Comic Girls Episode 3 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Comic Girls Episode 3.

What’s the show? Comic Girls, Episode 3.

And what’s this episode about? Well, the episode is titled ‘Jiggle Jiggle Bounce’…

Oh god. Now hold your horses! It’s not as salacious as you think!

Brutal AF.

Uh-huh… so what’s it about then? Well our poor Kaos-chan has yet another bad feedback session about her newest manga idea which is basically just cute high-school girls eating crepes and so returns to the dorm to seek solace in her dormmates only to be bombarded by a hundred ideas on how to improve herself in order to facilitate a new outlook on what it’s like to be a ‘normal high school girl’. After a couple of montages (hair, outfits) boyish Tsubasa comes to the rescue assuring young Kaos-chan that she should just be herself.

I mean, yeah, like obviously!

Well that’s good. Wait there’s more!

Okay. They decide to hold a sketching contest which leads to donut loving Koyume having to pose suggestively for Kaos and Ruki which, in turn leads to the titular ‘Jiggle Jiggle Bounce’ of the title, which actually refers to Koyume’s breasts (jiggle) stomach (jiggle) and butt (bounce) respectively. Which ends up giving the girls all sorts of complexes as they compare themselves to each other.

Realistic anime girls ftw.

They shouldn’t do that, they’re all perfect in their own ways! …h-huh?

Oh, err, I mean… “hmm, that’s interesting, go on…” Right… so, after some more shenanigans, some of which I think are hinting toward Tsubasa wanting to transition into a male. (If this weren’t a cute girl/comedy anime I’d be sure that’s what they were trying to allude to but let’s face it, they’d never attempt something so narratively daring.) We end up with Kaos pushing herself to be better at drawing so hard that she develops an eating disorder(?)

I think she’s hungry for SOMETHING, just not food…

An eating disorder?! I didn’t expect that… Well I don’t even know if it’s that serious, maybe it’s just a cold. The way Japanese people treat catching a cold is like it’s comparable to catching the damn plague!

Right… So Kaos refuses to eat, for reasons. Until the dorm mother contacts Kaos’ parents and makes her dishes from home and everything is well in the world again.

Wow, she likes hot pot and eggs, revelation!

I’m so confused. Listen, this show is super-funny, like there’s so many good lines and funny moments and just delightfully inappropriate situations in this episode that were it not for the final five minutes of this episode I might have even recommended it for those who were on the fence about this anime.

Oh my…

But now? Well it’s still all those things, just with a tacked on subplot that feels completely pointless and out of place. Like it really didn’t need it, it was doing fine with being slightly deep and moderately complex when it was dealing with Kaos and the fact that the only thing about her that’s grown in years is her hair and that her clothes are all made by her grandmother. It didn’t need to go all melodramatic, it’s better when its honest and scathingly comical.

She’s in high school you guys!

‘Kay… So, uh… Koyume is current best girl (for the moment), this show is all kinds of great, except when it’s trying to be too dramatic. But all negatives aside I’m willing to let the show keep leading the way. I’m fond of the aesthetic and I’m fond of these girls, bring it on!

I mean, yeah I’m still down to clown.

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 2 & 3 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 2 & 3.

What’s the show? The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These, Episode 2 & 3.

Oh right, the vaguely homoerotic space battle show? That’s the one.

So didn’t have enough to talk about during episode 2 for a seperate post. Yeah, episode 2 was kind of ‘more of the same just from the opposite side’s perspective’ which didn’t make for terribly compelling viewing or reviewing. The space battles still looked great and Yang Wen-Li who’s our protagonist on the Free Galaxy Alliance side is an interesting and well written character. But other than that not much to talk about.

Episode 3 is different then? Oh yeah. Like I was at first a bit concerned when the episode started going into flashbacks for Siegfried Kircheis’ childhood, I was like “does this epic space battle anime really have time for trips down memory lane” but episode 3 is genuinely great, we finally have a proper plot that was only vaguely hinted at previously.

What is it? Reinhard von Lohengramm, the blonde haired space captain who’s heading up half the space fleet of the autocratic ‘Galactic Empire’ had his older sister sold to the Kaiser when he was just a boy. Being that he lives under an autocracy there’s not much he can do to save his sister from allotment in life… short of rising through the ranks of the military and becoming leader of the Galactic Empire himself!

Wow! That’s… certainly ambitious! I’ll say, I mean as much as the large scale space battles were an impressive sight to behold, I’m far more interested in watching how Reinhard intends to succeed a dictator and became ruler of this powerful galactic wide empire!

Cool, so…uh… how about the err… homoerotic elements? Does it really matter if there are or there aren’t any such scenes? It shouldn’t matter what sexuality the protagonist(s) is or isn’t?

Yeah but some people may be watching the show for that specifically? Nothing but the occasional longing look and coyly titled head.

Right, so we’re a quarter of the way through this season? Do you think there’s any chance of it wrapping up neatly by episode 12? It’s hard to say, like the pace does feel oddly slow for a show that seemingly wants to do so much. I’ve heard word (which is to say I read it one someone else’s blog) that the story is going to continue after the 12 episodes and be concluded in two movies, which if true is slightly annoying as it’ll be a lot harder to get hold of these movies as I very much doubt Crunchyroll will bother to put them up on their streaming service but who knows, maybe the end of episode 12 will be satisfying enough of a conclusion. Or maybe it’ll crash and burn like so many spaceships in this pointless intergalactic war. Either way, I’m still going to watch to the end, just out of curiosity.

Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 3 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Tokyo Ghoul:re Episode 3.

What’s the show? Tokyo Ghoul:re, Episode 3.

Murder and mayhem? More like an appetiser of what’s to come.

So not a lot of action in this episode then? Correct, this is more an episode that’s setting the table, putting all the necessary pieces in place for the banquet that’s about to be served.

Saiko’s always so sleepy!

What’s with all the food references? Well we also get the return of another character from Season 1, Shu Tsukiyama better known as ‘The Gourmet’ makes an appearance, he’s bedridden and evidently trying to seek out Ken Kaneki so he can eat him. Though when his cronies only bring back word (and underpants) of a man named Haise Sasaki, he is less than pleased. Evidently there’s more than a few people who want Haise to return to being Ken, not the least Haise himself who is conflicted about whether his old memories returning to him would be a good thing or not.

Wait, why would him having different memories make him taste like a different person if he is the same person? I don’t know, I’m sure it was explained in a previous season or maybe in the manga? I know one character said something about him “having to die” to go back to being Ken, so maybe that’s something to do with it.

Wearing a face mask in a night club might set off some alarm bells, but not in Tokyo!

You don’t seem very fussed about the fact that you don’t know what’s going on? I just really enjoy this show and its characters, the new ones perhaps more so than the ones in season 1 but it’s still nice to have all these connections to the first series.

Connections? As in more than just ‘The Gourmet’? Well obviously there was Touka in Episode 2 and now we get Juuzou Suzuya, whose character design I absolutely adore. Speaking of which…


Go on… So the Quinx squad—minus the grumpy Kukie Urie but plus the adorably NEET Saiko—go to a club all dressed as women (Saiko is a woman, but just go with it) in the hopes of connecting with a dangerous ghoul called ‘Nutcracker’ in the hopes of getting more information on a human trafficking/auction ring that’s being used to sell young women to wealthy ghouls for the purposes eating, or worse.

That’s dark, that is. Indeed, but what’s great about this show is it can have a mildly comedic scene like watching the Quinx squad dance terribly and get questionably drunk on the job, while still maintaining the serious subject matter in the next scene without it seemingly like tonal whiplash. I don’t know how it does it, but I think it does it well or certainly a lot better than other shows, whose changes in tone feel like they’re making light of serious subject matter.


That’s a delicate line to walk, glad to hear you think it’s achieved it. So still recommend the show? It hasn’t done anything to make me not recommend it, it’s still fantastically entertaining, even when it’s an episode with nearly zero action. That’s the power of these characters and the writing, which features a lot of good introspective moments, especially towards the end of the episode. I’m positively salivating for next week’s tasty morsel!

Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast For Spirits- Episode 3 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review of Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast For Spirits- Episode 3.

What’s the show? Kakuriyo: Bed & Breakfast For Spirits, Episode 3.

So how are things in the world of Spirits? Messy.

Oh. Messy good or messy bad? Messy entertaining. Like this episode was all over the place plot wise but I appreciate that more than it being boring. A lot happened in this episode, but nothing that’s going to pay off for a while.

Care to elaborate? Well, Aoi goes on a date to the capital city with Oni Depp, is almost assassinated by Oryo the frosty snow woman who stowed away on their flying boat against his wishes. They rescue a geisha called Suzuran who is the sister of some guy back at the inn who’s had like two lines of dialogue. Suzuran was about to be sold to some seedy looking Legolas dude but that doesn’t fly with Odanna, he admonishes the horny kimono heir for forcing someone to marry him without their consent, unaware of the irony of his statement. Thankfully the show is self aware enough to have Aoi call him out on this not a second later. The kimono heir and his cronies try and attack the flying ship but Aoi uses her deus ex Tengu fan and it blows the bad guys away. Back at the inn, Oryo gets Shrek’d by Odanna for being so irresponsible as to leave her post at the inn—oh and also for the whole attempted assassination of Aoi—and is sent to her room. The episode ends with Aoi and Genji discussing the eatery’s menu when Oryo is brought in by Kasuga (the cute fox girl from the previous episode) as Oryo looks like she’s got a fever.

Right… And that’s not even everything that happened in the episode! We get an elaborated flashback to the Ayakashi who helped her out as a child, I don’t think it’s a spoiler to say it was probably Genji, which I’m glad for as I first thought it might be Odanna, and the last thing I wanted was that douche to come off as more sympathetic.

Sounds like you’re kinda getting into the show. I don’t know, maybe? Like I don’t care for this genre of anime (romance?), and I don’t know how they intend to stretch this out as long as they are planning (26 episodes) but this episode had so much going on that I definitely wasn’t bored. It was certainly better than the previous two episodes, but not better quality just better to watch. Also I do like Aoi as a character, especially when she’s being all strong and independent so I want to keep watching in the vain hope that she makes the right decision for herself with regard to who she will choose to be with. I much prefer this kind of romance(?) where there’s an element of ~mystery~ to who she will end up with.

Who do you want her to end up with then? I mean forget the dudes, she and Oryo should come to their senses and realise that the only way forward is with each other and not Odanna possessive creep.

Why am I not surprised you’d say that. Anyway so I guess I don’t need to ask if you recommend this, we kind of did this review out of order… You could say this review was as messy as this episode was! Almost like it was intentional! Hehehe!

It wasn’t intentional was it? No… no… I’m just lazy…

Darling in the FranXX Episode 1-6 – 20 Question Anime Review (Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Episode One to Six of Darling in the FranXX.

Please note: This review is no longer representative of the author’s feelings on this show for an up to date review please read: Puberty & Robots – A 20 Question Reassessment of Darling in the FranXX (Episodes 1-15)

What’s the show? No, just no, I don’t want to do this…

What do you mean? We’re here we have to do it… Ugh, fine, you really want to do this? Fine! Just give me a minute to get into an appropriate character for this, okay?

‘Character?’ You’re not usually in character for these reviews are you? No, but this is a special circumstance. Bare with me a second.

Ah, fine, sure, take your time. *messes up hair, slumps shoulders, readies fingers above keyboard, becomes a virgin again* Okay, I’m ready, or whatever bro…

Okay… what’s the show? Tch! Only the best effin’ show on the planet my dude!

Right… It’s like Studio Trigger’s ‘Darling in the FranXX’ my dude. Tch! What cave have you been living under?

Are you even speaking English? Totally my dude, and seriously did you watch that gif I sent you because I’ve been jackin’ it til I’m red raw!


Please, I regret everything; can I press the abort button? No doing my scro! We’re in this til the bitter end, did I mention how Darling in the FranXX is like killer JO material my bro, my scro, my dude.

Okay, stop. Just time out. I have no idea what you’re trying to go for with this particular character, but it doesn’t seem very realistic. What do actual fans of Darling in the FranXX really sound like online? You SJW cucks are not intellectually prepared for something as complex and revolutionary as this show, if you’d bother to not get triggered (heh!) for half a second you’d realise that the allegory is….

Wow! Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse… But just wait you beta-cuck; I haven’t even got to show you my fanfic where Trump and Putin pilot a FranXX together.

Oh my f***ing god. Can we just get the regular guy back; you know Cactus Matt or whatever his name is. Oh so now you want to hear my opinion, huh?


Yes, for f**ks sake, yes! Cool, so Darling in the FranXX is a pretty good show, I mean when it’s pandering to the worst of the anime fandom, namely stunted immature males who think women amount to nothing more than the subject of physical attraction and sexual connection. The sad thing is that if the writers and animators had consulted oh, I don’t know, precisely one woman in the production of their show they might have had the obvious idea to put the protagonist Hiro in the ‘subservient’ role in the FranXX robot Strelitzia alongside 002 rather than have him ‘dominating’ and perpetuating the obnoxious degradation of women for the sake of what amounts to a Saturday morning wank-fest for twelve year old fanboys. Heck I’d even settle for it just being 50/50 where half of the FranXX have the female characters in the demeaning position and the other half the male in said position. But that’d never happen, no, there’s no money to be made in that right?


I feel like I walked into a pool that’s a mile too deep for me. Everyone who thinks Darling in the FranXX is a show beyond criticism because it’s made by a talented animation studio seriously needs to get an attitude adjustment! It’d be like giving Studio Ghibli a pass if they just suddenly decided to make rape themed hentai!

Wow, okay, I feel like you need to say something positive about this show or else we’re going to be blacklisted from the Crunchyroll anime awards in 2019. High ambitions there… Besides, there’s plenty good I can say about the show, the world is intriguing, the characters are mostly likable, the setting is appropriately mysterious and the action is well animated. Oh and just quietly the opening theme is gorgeous.


So what’s the problem? OH I’M SORRY WAS THE MESSAGE TO SUBTLE FOR YOU? There’s literally giant robot mechs who are controlled by two person crews, the female of the crew is posed in doggy style position while the male ‘connects’ to her from behind. At which point he literally becomes ‘the brains’ in total control of her body. And don’t give me that bullshit excuse that the robot doesn’t work unless they’re perfectly in sync, thus it’s about equality or something. It’s just fan-service, and I know what you’re about to say next…

But you love fan-service; some of your favourite show’s are full of fan-service, how come this show in particular irks your ire while others get a pass or even a hearty recommendation? It’s hard to put it into words! Maybe I am being a hypocrite, but it just feels so degrading here, and so pointless and so… so…

So? It’s like when you see a father out with his son and the father has one of those shirts with a half naked woman on it, and you get that kind of worrisome, nauseating feeling in the pit of your stomach like, “wow, bet that kid’s going to grow up with some real positive opinions on women.”


So it’s about the patriarchy? Now, I’m definitely not going down that rabbit hole.

I feel like we haven’t really gotten anywhere with this review. Just kind of made fun of people who like a certain show, that seems kind of mean spirited. And for that I will apologise, not everyone who watches and likes this show fits into easily definable stereotypes. And far be it from me to criticise people for something they love, even if I do think its representation of women is more harmful than almost every other anime I’ve seen. The point of this post was twofold, to let my opinion be known and to say that no anime is beyond criticism. It doesn’t matter if it’s made by a beloved animation studio or whatever, every piece of media that’s produced should be able to be analysed critically from all points of view and discussed to understand why certain things effect people and not others.

And this is only the first 6 out of 24 episodes. Exactly, we’re a quarter of the way through; it’s not beyond redemption. Maybe the show will have some grand and important things to say about the place of women in our society by the time it’s finished. At which point I’ll gladly say I was wrong about it. Or maybe it’ll just remain a beautiful looking but deeply flawed and problematic contribution to the art form of anime. Either way, I’ll be watching and waiting to see what happens.