20 Question Weekly Review Week Ending 4th March 2018

A 20 Question Weekly Review for the Week Ending 4th of March 2018.

It’s March already! It’s March already! Which means it’s almost April! So many good shows are coming, I can’t waiiiiiii-

Anyway! So what’s new this week my dude? Please don’t.

Ahem, so what’s good in the weekly airing anime world? Lots of things this week. Ms. Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles warranted an individual episode review, Slow Start was fan(service)tastic! Citrus was on form and dramatic as heck (until it wasn’t). Yuru Camp was as good as it’s ever been!

So everything was good then? Did I say that? No, I said ‘lots’ not ‘all’.

Oh? Episode 8 of Darling in the FranXX gave me super sized conniption; you can read my frantic ravings here if you feel like witnessing the mental degradation of an anime fan.

Yikes! Remind me never to bring up that show again, yeah? You can ignore it all you want but it will find a way to invade my life even if I did drop it.

And other non-currently anime consists of? I finished ‘A Sister’s All You Need’; expect a review sooner than later. Started and almost finished ‘Yuru Yuri’ season 2 and dabbled in ‘Hozuki’s Coolheadedness’.

Fair enough. So what of the manga scene? “Manga scene”? Please, just stop trying to be cool.

Fine. What books did you read? Better. I read ’12 Beast’ Volume 1 which is from the author of one of my favourite manga’s ‘Monster Musume’. It… it was kind of disappointing! Like I don’t say this to many people, lest writers I like, but just stick to what you know! Action is not your forte!

By which you mean? I don’t get action anime in manga form, I know this is probably someone’s specific kryptonite, but like, wow, I can do romance, I can do comedy, I can do drama, but action just doesn’t come across well in manga form… at least where ’12 Beast’ was concerned. But maybe there are examples of manga that do have well drawn and easy to understand action. Leave a comment below if you have a recommendation!

Anything else you read? Yes! I read volume 1 of ‘Dragons Rioting’ which was a lot more interesting than I expected. I mean it’s not like it’s high-art or something but having a harem protagonist who will literally die if he gets aroused (because of a medical condition of course) is an interesting flip. And the action in it is actually well drawn and understandable so forget that whole comment about action coming across in manga from the previous question!

You okay? I don’t even know, haha! Also I read volume 1 of ‘NTR: Netsuzou Trap’.

What’s that mean? This isn’t a review, you don’t have to ask what the title means.

But I’m curious… It means ‘cucking’, but not in the way racist people on twitter use it.

Oh? Is the book any good? I really like it, I mean I know there was apparently some discourse when it came out among critics that it was dark and creepy. But I don’t get that at all, its kind of like Citrus, except a bit better? I’ve still only read Volume 1 of both so it’s hard to say, but they do feel very similar.

So any manga’s bought this week? Nope.

Oh. Any merch then? Nope!

Well, this is a kind of anticlimactic end to this blog post. Guess you should have asked those questions first, yeah?

Right. Obviously my fault… So do you at least have some news for the blog? Sure! Though some people already know this, but I’ll be reviewing manga on here soon, starting this week in fact!

Great, so how would you rate the week ending March 4th 2018. The end of the week marked my first month blogging on wordpress about anime and I’m grateful for all the people who’ve continued to support me by reading my reviews, liking my posts, leaving comments and even nominating for awards. It’s been a great experience, a boon to my self-esteem and I look forward to many more months (and hopefully years) of writing reviews for you all and interacting with this wonderful and kind blogging community!