Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair Episode 2 & 3 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair Episode 2 & 3.

What’s the show? Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair, Episode 2 & 3.

*snicker* Yeah, yeah, get it out of your system. “Period” means something different in English, super funny! Why is it, that I’m suddenly the one who’s most mature here?

Sorry, it’s just a really dumb name. It is what it is, now can we get to talking about the actual show please?

“Moderately popular”

Why so serious? really like this show, but I feel like no one else is covering it and so I want to try and get as many people to watch it as possible and your lame jokes aren’t helping!

Well then sell me on the show, you didn’t really do that great of a job on selling the first episode, after all… It’s hard, okay?

When you get the same drop just in a different skin.

Why? Shouldn’t a great show be able to practically be able to sell itself on its own merits? Yeah, but see that’s the thing, this probably—in the grand scheme of things—isn’t that great of a show.

B…but I thought you “really like” it? I do! It’s just I will fully admit it’s a “guilty pleasure”—not that I feel in the least bit guilty about liking it—just that it is 100% my kind of show. It’s light-hearted, it’s packed to the brim with cute girls in sexy outfits, it’s funny, it frequently breaks the fourth-wall, and it just plain makes me happy the whole way through it.

You said it, strange Pokemon type thing…

And? And I don’t think that’s enough to sell the show on, or for that matter write a review for it. Like I desperately wanted to write a review for episode 2 because of how much I enjoy this show but the plot was pretty much a carbon copy of the first episode so much so that Choco (frequent fourth wall breaker) even commented to the audience about this fact. Not to mention the fact that it was a ‘Hot Springs’ set episode, which was as she says was just put in for the sake of “fan-service”! Somehow though, the fact that it was so similar went to highlight just how great the show actually is!


It’s a self aware comedy, fair enough. What about Episode 3? Episode 3’s a tricky one because it’s not immediately as funny as they’re going the ‘scary episode’ route, and around about the half way mark it goes deep into a parody of an anime I’ve heard of but not watched yet called ‘When They Cry: Higurashi’. So while I could appreciate the show for doing something different then the last two episodes, the majority of the references went right over my head. That said there’s still a ton of great jokes and references and fourth wall breaks to be had!

I don’t know who any of these characters are but I’m sure there’s a ‘When They Cry’ fan losing their mind right now.

So what does this mean for a recommendation? My recommendation as per the first episode stands, watch it and if you like it, great! And if you don’t, not unexpected considering the lack of support for this show online. Regardless, I think it’s just plain fun and frequently hilarious and wish it was the kind of show that would run for a hundred episodes, rather than just 12 it’s getting but either way I’ll cherish each new episode and continue to shout its praises even if no one else is listening!

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Butlers x Battlers Episode 2 & 3 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Butlers x Battlers Episode 2 & 3.

What’s the show? Butlers x Battlers, Episode 2 & 3.

Oh right, the time travelling handsome boy show? How are these next two episodes? Heavy on handsome boys, light on pretty much everything else.

Sounds, uh… well, sounds like literally the opposite of shows you normally watch. I’d be lying if I said Episode 2 didn’t try my patience what with nearly half the episode being devoted to nearly every male character in the show dressing up in snazzy white butler outfits and working at a cafe while adoring female patrons squealed in delight.

I’m sure this is many of my reader’s idea of a really good time.

Oh boy. But Episode 3 was much better, with the exception of a wholly useless—Hotaru stalking a teacher who turned out to secretly be his older sister—plot line, that I guessed within 30 seconds of the older sister character appearing on screen.

Somehow cuter than every girl in this anime.

So what about Episode 3 was better? A legitimately cool action scene between J and the blonde guy (I can’t remember his name and wikipedia isn’t helping). What’s great about the scene is it showcases the two character’s different ‘abilities’, J’s being the ability to either slow-time or move faster than regular time (it’s hard to say which it was specifically but I’m leaning toward the latter) and blonde guy’s power which seems to be short-distance teleportation. The fight scene was well-animated, each hit carried weight and it was just a really interesting and dynamic scene to watch. More of this please, less pointless “comedic” fluff.

Just don’t him in the balls.

Anything else? There’s a bit of character development, a minor bit of story progression but it still feels like not a lot happens in any given episode. Like having Ren being chased through the school by all the members of three different on campus sports teams just so we can establish he doesn’t like sweat or smelly sports boys and prefers flowers didn’t require 2 seperate scenes to get the point across. So much of the show feels like padding, and not particularly interesting padding at that.

Umm, I think he might be… really into flowers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

You seemed to not mind the show in episode one, but clearly things have changed. Are we giving up on Butlers x Battlers? Nah, I’ve sat through much worse. Besides, it was almost worth sitting through all the nonsense to get to that fight scene. So if there’s more and bigger and better versions of that in future episodes then I don’t mind spending 20 minutes a week watching handsome boys doing humdrum things.

It may look like they’re dancing but left guy just got smacked one.

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High School DxD Hero Episode 2 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for High School DxD Hero Episode 2.

What’s the show? High School DxD Hero, Episode 2.

Oh god, I should have worn a poncho today shouldn’t I? Huh, why do you say that?

Because I’m going to get splashed by all your drooling over those scantily clad anime ladies aren’t I? I’d never be crude as to drool. What do you think I am, a savage? I am a respectful and gentlemanly—

So any good nude scenes in this episode? SO MANY! Like there’s the scene with Issei and Rosseweiss and he uses his ‘Dress Break’ power to try and get past her on the stairs in order to perv on his female classmates having a bath and then…

Don’t worry, she’s more distraught that her tracksuit got ripped. “I got it on sale for 980 yen!”

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Something’s never change. Grr, fine. But this episode isn’t all just ~nice oppai~ you know, it actually establishes a very interesting plot development for Issei, introduces some new characters without getting overwhelming and has some low-key but nonetheless exciting action scenes that don’t come off as overblown and devoid of threat like scenes in season 3.

Still on it about season 3, huh? Well that’s what people who are reading this review will want to know, whether it’s better than that season and so far it is, much better. It’s back to being charming and interesting and not a confusing mess.

Cute fox girl antagonist? Don’t mind if I do!

Care to elaborate? All right, so a new bit of plot we’re given in this episode is that within Issei’s sacred gear ‘Boosted Gear’ are the negative memories of all the previous sacred gear users of it, and there’s a lot of them, like dozens if not more. And because of this his “super saiyan” form of ‘Juggernaut Drive’ is cursed to do him harm or even possibly kill him should he try and attempt it again (as per what happened in Episode 0 of this season). So his new goal is to try and rid the device of its negative memories and imbue it with his own special positive power. Which he attempts by entering a sort of mind-palace through meditation.

He’s a man of many words.

Uh-huh… I know it sounds complicated but it’s really not, I’m just shit at explaining these types of things. It’s executed very clearly on screen and makes for an interesting, introspective storyline for Issei to travel.

It’s gonna end up being about boobs, isn’t it. Yeah probably!

She’s a previous user of ‘Boosted Gear’ it’s okay to perv, because she only exists as a memory in Issei’s memory palace, also she is long since dead.

*sigh* Well, as long as you’re enjoying it, who am I to judge. Indeed, I am enjoying it, it’s still not quite up to the quality of season 1 or 2, but I’m not expecting it to be. I’m just glad the show is actually making sense again! Plus it’s still got the same light-hearted, perverted charms that endeared me to it in the first place with an actually interesting story forming and lots of character development. Oh and don’t get me started on the Rias x Akeno x Koneko bath scene in this episode

Why am I getting Keijo!!!!!!! flashbacks?

—I’ll stop you there then! Good, it’s recommended for fans of the show, boobs, boobs, etcetera, end of review! Spoil sport…

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Hinamatsuri Episode 2 & 3 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Hinamatsuri Episode 2 & 3.

What’s the show? Hinamatsuri, Episode 2 & 3.

That’s the one about the psychic girl and the yakuza who loves vases? You make it sound like a set up for a joke!

Well it is an odd premise. And yet the show feels more grounded and down to earth than it really ought to, though there is some truly outlandish comedic stuff that happens in these two episodes!

There’s alway one at a party…

Like what? Well, in true Terminator style another psychic girl arrives in Tokyo, her name is Anzu and her mission is to eliminate Hina! After Hina proves her strength over Anzu in a very creative, non-lethal way, Anzu agrees to let Hina live. But not before the two of them have a nice day together as middle-school aged girls should. Meanwhile her vase loving Yakuza guardian Yoshifumi is pretty much just has to sit back and let it all unfold around him, maintaining the peace whenever he can.

Psychic power!

And after that? Anzu attempts to go home but can’t because her return home button thing got damaged in the wash, too embarrassed to ask for help from Hina so she has to live a life of petty theft, stealing from local businesses to get enough to eat, that is until a homeless man takes her under his wing and helps her live a more honest and respectful life amongst their encampment of fellow homeless men.

It’s far less creepy than it looks.

Wow, that’s oddly serious. Yeah, I wouldn’t go as far as to say its tonally jarring but it’s certainly a change of pace, especially when compared to the lavish life Yoshifumi and Hina live. Maybe the anime is trying to say something about how wide the divide between the wealthiest and the destitute in the Japanese community is, or maybe it’s just a plot point to teach the headstrong and stubborn Anzu some humility and respect.

Anything else happen? Yes, I’m saving the best for last! Hina’s studious and straight-laced classmate (and only school friend) Hitomi ends up working in a bar as a bartender after the shrewd bartender Utako blackmails her into doing so—but only because she’s like a genius savant at making cocktails and all the patrons can’t get enough of them!

Again… far less creepy than it looks! I swear!

But wait, isn’t she a middle schooler?! That seems kind of harsh! Maybe on paper it comes off that way but it’s a very funny plot line, Hitomi’s facial expressions are pure gold throughout those scenes. Plus by the end of the 3rd episode she does seem to be enjoying herself, or at the very least enjoying the money she’s making!

It kind of sounds a little problematic… Oh did I forget to mention at the end of episode 2 they all go to a girly bar, the middle-school kids included!

We’ve all been there right?!

I revise my statement to be “quite problematic”. Again, it may seem that way on paper, but never has a night of drunken adults hanging out with middle-school kids been more wholesome than in this anime! I don’t know how it gets away with it, but it totally does! Whether it’s the fact it knows how to be funny without being creepy, or the fact there’s like zero sexuality in this show (or at least none around the young girls) it just works.

That’s the look of someone ready to blackmail a middle-schooler!

I’ll take your word for it. So still a show you recommend? Absolutely, even more so than the first one, it’s not always consistently funny, and there’s some more darker and dramatic moments but they don’t detract from the show—rather they give it a kind of depth and realism that helps ground the sillier, more fantastical elements. It’s a treat of a show and while it’s not spectacular or ‘must-see anime’ it’s still very entertaining throughout.

Steins;Gate 0 Episode 2 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Steins;Gate 0 Episode 2.

What’s the show? Steins;Gate 0, Episode 2.

And what’s the show got in store for you this week? FEELS.

Feels? As in feelings, you know emotions? Jeez, how old are you?

Sorry I’m not hip to all the internet lingo! So it’s an emotional episode then, huh? Continuing directly on from the previous episode, Okabe is at the Artificial Intelligence conference where Amadeus, an AI program made from a person’s memories and emotions is being unveiled. After an impassioned outburst, an awkward after party and a touching scene between Maho and Okabe, he finally comes face-to-face, or rather face-to-computer screen with Amadeus, the AI program in testing phases comprised of the memories and emotions of the deceased Kurisu.

Well that’s certain to be an emotion charged moment. With just a look we can tell exactly what Okabe is feeling in this moment, it’s beautiful and heart-breaking. The fact he’s looking at and able to talk to someone he loved as if she were alive, even though she’s very much not. Or is she?!

What do you mean ‘or is she?!’ She’s dead, right? Her physical body is for sure, but ask yourself what is a person, what defines something as being alive? Everything that comprises our life; our hopes, our dreams, our memories, our loves, our pains, our relationships they’re all stored in our mind. They exist as information, so just because the human body ceases to be, who’s to say that the a perfect digital approximation of a once living mind with all the emotions and memories in tact isn’t ‘alive’ too. Just a different kind of life.

Wow… that’s deep, I’m surprised you came up with that and nary a mention of boobs or cute girls. Hey! I can be deep too sometimes!

So it’s a thinking person’s anime? Steins;Gate has always been like that, and it’s at its best when it can marry heady near-future science fiction concepts and morality exercises with raw human emotion and genuine relationships. And I know it’s only Episode 2, but I’m already fully invested in this series, and I don’t just mean because we’re dealing with characters we already have come to like from the first Steins;Gate series. I mean I’m invested in this story, in the story of AI Kurisu and what that means for Okabe and the rest of the characters new and old alike!

Anything else you want to add? Originally I was going to wait to watch this in English dub like I did the original (I know, I know) but because it’s coming so late in the month I couldn’t resist watching it in Japanese. I’m not going to speak about what voices I like and which I don’t that doesn’t matter, what I am curious about is how they’re going to dub the American professor Leskinen, who frequently speaks whole sentences in English (which Okabe can’t really understand well) and some sentences in awkwardly spoken Japanese. Seems like something they’ll either have to work around creatively or just ignore, either way it does make me glad I decided to watch the sub first.

Fair enough, so still on track to be one of your favourites of the season? I don’t like calling things this early, but seeing as I’ve now watched the first (and in some cases second and third) episode of every show I intend to watch this season, I’d say it’s easily among the top 3 and I am reasonably confident they can keep up the quality, the intrigue and yes even the feels.

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 2 & 3 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 2 & 3.

What’s the show? The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, Episode 2 & 3.

Oh right, the vaguely homoerotic space battle show? That’s the one.

So didn’t have enough to talk about during episode 2 for a seperate post. Yeah, episode 2 was kind of ‘more of the same just from the opposite side’s perspective’ which didn’t make for terribly compelling viewing or reviewing. The space battles still looked great and Yang Wen-Li who’s our protagonist on the Free Galaxy Alliance side is an interesting and well written character. But other than that not much to talk about.

Episode 3 is different then? Oh yeah. Like I was at first a bit concerned when the episode started going into flashbacks for Siegfried Kircheis’ childhood, I was like “does this epic space battle anime really have time for trips down memory lane” but episode 3 is genuinely great, we finally have a proper plot that was only vaguely hinted at previously.

What is it? Reinhard von Lohengramm, the blonde haired space captain who’s heading up half the space fleet of the autocratic ‘Galactic Empire’ had his older sister sold to the Kaiser when he was just a boy. Being that he lives under an autocracy there’s not much he can do to save his sister from allotment in life… short of rising through the ranks of the military and becoming leader of the Galactic Empire himself!

Wow! That’s… certainly ambitious! I’ll say, I mean as much as the large scale space battles were an impressive sight to behold, I’m far more interested in watching how Reinhard intends to succeed a dictator and became ruler of this powerful galactic wide empire!

Cool, so…uh… how about the err… homoerotic elements? Does it really matter if there are or there aren’t any such scenes? It shouldn’t matter what sexuality the protagonist(s) is or isn’t?

Yeah but some people may be watching the show for that specifically? Nothing but the occasional longing look and coyly titled head.

Right, so we’re a quarter of the way through this season? Do you think there’s any chance of it wrapping up neatly by episode 12? It’s hard to say, like the pace does feel oddly slow for a show that seemingly wants to do so much. I’ve heard word (which is to say I read it one someone else’s blog) that the story is going to continue after the 12 episodes and be concluded in two movies, which if true is slightly annoying as it’ll be a lot harder to get hold of these movies as I very much doubt Crunchyroll will bother to put them up on their streaming service but who knows, maybe the end of episode 12 will be satisfying enough of a conclusion. Or maybe it’ll crash and burn like so many spaceships in this pointless intergalactic war. Either way, I’m still going to watch to the end, just out of curiosity.

Caligula Episode 2 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Caligula Episode 2.

What’s the show? Caligula, Episode 2.

Ah, the pretentious show that you raved about last week… still pretentious? Not nearly enough!

Oh, so things have changed in this second week? Somewhat, a lot less literary references, less psychoanalysis, less stream of consciousness.

That’s what crazy people say!

So basically everything you liked about the show is gone now? Not gone, just less. And I mean I get it, I should have realised that it wasn’t something the show could have kept up. It’s not Bakemonogatari quality after all, but—and this is a big but—but I’m actually okay with it.

Gives a new meaning to the term ‘Hand Cannon’.

Huh? So even if it dispenses or reduces a lot of elements I really dug, it adds enough different things that made me appreciate the wider vision the show has, even if it takes until the end of the episode to become clear (or at least as clear as this show want’s to be at this point).

That’s the look of a girl who’s just discovered her whole world is a lie.

You’re being kind of vague about it, I doubt people reading this expect these episode to episode accounts to be spoiler free. Oh so I’m allowed to spoil now, am I?

Sure, go nuts. Well it seems like the show’s got a Matrix thing going on, or at least we’ve got some elements of it, our protagonist and the side characters have all now realised they’re world is artificial (or they’re about to realise it), and it’s being created by a virtual idol program called μ who’s controlling people with her music? Again it’s all kind of vague and I kind of love it about the show, I’m never fond of shows that have great, big exposition dumps at the start of the first episode that explains everything about the situation. I love being as clueless as the characters in the show, especially in this genre of show.

How does the one on the left even stand on those legs?

Anything else? Oh there’s an annoying little floating chibi character that makes a brief appearance, Aria I think it’s called. Not fond of it at the moment but maybe it’ll have a point later on.

She’s annoying, but I do like their rapport.

So despite it losing a lot of what drew you to the show in the first place you still sound pretty positive about it. I am! I want to know more about what’s going on but I’m content for it to be dolled out gradually over future episodes. And while it’s very entertaining and interesting I am fully prepared for it to let me down by either giving too much away too quickly or never answering anything in a satisfying way, but right now I’m happy with how things are progressing!

Best girl, as if you had to ask.

My Hero Academia 3rd Season Episode 1 & 2 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for My Hero Academia 3rd Season Episode 1 & 2.

What’s the show? My Hero Academia 3rd Season, Episode 1 & 2.

Wait, you’ve only reviewed the first season? What happened to the second season review? Okay! I get it! I’m really bad at remembering to review second season’s before third season’s are released, I’ll get around to it one of these days!

Sure, you mean when you run out of content. Where have you been?! There’s been plenty of content!

Tell me about it, I haven’t had a day off in 3 months! You don’t need time off, you don’t exist!

So what happens in these first two episodes of season 3? Well, the first episode is just a recap of some events of the previous seasons to help bring people up to speed with what happened, not sure how necessary it was… I mean everyone watching should have watched the previous two seasons and season 2 only ended like 5 months ago so there’s no real excuse in having forgotten what happened!

So it’s a pretty pointless episode then? Well I guess that depends who you ask, it does take place at the school pool so plenty of bare chested and muscular boys to look at, if that’s your kind of thing.

Abs, as far as the eye can see.

I’m guessing you didn’t enjoy it much all then? It was fine, I would have preferred a proper episode but it still had some funny character moments and good lines!

“Meowth, that’s right!” (I feel like I’ve made that joke before)

Episode 2 then, any better? Much better! The training camp began, and it started with a bang—literally—as class 1A is tasked with finding their own way to the camp. A task which is made all the more difficult as a professional hero team called ‘The Pussycats’—who run the camp—litter their way with powerful monsters made of dirt! There’s some really cool teaming up and fighting of these monsters, who while never posing much of a threat tire the heroes in training out before they even reach the camp.

Best girl!

And what happens for the rest of the episode? Hot springs mostly!

Really?! Okay that’s not true but it does seem like the fan-service has been already dialled up this season, though it is fairly equal representation at this point for what its worth.

I’ll need a minute…

Uh-huh… We’re also introduced to an annoying little kid who is the cousin of one (or both?) of The Pussycat’s, and he hates heroes. Which we learn is because his parents were heroes and they died when he was young and blah blah blah… I don’t really care.

What a dick. Pun intended.

Wow, cruel much? I’m sorry, but I really don’t see the point of this kid being here, like sure he’s probably going to give Deku some valuable lesson about the responsibilities of being a hero or what not, but it’s already rubbed me the wrong way. Just give me top banter between the kids of class 1A and Eraserhead being a dick to his students and burgeoning feelings between Deku and Ochako and more action and more villains, because that’s what I signed up, for that’s what I want!

He’s such a troll!

Okay then, fair enough. So do you recommend the show? For newcomers it goes without saying, but start at the beginning, it’s not that many episodes to catch-up and it’s a super fun ride that only gets better with the second season. If you’ve watched the show and not liked it, this isn’t going to change your mind, but if you love it you’re probably already watching. And while I’m not to keen on the current plot line with the hero hating kid Kouta, I’m still going to watch the hell out of every new episode because this show is just so much fun and the characters are fantastic!

Deku smash!

PERSONA 5 the Animation Episode 2 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for PERSONA 5 the Animation Episode 2.

What’s the show? PERSONA 5 the Animation, Episode 2.

So how’s this video game adaptation going for you? Well…

Oh, bad news is it? I wouldn’t go as far as say ‘bad news’ just disappointing news.

Kamoshida is even more of an asshole here, or at least it seems that way. Maybe it’s just the Japanese voice actor sounds a lot more punchable—in a good way!

Well go on. I still love the story and characters of this game and by extension this anime and the stuff outside in the real world is as strong if not even better than the game. But the stuff in the ‘cognitive world’ known as “Palace’s” is a lot worse.

Like a screenshot from the game, only worse.

Oh, how so? Well maybe I’m biased because I genuinely didn’t enjoy the gameplay of the game (or at least, I didn’t enjoy how much of it there was and how similar feeling it felt). But here it just feels like watching someone play the game, and as much as the flashy visuals worked in the game, they just feel so lazily imported here. Like after the first large battle with Kamoshida’s henchman, there’s almost exactly the same stylised black and red splash screens you’d get in the game after defeating an enemy just minus the stats of levelling up. And not only does it somehow look worse than the game it just doesn’t make any sense for it to appear except for it being an homage to the game.

But does it harm the show in any meaningful way? I think it’s just unnecessary. I’m hoping it’s a one-off homage but I get a bad feeling they’re going to do it with every encounter throughout the show. I think an adaptation of a game should feel more like a TV show and take advantage of the strengths of the medium rather than flat out copy/paste the visuals of the game.

“You’ll never see it coming”

So you’ve gone cold on the show? I wouldn’t say completely, sure it’s an annoyance but I still want to see this adaptation in its entirety. And I’m still keenly looking forward to the other characters being introduced. Besides, compared to the game where you spend way more time in the “Palace’s” than in the real world, the balance seems more favourably skewed toward the ‘real world’ parts in the anime—which is preferred and appreciated!

That’s the look of a teacher who’s completely given up.

Anything else? Oh and Morgana’s finally been properly introduced and he’s as cute and charismatic as ever!


So, still recommend it then? Sure, I mean maybe these issues will only affect people who play the game, or maybe nobody has these issues, I don’t know! Either way, if you’re still not sure, I’d say give this show a go because the story is still progressing in a positive way!