The 12 Days Of Ecchmas – Fourth Day

On the fourth day of Ecchmas my senpai gave to me…

♫ On the fourth day of Ecchmas my senpai gave to me… ♫

Four sexy stumbles!

Three breasts groped!

Two bunny girls!

And a waifu in her lingerie!

I’ll be posting a new part of the ’12 Days Of Ecchmas’ song, every day leading up ’til Christmas so look forward to that!

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The 12 Days Of Ecchmas – Third Day

On the third day of Ecchmas my senpai gave to me…

♫ On the third day of Ecchmas my senpai gave to me… ♫

Three breasts groped!

Two bunny girls!

And a waifu in her lingerie!

I’ll be posting a new part of the ’12 Days Of Ecchmas’ song, every day leading up ’til Christmas so look forward to that!

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10 Biggest Boobs In Anime

Here’s a list of the 10 Biggest Boobs in Anime (and the women who have to carry them!)

Anime and boobs, can’t have one without the other! At least if you’re watching the kind of anime I like to watch… On this list we’re counting down the 10 ~biggest~ boobs, breasts, titties, knockers, melons, oppai—whatever you like to call them—in the world of anime! This is as close to a definitive list as I could manage with my… ahem… “research” on the topic so apologies if I missed a particularly busty gal on my list. Also worth mentioning is that only main or side characters are eligible for this list, not one off-characters, imaginary characters or joke characters, nor characters who are giants or can make their breasts larger with magic. Also it should go without saying but this only in anime series’ and not hentai—we’re strictly talking about the big booby beauties who’ve made an impact on anime. Anyone else feeling embarrassed right now? If you said no, then let’s get on with my list of the 10 Biggest Boobs In Anime!

First some honourable mentions, previously these three girls occupied spaces 10, 9 and 7 respectively on the top 10 list however as I never had ~official~ measurements for them their sizes were always just guesses. So after finding 3 other girls with exceptionally large breasts that did have official measurements I decided to move these girls into an ‘Honourable Mention’ section and include the other girls into the list where they belong.

~Honourable Mentions~
Meiko Shiraki from ‘Prison School’

This big busted lady makes school seem like a positively enlarging enlightening experience! Who said education is for squares, all I see here is rounds…

Ryoka Narusawa from ‘Occultic;Nine’

According to her ‘official stats’ this high-school girl weighs 45kg… huh… that’s her boob weight, right? Right?! Ryoka moves around freely like her breasts are filled with helium and maybe they are? Otherwise there’s no doubting her spine would snap under the weight of these momentous melons… I guess this is just another unsolved mystery of the occult!

Quetzalcoatl from ‘Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid’

She may be—in reality—a thousand year-old dragon from another world, but in this world she’s a big breasted matronly figure with a thing for ‘little boys’. I think the author has some issues he needs to work out… And I think I’ve suddenly developed some ~issues~ of my own… world class indeed.

And now on with the Top 10!

~Number 10~
Nene Fujinoki from ‘My First Girlfriend Is A Gal’
(Bust: 98cm)

Some people’s childhood friends are vaguely annoying ugly ducklings who end up growing into beautiful swans, and some people’s childhood friends have giant breasts each the size of a football. Protip, always pick the childhood friend.

~Number 9~
Chacha Akaza from ‘Maken-Ki!’
(Bust: 99cm)

This eternally enthusiastic girl has plenty to cheer about when it comes to her bodacious boobs!

~Number 8~
Kirika Misono from Eiken
(Bust: 99cm)

This is an old ecchi series with a woman who seems to defy logic with the size and ’roundness’ of her breasts, evidently her rack exists in a vacuum, because gravity seems to be the least of her problems!

~Number 7~
Minori Rokujou from ‘Maken-Ki!’
(Bust: 101cm)

This tracksuit wearing slacker is actually the principal of Tenbi academy and never before have I been so glad for a tracksuit with a zip in the front!

~Number 6~
Aki Nijou from ‘Maken-Ki!’
(Bust: 103cm)

There must be something in the water at Tenbi Academy with this being the third girl from that school on the list, this time it’s the quietly spoken and buxom nurse who’s mammoth mammaries make the blood rush to my head, I think I’ll need a doctor!

~Number 5~
Shizuka Marikawa from ‘High School of the Dead’
(Bust: 108cm)

Hello, nurse! This high school nurse doesn’t let a little thing like a zombie apocalypse stop her from being her usual flirty self, which generally involves showing off her magnificent melons at any available moment.

~Number 4~
Boa Hancock from One Piece
(Bust: 111cm)

The only reason this One Piece lady made it so high up this list is because of ‘official’ chest measurements that came from the mangaka and other official sources. When it comes to breast size I think she’s got less going on then pretty much every other person on the list, but the numbers don’t lie!

~Number 3~
Lady J from Valkyrie Drive
(Bust: 116cm)

Forgetting for a minute how ludicrous her size is, can we at least marvel at what sorcery manages to keep her clothes from adhering to her breasts? It’s all underboob and I’m sure the short people of the world appreciate the view.

~Number 2~
Tionishia from Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls
(Bust: 119cm)

There’s a lot of solid contenders in Monster Musume, even ones that exceed Tionisha’s monstrous breast size, but they only exist in the manga (so far) so it’s this kind-hearted ogre gets the number two spot on this list. Also she’s like 7 feet tall, so um… I’m kind of afraid…

~Number 1~
Cattleya from Queen’s Blade
(Bust 120cm)

And here we are, the largest (as far as I’m aware) breasts in anime! I’ve never seen Queen’s Blade but Cattleya is very matronly for someone with such large breasts—her son is never too far away—but I’m guessing that’s just catering to someone’s Oedipal fetish (not that there’s anything wrong with that???) Depending on the image her breasts appear different sizes but if we’re strictly going by the numbers Cattleya does in fact have the largest chest size of any anime lady!

Ahem… and so that’s the list! Hopefully this wasn’t too awkward for everyone, if you feel like I missed someone please let me know in the comments, otherwise I hope you “enjoyed” reading this!

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KonoSuba – 20 Question Anime Review

A 20 Question Anime Review for KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! Season 1.

What’s the show? KonoSuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World! (2016).

Right, and what’s it about? Just like the best goddamn breast physics I’ve ever seen in an anime, like seriously this shit is mesmerising.

…Can you go like five fucking seconds without being a complete and utter pervert, and what do you mean ‘physics’ this is an anime, not a video game. Right, so jiggle animations, I don’t know what you call it in an anime but seriously I am obsessed with how the breasts look in this anime.

You’re talking like you’ve never seen boobs before, what gives?! Listen, I’ve seen a lot of fan-service in my time on this earth from the gravity defying to the laws of physics defying, to the reality defying, but never have I seen breasts like these.

…We’re still talking about breasts, oh my god, if you’re reading this I am so sorry, I literally can’t stop him even if I tried… Like, I don’t know if you know this about me, but I’m into boobs in a big way and that’s not a pun or euphemism, I don’t care what size they are I’m just totally into boobs! And there’s just something about the boob animations in KonoSuba that makes me so unbelievably contented! It’s like watching a lava lamp, it’s mesmerising and relaxing and I just can’t get enough of it!

Please stop. It’s like braless and free and really loose, which I never really realised was a fetish, but I think this is a new fetish?! At least for me…

*incoherent mumbling* A-And what about the actual show? I mean… I… err, can we please talk about the fucking show for a moment? Oh…err, right, the show? Well, it’s amazing, probably one of the most carefully produced, artfully written parodies of the whole Isekai genre while simultaneously feeling completely connected to it in a way that beggars belief. Like, it pokes fun at the tropes but it still fully commits to them and by extension becomes better than both the most adept of deconstructions and the most faithful of the genre.

Okay, good, an actual review, let’s keep this going, uh… so what’s the show about? I don’t know what ‘Isekai’ means so please explain it to my poor normie brain. Right, so gamer, otaku, NEET Kazuma dies in the real world trying to save a girl from a tragic accident and finds himself before Aqua, a smarmy goddess who offers him the chance to be reborn in another world, a fantasy world where he has the advantage of keeping his memories of his previous life and taking one thing with him. Annoyed by the goddess’ callous disregard for his sacrifice and general ambivalence to the situation, he picks her to accompany him in his new life and so begins Kazuma and Aqua’s journey to defeat the Devil King in the hopes of returning to their ordinary lives some day.

Okay, cool. But you still didn’t explain what ‘Isekai’ means… It just means ‘In Another World’, its the name of a popular narrative trope that has a protagonist ‘waking up’ in another world than the one they were originally born into.

Fair enough, so this other world… It’s basically a video game, or an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) just without the video game interface and the more present threat of death, be it from being overworked, or killed by giant toads or frozen to death by Winter’s cruel embrace.

So the stakes are high? I mean high enough, it’s no Re:Zero, but at the same time it at least feels like death is a genuinely bad option rather than just a respawn point.

Why do I feel like I’ve inadvertently stumbled over a new can of worms? I have things to say about Re:Zero that will wait for another day, we’re talking about KonoSuba now!

So who are the characters, aside from the one’s mentioned. Well, aside from our smug protagonist Kazuma and our equally smug, if somewhat insecure goddess Aqua, there’s the incessantly dramatic explosion obsessed loli Megumin and the delightfully delusional masochistic crusader Darkness who just wants to be ~punished~.

Yikes, this show is starting to sound more perverted than you! Oh, you have no idea!

*gulp* But here’s the thing, I never feel like this show is taking cheap shots or being lazy about anything. It fully commits, whether it be about the story which has a wonderful sense of continuity throughout all the episodes without being convoluted or the characters who all act uniquely and amusingly but never against their own internal logic.

How do you mean? Like the show gets wild, especially in later episodes (I’m looking at you episode 9 with your Succubus dream brothel) but it never feels outside the realm of possibility for this show, even when Kazuma calls out things for being too much like video games in his own world it never feels cheap or too obnoxiously fourth wall breaking.

Like? Like, Kazuma is aware he’s in an MMORPG inspired fantasy world but he’s never aware that he’s in a show about an MMORPG inspired fantasy world. It offers a kind of restraint while being loose enough to not take itself too seriously.

So it’s comedic? Sublimely so! This show has the best comedic timing of any anime I’ve ever seen. Specifically, Kazuma who has the kind of droll and cunning delivery of a line that is so otherwise sorely missing in most anime. It’s an utter joy to watch!

So final score and recommendation? I want this show to go forever, I know it won’t but it’s the kind of sublime experience that I never want to end. It’s just so much fun that I can barely find the adequate words to describe the experience, and… and those boobs—

NO! Just… stop! We’ve gotten this far without further sullying this review— I don’t care! If I could give a seperate score for ‘boobs in an anime’, Konosuba would get 100/100 but I know this isn’t Anime boob reviews (spin off blog maybe?!). So, season 1 of ‘Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World’ get’s a well earned, 94 out of 100, I never wanted it to end! Maybe I’ll sober up and make a half-way decent review, or maybe I’ll just let this slide as passable entertainment! Either way, KonoSuba comes heavily recommended for all and sundry! You don’t need to be a pervert to enjoy this show, but, well… it probably helps!

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