repeat the rules for anyone new, will ya? Yeah, so you have to thank the people who selected you, then the meat of it; post a quote every day for 3 consecutive days, and then nominate three~ bloggers each day to do the same.

“~3” meaning? Meaning I DO WHAT I WANT.

Fair ‘nuff. So who nominated you? Ryuuiji and Arthifis! Thanks again for the noms!

Quote number one please? So here’s the thing, and I hesitated to do this because it peels back the curtain on the mystery of me more than I wanted to, but things is I used to be a obsessed with the film and TV works of writer/director David Lynch, doesn’t mean I’m still not a fan, but anime is now all consuming and everything else is just background noise. So me of a couple of years ago could have just filled this list of quotes from his movies or his life, but instead I’ll settle for one.


“My cow is not pretty but it’s pretty to me”

  • David Lynch
Left: Cow, Right: David Lynch.

And what’s that mean? I’m not in the business of dissecting the inner meanings of the things people say but I’ll offer as much this time. Maybe he’s literally talking about a literal cow, or maybe he’s speaking to human nature itself, in that the things we like are to the core the things we like, regardless of all opposing words against them. In short, I like this thing, you don’t but I like it and that’s what matters to me. It’s a good attitude to have in this world that seems in a constant state or arguing.

Right, and something normal for the second quote? Don’t bet on it.

Go on then!

“A fake with more power than the real thing is more dangerous than the real thing.”

  • Senjougahara Hitagi, Bakemonogatai


[Insert Obvious Political Commentary] It’s not just about politics, regardless of how relevant that is to current times, it may be an obvious thought but it’s so appropriate to all aspects of life. We must always be wary of those people with money and influence who seek to make decisions over other people despite not being qualified to do so.

Heavy stuff. Also if you haven’t check out my review for Bakemonogatari, it’s as of the writing of this, still my favourite anime of all time. It was only my second ever blog so there’s a chance you may have missed it!

You’re shameless, you know that? Today’s nominees! As usual no obligation to do one yourself if you’re too busy, or just don’t want to! @ambeivory @nesha5971 @shookamoka

You totally just ignored me- See you tomorrow for the third and final round of quotes!

3 Days 3 Quotes x 2 (Day 1) – Untold Questions

A 3 Quote 3 Days Challenge (Day 1) – An Untold Questions blog.

And what’s this all about? I got simultaneously selected by two different people to do the same challenge! It’s called ‘3 Quotes 3 Days’!

And what are the rules? How did you know there’s rules?

There’s always rules… True. Right, so I have to thank the people who selected me, I have to post a quote every day for 3 consecutive days, and nominate three bloggers each day.

3 bloggers x 3 days x 2 because you got nominated, that’s a lot of bloggers! Rules like the best things in life are flexible. *winky face*

Now, now. So who nominated you? Ryuuiji and Arthifis! Thank you so much for thinking of me for this!

So first quote? Well this one is for Ryuuji specifically since he started his own quote post with a ‘fake quote’ from himself! And one about poop no less! So I figured I’d return the favour!

Oh dear.

“Look at that meat! When it was alive it was pooping!… You see, and eventually that meat will be poop too. In the end we’ll ALL be poop… Our final destination… is nothing but poop.”

  • Sat-chan, Mitsuboshi Colors, Episode 3 (2018).

(And the full scene for those interested!)

Well that was, something… And now the next quote for Arthifis! Sticking to a similar depressing theme about ‘the end’.

Hopefully non-poop related this time…

“Because in the end, everything we do, is just everything we’ve done.”

  • Corey Taylor, track: Omega by Stone Sour (2002).

(The quote is at the very end of the track, it’s not a song but a spoken word piece from their first album FYI)

That one was not nearly as funny and not at all anime related. Nobody said it had to be anime related.

Fair enough. So who and how many are you nominating today? Just three today: thespookyredhead, fool7677 and fuelledbysmiling. If you’ve already been nominated by someone else or just don’t feel like doing it, that’s completely fine too!

See you tomorrow? See you tomorrow!

20 Question Weekly Review Week Ending 25th February 2018

A 20 Question Weekly Review for the Week Ending 25th of February 2018.

It’s been another week, huh? Yep. Time sure flies when you’re IMPATIENTLY WAITING FOR THE SPRING 2018 ANIME SEASON!

Yikes! What’s got you so wound up? There’s just so much good stuff coming out in April, I can’t wait!

Yeah well you have to wait, so shut up and let’s talk about what you watched this week. The usual is the usual, I’m not going to bother to post every show I’m watching week by week, it just feels lazy, click here if you want a show by show run down of the newly airing anime I’m watching.

Fair enough, but any highlights from those shows? Indeed! Citrus Episode 8 was particularly good, probably the best episode yet in fact, so much drama, it feels like Cruel Intentions except if every character was female and also if it was actually good and not some trash 90’s movie.

Take that movie nobody cares about in this, the year 2018. What else? Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles Episode 8 was so good I blogged about it here. Slow Start Ep 8 was adorable as usual, even if they didn’t continue the juicy plot line they established in the very special episode 7. Pop Team Epic 8 was funny. Darling in the FranXX continued to be heavily flawed and borderline trash. The rest was just the rest for better or worse, mostly better.

Koizumi-san brought some boys to the proverbial table this week and the show was all the more interesting for it.

Cool. And any other shows you started watching? Of course! It’s a big wide world of anime and I’m trying to take it all in!

Heh, so do go on. I watched 8 episodes of Yuru Yuri! It’s phenomenally good, like I’m in awe of how likable they made literally every character on this show, its mind-boggling. Plus it’s just plain fun from beginning to end. And then there’s Vatican Miracle Examiner [SPOILERS FOR THIS SHOW FROM HERE TIL END OF NEXT QUESTION], which I watched 4 episodes of and can sum up with four simple words, ‘Hitler Semen Immaculate Conception’.

What? WHAT!? Yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever reacted so animatedly to an anime before, it’s a wild ride and I can only imagine where they go from there considering we had literal Hitler in the first 4 episodes of this show!

Wild indeed, but wow, I await your full review. It’s kind of spoiled now, but whatever, I’ll probably still review it!

Is that it for anime? No, I started ‘A Sister’s All You Need’, continued with ‘Teekyu’ and embarked upon the tit-tastic third season of ‘High School DxD’.

Great, and on the manga front? I got a lot in the mail! eBay sales continue to fund my addiction!

In case it wasn’t apparent, I have a thing for monster girls.

Yep, that’s a lot. But what did you read this week? I read volume one of ‘There’s A Demon Lord on the Floor’ which is cute like Blend-S but super sexy like Yusibu, it’s pretty derivative, I could pretty much call out all the similarities to other manga and anime as I read it but I still enjoyed it a lot.

What else? Finally got around to ‘Bloom Into You’ volume 1, and I’m almost sorry I waited so long, it’s a yuri manga but where the protagonist isn’t really into her love interest and it’s dense and complex but still fun and interesting. But this week’s true MVP is ‘Murcielago’ Volume One, which is a super twisted, violent and sexual manga about a notorious female serial killer who becomes the Japanese government’s assassin, tasked with taking out other serial killers who threaten the piece. She’s also a lesbian and total pervert, and while I’m the first to admit the gore in this anime is off-putting, the characters are terrific, the storylines intriguing and the sex scenes are genuinely erotic. Expect a full review of this manga soon!

I can’t wait? Why the question mark?

No sure if can’t wait. Hmm.

Anything else you wanted to talk about? The 2nd Annual Anime Awards aired over the weekend. I didn’t watch it because I assumed it would be cringe and I didn’t want to get angry at all the wrong decisions that’d be made, but turns out for the most part the anime community has really good taste and pretty much voted the way I did. Which was a pleasant surprise. Very happy that My Hero Academia, Made in Abyss and my personal favourite show of 2017 Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid got recognition!

Froppy was robbed! Total best girl. But Ochako is okay too I guess.

Cool. And something else? Yes, I’ve had Discord mentioned to me a couple of times and I’m considering it the only thing is and this is embarrassing to admit, but I’m not actually sure what it is, I know it’s something people use to talk with other people but is it like text or is it voice? Or both?

I don’t know, I just assumed it was like MSN Messenger. How old are you?

Don’t pretend like you didn’t have it too and had a totally edgy user name with xx’s either side of your name. You don’t know me!

Well this kinda went off the rails. How would you rate the week ending the 25th of February 2018? Good, just good. Nothing particularly remarkable happened in the real world, anime was great; blogging was great but otherwise pretty ordinary. Thanks for reading!

The Mystery Blogger Award – Untold Questions

An Untold Questions post about receiving The Mystery Blogger Award.

Another award huh? I’m as surprised as you are!

Does this mean I get a pay rise? No.

*grumble grumble* So what’s the award? Well *copy and paste* “It’s an award for amazing bloggers with ingenious posts. Their blog not only captivates; it inspires and motivates. They are one of the best out there, and they deserve every recognition they get. This award is also for bloggers who find fun and inspiration in blogging, and they do it with so much love and passion.”


And you won that? Shut up, I’m totally amazing.

I think you mean we’re amazing, we both won the award. Yeah yeah yeah…

So these things have rules right? What are they? Award logo in blog. List rules. Thank who nominated me. Tell the reader 3 things about myself. Nominated 10-20(!) people. Ask your nominee 5 questions with one weird or funny question. And share a link to one of your best posts.

Right so who nominated you for the Mystery Blogger Award? It was Auri! Of Manga Toritsukareru Koto! Thank you so much, this means so much to me!

Indeed! So now I need to ask 3 things about you? Or is it about me? Things get confusing when there’s two of us? The only thing that’s confusing is that you still think you’re a real person and not a construct of my mind.

*completely ignores remark* I suppose we’ll just get you to answer the 3 things about you, I like to keep up some anonymity… Right… So 1st thing about me is that I’m Australian, I don’t know if that’s some big secret or not, but I think I’m like the least Australian Australian there is, I’m pale, I don’t drink beer (only the finest bourbon for me thank you very much) and I have zero interest in sports! That’s probably already counts as 3 things but I’m going to keep going because I like talking about myself. 2nd thing is despite studying Japanese for 5 years through primary and high school; I can barely speak it at all! *sad face* I wish more of it sunk in but being a writer, I’m so connected to the English language that Japanese just seems so hard by comparison! Sure I can recognise and say all the hiragana and know what a lot of words mean, but it’s still a slow process. 3rd thing kind of ties into that previous point, because I am a writer, a novelist actually… except all my novels are unpublished. I’ve got one that I’m very proud of that got rejected by a lot of publishers, so at the moment I’m just deciding whether I self publish on Amazon!

Well that was all very interesting, I had no idea you were Australian? *sigh* sure you didn’t.

Right, and so now Auri has asked you some questions now in VN form? What does that mean? Ah, Visual Novel! You know it’s weird that you happened to chose VN style questions because just last night I was working on a 20 Question Anime Review for an anime that was based on a VN! Spooky! (P.S. A million points to the person who correctly guesses it!)

Right. So these questions look like they can’t be asked by me, because they’re about me. So how are we going to do this? What should I do? You go away and do something boring and heteronormative and I’ll bring out the ‘ol copy paste!

  1. One day you wake up and find your yet to be named construct of mind making you breakfast. How would you react? And also how’d you imagine him/ her to look? (I assumed he’s a he…but…I don’t know so…)

Making me breakfast, huh? Just wearing an apron and nothing else? No wait, ugh! I’m not into that, he’s unfortunately male. He’s basically me if I weren’t into anime and was boring and liked to judge me for being into cute girls. Basically your typical male, although he’s a bit more friendly. I don’t know why I didn’t make him female. I guess I don’t think of women as being as judgemental? How would I react? Well I’d be annoyed that he’s using my kitchen, I do all the cooking here!

  1. After your first interaction you decide to sit down and eat the breakfast first. As you eat, when you try to start a conversation you realise that you can only talk if it’s an answer to a question he asks. Your thoughts on this?

Makes sense, I’m shy in real life and generally only answer when spoken too unless I’m with really close friends. Oh no these answers are getting serious!

  1. And of all the days possible this is when you have an important party to attend. You decide to manage the situation how? You can call it damage control!

A party?! Well I guess I’ll have to get ol’ Question boy to follow me around and ask me questions that allow me to still talk to people, assuming he’ll cooperate! Either that or I do something stupid, like say the theme of the party is a silent party and everyone has to communicate through non-verbal gestures. That’d work right? (You can totally tell I have lots of parties…)

  1. Somehow you manage to finish the day off without any major upsets. (The minor ones however do include ignoring your friend asking about you and managing to get him/ her upset). You’d end the day with…..

Heavy drinking.

  1. Well that’s the end of one of the weirdest day in the year! He’s disappeared for now, but would you get back at him on the blog? If so how?

I’d find a replacement. Preferably a cute girl, so that when they appear in my life again it’ll be more pleasant when they’re just wearing an apron… Wait did I say that out loud?!

Right. I’m back from reinforcing gender stereotypes, everything all good here? Don’t you ever appear to me in real life, okay? And if you do please for the love of god wear some underpants.

I’m so confused right now. You and me both.

Right… So now you have to nominate your ‘best post’, that’s awfully subjective isn’t it? I know, all my posts are my best posts!

Let’s reign in the ego a bit, which one will you pick? *drum roll* going all the way back to my third ever 20 Question Anime Review it’s my review of ‘Dagashi Kashi’, 2 views, zero likes! And I was really proud of this review! Not that I blame anyone for not having read it, it was in the early days after all! But in all seriousness I think it’s still a very funny review, even if I hadn’t gotten all the kinks worked out. I think it was this particular review where I realised, yes, this is fun and yes this is what I want to do with my time.


Cool, I can get behind that. So who are you going to nominate it said you had to do 10 right? Yeah I don’t think I’m going to nominate 10, I feel like it’d be rude to bother that many people, besides, these posts take a long time to write!

But you had fun, doing this yeah? Of course!

So don’t you think other people might have fun? Fine… how about 5 nominees! My nominees for the Mystery Blogger Award will be:
Lina @dorislina
The AniMessenger @theanimessenger
Jenn @jeancorntunnel
Irina @drunkenanimeblog
Raistlin0903 @raistlin0903
Don’t feel obliged to do it if you don’t have the time though! Just know that I think your work is super and deserving of an award. And if you weren’t nominated don’t think that means I don’t think your blog is less deserving, I just didn’t want to hassle too many people! I’m still all new to this awards stuff!

And the five questions you want to ask them?
1. Do you think you could survive on a remote tropical island with no one else around? What about for 7 whole days?
2. Do you enjoy seeing live music and concerts? If so who was your favourite artist that you saw live?
3. You can have a body pillow (dakimakura) of any anime character? Who is it of?
4. Name an inanimate object, suddenly you’ve got the magical ability to create one of these items per day, what is it?
5. Now you’re trapped on a remote tropical island, with your favourite musician you saw live, the actual anime character brought to life that you wanted as a body pillow and that power of yours from question 4. What do you do for the next 7 days?

Fair enough! Any last words? Wow that sounded sinister!

I meant for the post. Right, well thanks again for Auri for nominating me, this has been really fun! And thank you all for reading!

Untold Questions – The Future of Anime Q and A

An Untold Questions blog concerning the future of Anime Q and A.

What’s wrong? Oh you know, just thinking about the future.

Like flying cars and robots and colonising other planets and stuff? No, like my future and the blog’s future.

Oh, sounds kind of serious. It is, partially so, I mean it is just a blog it’s not life and death, but I’ve been here less than a month and it’s already something I enjoy doing more than a lot of things recently. 2017 was not a good year for me emotionally, but finishing the year off by quitting a job that I hated and going to Japan for three weeks was a real boon to my psyche. But it’s been three months since then and the money from my long service leave payout is almost entirely dried up, so either I go about getting a new job or…

Or? Or I try and make this my job.

This? Don’t be ridiculous. I can dream, can’t I?

You have 34 followers on wordpress, not exactly setting the blogging world on fire. I didn’t say it would be easy…

So what’s the point of this particular blog post exactly? I don’t know. I guess just to let my followers know that with their help I know I can succeed and achieve my goal. And that I’ve got big plans for this blog for the coming months whether I get a part time job or not!

Anything else? Yes, I can’t even begin to thank all the people who’ve liked my content over the past few weeks, it’s been such a boon to this poor writer’s heart, who’s always had the blogging spirit but never the drive or ideas to do so. But in 20 Question Anime Review’s I found a muse that’s a constant voice in my ear, pushing me to create more and more content.

Are you talking about me? Well, yeah. Otherwise none of this would be here…

I’ve never been someone’s muse before! Don’t get so excited, this is already weird enough as it is.

And I believe you wanted to ask your readers something too? Indeed. To all my fellow bloggers, you’ve already done so much, but I ask for your assistance in growing my audience. To the one’s who’ve reblogged and retweeted and recommended I couldn’t ask for more that would be selfish, but know I appreciate it every time you do. It feels like my words are going further than they have ever before and as a writer that’s all I could’ve hoped for. But what other advice would you give me to help grow my followers?

And you wanted to talk about collaborations too, yeah? Right, so obviously being new to wordpress blogging I don’t know a lot about collaborations, in fact to be blunt, I know nothing. For example whose blog do they go on? Do they go on both at the same time? Etc, please unfurl your great knowledge upon me so I can be a better blogger. Also and this is important, if anyone wants to collaborate with me, now would be a good time while I’m still unemployed! Drop me a message on twitter if you want to discuss ideas!

Was there site news too? Yes! Starting in March I’ll be doing 20 Question Manga Reviews! But as they’ll probably take a lot more time to organise, don’t expect more than one a week!

Cool, so that’s it then? For now, but feel free to leave any advice you have for an up and comer like me and once again thank you all for your continued support! Also, sorry if this post was a bit dry but kudos if you made it through ’til the end!