PERSONA 5 the Animation – Full Season QandA Rundown

PERSONA 5 the Animation – Full Season QandA Rundown

What’s the important information? Persona 5: The Animation is a Spring 2018 anime that aired 26 episodes between April and September. It is based on the Persona 5 video game released by Atlus.

What’s it about? Ren Amamiya is a high school student, who, after being in the wrong place at the wrong time ends up on probation. He moves to Shibuya to start a new life under the roof of a family friend but soon finds himself caught up in something bigger and more important than he could possibly imagine. He has unlocked the supernatural power of ‘Personas’ and with it the ability to change the hearts of wrong-doers, with the help of his new friends they become the ‘Phantom Thieves of Hearts’ a group of vigilantes intent on saving innocents from those who abuse power. But things aren’t ever just that simple…

Where are your eyes looking…

Why did you watch it? I played the Persona 5 game so naturally I’m going to see how much the stuff it up, uh, err, I mean faithfully adapt it for television…

Did you enjoy the show? For the most part, yes I did. It simultaneously made me fondly remember the best parts of the game (the story and the character development) while glossing over the infuriating parts of it (the back-tracking, the repetitive battles) while also wonder why it so faithfully adapted things that could have easily been cut for the sake of a more streamlined experience. Ultimately though it’s interesting and entertaining even for someone who’s played the game so that’s got to be a recommendation of sorts!

Ren’s pretty cool for a video game protagonist.

What was your favourite episode? With so many episodes and none of them specifically distinct the whole series kind of blends together into an amorphous blob but the most faithful episode (at least as far as I’m concerned) was the first beach episode (Episode 18) where Futaba starts coming out of her proverbial shell so I’ll pick that one!

Futaba’s expression is me whenever I see people outside having fun.

What were your most favourite things about the show? Despite the fact that I played the game with English dubs but watched the show with original Japanese voices I still think they perfectly captured the essence of every character (with the exception perhaps being Ryuji who I still prefer in English). Also, unlike Persona 4 the Animation this series feels less like a video game adaptation and more its own thing—which for newcomers is a very important thing.

Don’t mess with these heroes!

What were your least favourite things about the show? This show tries too hard to squeeze every little thing that was even ~vaguely~ significant about the game into the show which adds to the narrative bloat and ends up with a lot of pointless asides that while ostensibly ‘fan-service’ for players of the game fall flat for everyone else. Characters like Hifumi Togo the Shogi player and Chihaya Mifune the psychic are introduced and ~vaguely~ returned to, but never in the same substantial way that they are in the game so their inclusion feels like pointless padding in a show already stuffed to bursting.

Who was your favourite character? In the game it was Futaba, she was best girl—but without the adaptation of her romantic plot line the connection feels lost. The character who came across the best in this adaptation was surprisingly Sojiro, the surrogate father figure to our protagonist and all around good guy—bet you didn’t expect me to pick an old dude over a waifu!

Sojiro’s about as deep as side-characters come, so much backstory and complexity.

Thoughts on the OP (opening) and ED (ending) and the soundtrack in general? Not to keep referencing the game too much but its soundtrack was a definite highlight and thankfully most of it remains for the adaptation, the various OP’s and ED’s are all sung by Lyn as they were in the game but in serving as OP’s and ED’s they draw ~more~ attention to themselves and thus highlight the quality of the soundtrack overall.

What’s something unique about this show? It seems weird to say but the fact that we got 26 episodes of a video game adaptation and we’re still not done with the completed adaptation! Yes, that’s right, a ‘special’ episode will air in late 2018 to wrap up the story proper! Maybe this isn’t especially unique but it kind of felt like it for me!

Makoto is great too!

What other anime are most like it for the sake of comparison? It should go without saying that it’s somewhat similar to Persona 4 but this show carries more style and panache than that show ever could muster. There have been plenty of shows throughout the years that focus on the struggle between oppressed and oppressor but none have felt more nascent and timely than Persona 5.

Who would you recommend it to? If you’ve played the game, then obviously this series comes recommended. Just don’t expect a 1:1 retelling of events nor anything that expands upon the universe. If you haven’t played the game the series is still worth watching for those interested in a compelling drama with interesting and charismatic characters.

Sum up the season in one sentence: ‘Social Justice Warriors; the anime!’

Final score? 83 out of 100.

Go team!

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High School DxD Hero Episode 5 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for High School DxD Hero Episode 5

What’s the show? High School DxD Hero, Episode 5.

I don’t think I’m ready for another instalment of ‘Cactus Matt drools over anime tiddies’. Well you’re in luck, with the exception of the ad-break title card there’s zero nudity in this episode!

Oh, perverts of the world lament! Also, what did I say about using the phrase “anime tiddies”, just don’t, please.

Sorry. So lots of action in this episode, of the fighting variety, I mean. Yes, quite a bit. Also a fair bit of plot too, of the story variety.

Power snek.

‘Kay, well go on then. Right, so Issei handily beats the shadow dude who had him otherwise immobilised at the end of the last episode. That fight felt super unnecessary, especially since it seemed like it was just resolving a plot point that wasn’t even a plot point in the anime and only existed in the books. Unless of course he’s going to come back at a later time, which if that’s the case I suppose we’ll see how necessary it was when the time comes. Issei and cute fox girl go meet up with the others to defeat Cao Cao and try and rescue fox girl’s busty mother, and pretty much the rest of the episode is the fight.

Eye of the tiger.

So does Issei easily beat this guy, I mean you said in the last episode that he is just a human who wants to be more powerful than anyone else. What fight could a human put up against a team of devil’s and an angel? He wipes the floor with them. More specifically his cronies divvy up the party and each one of the Gremory household is soundly defeated. Then Issei, after nearly dying in his confrontation and having to use one of the Pheonix tears to save his mortal wounds, finally gets a blow on Cao Cao, severing his arm—only for him to have his own Phoenix tears to use. Issei’s armor starts to crack, he’s presented with the fallen—presumably unconscious—bodies of his teammates and all seems lost, when…

Bad ass moment.

When what?! Oppai!

Huh? Issei reaches down into his memory palace and talks to the attractive woman who was a previous user of Issei’s sacred gear, she reminds him of his “potential” and as he harnesses his full power he summons the one thing that can defeat this dastardly and overpowered villain… oppai.

Summoning boobs sure is majestic.

He summons boobs? I thought you said there was no nudity. Well actually he summons the love of his life, Rias. Who appears via a portal above him clad in nothing but her lingerie and somewhat perplexed as to how she got there, and then the episode ends.

That’s the look of a girl who just realised her boyfriend has way too much power.

Uh-huh… so, err, this was a good episode then? I thought so! I mean I love that the show is taking its time with these action set-pieces and not rushing through them. These big moments like Issei ‘unlocking’ his potential aren’t just quickly brought up and acquired, this has been multiple episodes in the set-up and the actual ~acquiring~ is suitably grandiose if admittedly ridiculous, but that’s nothing new. Issei’s powers being about breasts have always been treated as silly to people on the outside but deadly serious to Issei and it’s that balance which make his character and this show so endearing—even after all this time.

And just Xenovia being ridiculously sexy as usual.

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Steins;Gate 0 Episode 5 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review of Steins;Gate 0 Episode 5.

What’s the show? Steins;Gate 0, Episode 5.

“Blah blah blah, best show ever”? Hey! Were you peeking at my notes?!

I—I was joking! That’s not really what you were about to write, was it? Listen, there’s only so many episodes of a show that can pass that are each executed so flawlessly that I have to wonder whether it’s some sort of omni-fluke or I’ve just lost my goddamn mind. Either way, Steins;Gate 0 is as close to perfection as an anime like this has ever achieved. Well, at least on this world-line…

Truer words were never spoken.

Wha… what do you mean by “world-line”? Shhh, that’s not important right now.

Er, um, okay. What happens in the episode? lot. We get to see what the duplicitous and potentially dangerous Moeka is up to, namely here working as some sort of private investigator and attainer of knowledge. Daru has employed her services to find the missing girl, you know the future girl who was ‘lost’ in 1998 as a 10 year old and who looks a lot like a young Kurisu, but I’ve made that connection before haven’t I? Or maybe that was in a different time…


What’s going on, you’re acting strange… I don’t know, anyway, moving on… Maho is once again badgered into facing her true feelings for Okabe, and so goes to Akihabara to visit him only to be stalked~ by an unknown party, causing her to panic dial Okabe en-route to his lab and find herself cornered in an alleyway by an assailant…

She’s so anxious, I just want to hug her!~

Oh no! Except it’s just another ~American~ from the university who speaks in some kind of disturbing faux English for comedic effect until she realises her intended audience speaks Japanese and continues to do so fluently.


Sorry… so what happens next? Well Ruruka (Luka the cutest boy in anime) shows up at the lab, with the ~important request~ she had called Okabe to discuss towards the end of the previous episode. And surprise surprise the person in tow is a gorgeous Kurisu analogue with amnesia and FOR SOME REASON OKABE DOESN’T REALISE THIS IS THE MISSING GIRL IMMEDIATELY WHAT KIND OF GENIUS ARE YOU?!

Kurisu, C-cup edition.

Whoa! Settle down… I mean maybe you could make the argument that Okabe never actually looked at the photo of missing future girl Kagiri Shiina but really you just finished talking about a 22 year old-girl who’s missing in the city and then suddenly a 22 year old-girl with amnesia appears and you don’t immediately join the dots? Get your head in the game Okabe!

You mentioned something about “world lines” before? Metal oopa! The missing girl has one, except it’s all old, even though it’s something that only came out a few months ago, except it’s different from the one on this world line and this is all very important information!

Is it oopa or upa?

Time travel is confusing, yo. Hey, that’s my line! And we haven’t even got to proper time travel plot lines yet (I can only assume they are coming). You can imagine my anxious excitement as for what’s to come! Let’s just hope whatever the outcome, Maho can find someone to warm her bed at night. I mean I totally ship her with Okabe, but that’s only to try and keep Daru away from her! Now… where were we or more appropriately, when were we?

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Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair Episode 4 & 5 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair Episode 4 & 5

What’s the show? Last Period: the journey to the end of the despair, Episode 4 & 5.

I must admit, when you did that blog about what show’s you were continuing to review I was surprised to see you’d keep talking about this show! I’m nothing if not belligerent when it comes to talking-up shows I feel are being unfairly criticised by certain websites…

You mean MAL? *spits*

Easy now. So you’re going to keep reviewing this show out of spite toward it’s haters? Pretty much!

Sadly true.

How very mature of you. So what happens in these episodes? Well at the end of Episode 3, Haru received a lottery ticket as reward for completing the haunted house quest and in a nice bit of continuity this episode is about him winning the lottery. And it’s a lot of money. Like the equivalent of hundreds of billions of dollars!

Wow, and how long ’til it’s all gone. Well yes, obviously this being a silly comedy it’s going to adhere to the tried and true sitcom-esque formula of them blowing their money on increasingly ludicrous things. Or rather Gajeru and Liza do that, whereas Haru gets quickly disillusioned by how lazy and indulgent his colleagues become when influenced by money and so the gang breaks up—Haru returning to adventuring, while the other two basically destroy the city trying to one-up each other. By the end of Episode 4 things are more or less back to the way they were at the start with the exception that Haru has saved most of his riches for a rainy day.

Is wealth guilt a thing? I wouldn’t know *sad face*

Expected result. Yeah, but I did enjoy how quick Gajeru and Liza become absolute assholes because of having money, I mean it’s not smart, but it’s still funny.

And Episode 5? The plot returns to mocking its originally intended target, namely gacha mobile games. With his newfound wealth Haru decides it makes sense to try and pull for some five star character drops, because it will aid in his desire to help other people! So he trades all of his money in for ‘premium currency’ and tries his luck at getting something other than 1 star scrubs. It doesn’t go well.

It’s like playing Fire Emblem Heroes, except I’m just trying to get cute waifus and all I end up with is buff dudes.

No luck? In a series of hilarious montage/quick cuts we watch as Haru succumbs to something the show calls ‘The Swamp’, namely finding one’s self constantly spending money in the vain hope of getting that powerful five-star character drop. Only he doesn’t, it’s nothing but one-star trash-teir pulls, until finally… he gets a two-star…

I guess I can see the comedy in that. Even if I have no idea what you’re talking about! True, a passing familiarity with these kind of mobile games is essential to any kind of enjoyment of the comedy here, but I haven’t even touched on the funniest part of the episode. The whole thing is framed in the guise of a Japanese panel show where a bunch of characters are watching and commentating on this as a cautionary documentary on the dangers of rampant capitalism and the traps of gacha games.


I feel like we’re going into deep parody that not a lot of people in the west might get. It’s still very tongue-in-cheek but it’s also pitch perfect parody of these types of Japanese light-entertainment programs that you see everywhere on Japanese television. The only thing that would have made it funnier would be if these segments were live action—but that’s probably asking a lot.

“All things?” I can think of a few things that shouldn’t be done in moderation or at all!

Right. A parody in a parody, huh? Parody-ception? Sure, something like that. Also Wiseman (the Team Rocket-style “bad guys”) continue to be the best thing about this show. “WI—ZUMA—NN… Wiseman!”

So obviously you really like this show, anything else you want to say? This show doesn’t deserve it’s low MAL *spits* score, but then again, comedy is kind of hard to quantify at the best of times. I’m not pretending like this is some revelatory experience, or even that great of a show, but it’s just fun and I hate that something that’s so inoffensive and good-spirited and silly is copping such a negative wrap. But I guess that’s the way things are these days. I’ll keep watching and reviewing all the same.


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Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast For Spirits- Episode 5 & 6 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast For Spirits- Episode 5 & 6

What’s the show? Kakuriyo -Bed & Breakfast For Spirits- Episode 5 & 6.

did notice you forewent reviewing it last week? Did the sheer amount of handsome ayakashi boys finally break you? Pfft, hardly, I’ll give this show some credit is that there seems to be plenty of good looking boys and girls in this show, which certainly eases the burden of watching this show, same can’t be said for Butlers X Battlers, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Right then, so why did you not review the show last week? Because the episode was kind of inconsequential to the overarching plot. Honestly, the episode only existed to give Aoi a reason to return to the apparent realm and collect the cute little Kappa named Chibi and bring him back to the hidden realm, because apparently Aoi needed a comedic sidekick.

He’s basically a Pokemon.

I know you’re exaggerating, but what really happened? I don’t know, some stuff about siblings fighting and Aoi helping them reconnect, yes there were some decent flashback scenes showing Shiro (Aoi’s grandfather) taking care of the two spider Ayakashi but it wasn’t exactly the most ~interesting~ episode so far, also the “action” scene toward the end of the episode was atrocious. But then again that’s nothing new for this show, it does quiet and contemplative well enough, food just fine, character interactions with some degree of competency but almost everything else is just awkward.

And I assume you have more to talk about with Episode 6? Ehh~ it was better than Episode 5, Aoi’s harem is expanding with the introduction of the very young looking Kamaitachi, a security guard of Tenjin-ya. But it’s okay if he looks young because he’s actually like 80+ years old. *winky face*

Look at this good boy!

Right… To be fair, I did like his recollections about Shiro, about how they got up to mischief up to and including peeping on girl’s in the bathhouse, if only because Aoi’s reaction to this “revelation” was priceless!

And the ‘plot’ of the episode? Well, Aoi opens her eatery to the public, it does a roaring success on the first day as it’s booked out for private function, but “one week later” and things are dire as there’s not been another single customer (because the plot says so). And so she and cute fox boy are summoned to a meeting with the chief accountant Byakuya, who—you guessed it—is also a good looking dude.

This didn’t happen in the episode, but this is Byakuya. I just couldn’t be bothered loading up the episode again to get a screencap. But see! Good-looking dude! Aoi’s spoilt for choice!

“Harem expands”? I don’t know, it was literally the ending scene of the episode, but probably!

Anything you missed? Oh, some random assassin tries to kill Aoi.

Um, kind of a big deal! How come you didn’t mention it earlier?! Because it’s totally not a big deal, at least the show doesn’t seem to think so, it was just used as an excuse to have a ‘meet-cute’ between Aoi and the aforementioned security/cute boy Kamaitachi.

I mean, yeah cucumbers have many uses…

Uh-huh… so why are you still watching this show, it doesn’t seem like your kind of show and I’m sure what you’re getting out of it at this point. True, this is the show I look forward to the least out of my Spring 2018 anime weekly shows but I do like Aoi as a protagonist and moreso with each subsequent episode and honestly as much as I ~sass~ this show it’s still mildly entertaining. I just hope we get a bit more drama that lasts longer than a single episode.

Extra extra!

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Caligula Episode 5 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Caligula Episode 5.

What’s the show? Caligula, Episode 5.

The ever perplexing show that’s either really weird and good and smart or is just kinda derivative and forced? That’s the one!

So which is it this week? Kinda both, kinda neither. It’s just messy to be honest.

“Messy”? How so? Well there’s a vague Cinderella/Snow White ~thing~ going on with this episode, what with the plot being about “finding a partner” and the antagonist of the episode being an overly made-up woman who’s obsessed with being the most beautiful woman in Mobius (the fictional world).

Now kiss.

Uh-huh, is that all? No! I mean this episode felt especially fractured, no mean feat considering the majority of the episode took place in one place (a theme park). It’s weird, because even though this episode was nowhere near up to the quality of this show at it’s best (Episode 4 so far) it was still wholly interesting and at least better than the weak Alice In Wonderland episode. And even the aforementioned fractured nature of this episode kinda worked in its favour.

Umm, honey, I think there’s something on your face.

How do you mean? Well, we’re given a slither of knowledge to the overarching workings of this artificial world, all the while a contrived high-school romance goes on around it. Or at least what this twisted anime’s perception of what passes for a ‘romance’ is. And kudos where kudos is due, they pretty much nailed ‘basic male sexuality’ in a very succinct way!


Anything else to add? I liked the new girl they introduced Kotono Kashiwaba, the fact that she ~transformed~ before any of the main cast learnt to was a nice touch, and I liked her little speech about wanting to return to the real world “even if it’s hell”. There’s something brutally honest and kind of heart-breaking about that, it comes down to the whole, ‘beautiful lie’ versus ‘ugly reality’ thing that’s very relatable in our modern lives.

Bad ass.

Right… I also like that the show is taking it’s time to introduce elements, it’s like the opposite of PERSONA 5 the Animation at this point, which I only compare the two because they’re both based on video games, and while unlike PERSONA, I haven’t played the Caligula game, but I get the feeling that they’re not adapting the entire game here which is helping the anime stay more focused—Well as focused as this show can be. Either way I’m still very positive about this show’s potential and hope it continues to grow, and build upon it’s strengths.

This scene was funny and adorable.

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Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 5 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 5.

What’s the show? Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, Episode 5.

We left the last episode on something of a cliffhanger! What happens here? Well it’s more or less resolved in a few brief minutes, namely that the reason M pulled a gun and tried to kill LLENN was because he was left a note by Pito saying that if he died in the game she would “murder” him in real life. So his plan was to kill LLENN making him the leader, at which point he would resign, having made it past an hour in-game as per request but not died as per her stipulation.

She’s crazy and I love it.

Right… Yeah, it’s kinda dumb, which I think is the best way to describe this episode on the whole ‘kinda dumb’. Which is annoying for me to even say because there’s so much about this episode that’s really good, like really really good!

Oh? Like what exactly? Well, at this point in the Squad Jam there’s only two teams left: LLENN & M and a six member team with some impressive skills. And you know what’s the best thing about this other team, they’re an all-female team!


But there’s some things about this episode you’re not too keen on, yeah? Well, I fully accept that the “rules” of this VR game are still somewhat malleable, but there’s some things in this episode that truly stretch the credibility of the narrative. Namely, how lucky LLENN gets in her various encounters with the enemy team. I know they set up that her “passive” is the fact that she’s very lucky. But seriously, she gets shot point blank upward of 10 times during this episode and avoids taking as much as a scrape from any of these shots because the plot says so.

Didn’t realise LLENN could ‘bullet time’, but it was a cool scene.

Oh, so she’s got that ‘plot armor’? More or less, and it’s annoying because a smarter writer could have written around these zero point confrontations without resulting to nearly jumping the shark as so many of these encounters ended up being!

So what was good about the episode? Well it was great to see the disillusionment of their pairing and seeing LLENN working on her own and formulate plans without the ever-present additions from the crazy-tactical M. Also—and this should come as no surprise to those who’ve read the previous reviews—but I really enjoyed the quiet but significant scenes outside the game. It was exactly what I wanted!

This scene was so good!

What happened? Well, in the real world Karen, after having narrowly secured victory in the Squad Jam, is confronted by a group of six middle-schoolers whom she’s passed by on numerous occasions in her daily life. They stop her and confess the fact that they’ve often commented on her height and how envious they of her ‘model-esque physique’ which prompts their leader to reveal their true identity. Namely these petite middle-school girls are the 6 strong team that almost took LLENN and M down in the ‘Squad Jam’!

I want more of these girls’ adventures! Slice of life, activate!

Cool, I guess? It is cool, I’m glad there’s so many female gamers being represented in this anime.

And that they’re all cute girls in real life? Well, yeah, I mean it’s an anime what do you expect?

True enough, so still happy with the anime even with the aforementioned issues? Yeah, I mean the issues are annoying but they don’t spoil the experience, it’s just for a show that prizes how tactical it is having such sudden implausibilities in the action feels a bit cheap. It’s still a fun show and the characters are great, here’s hoping for more scenes in the real world in future episodes!

P-Chan’s alive! But not for long… *sad face* R.I.P P-Chan.

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PERSONA 5 the Animation Episode 5 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for PERSONA 5 the Animaton Episode 5.

What’s the show? PERSONA 5 the Animation, Episode 5.

And how are things with the show this week? Are we good are we not so good? Hmm, kind of a bit of both really…

Oh, care to elaborate? Well, it’s another case of too many plot elements introduced and not enough time given to let the new elements breath. Like we get some more of the hot Doctor character, and the information that the protagonist is going to be doing clinical trials (mildly important element from the game) as well as the introduction to ‘Mementos’ which is the collective unconsciousness of society and a place to solve the ‘minor-league’ cases of “shitty adults” who are plaguing the city (in the game it’s basically side-quests where you grind your levels up).

Never mind, we need her in the show, she’s too cool.

Uh-huh… and it’s not introduced well? I mean it’s fine, it’s just I have to wonder how necessary either of these plot points are to telling a more streamlined version of this narrative. Obviously the anime wants to adapt pretty much everything and I appreciate that as a ~moderate~ fan of the game, but I think a just as good—if not better adaptation could have been made by cutting out one of these elements from the show. It would have made the pace more consistent at the very least.

Shibuya doggo statue behind them! Unrealistic though, it’s never that quiet around the statue.

At it again with the “pacing problems” huh? Well it is my single biggest gripe with this show so far. Like the first half of the episode has the scenes set at the ‘swanky’ buffet and this was a part of the game that already felt unnecessarily long, but here—when the second half of the episode is already rushing to introduce new elements—it feels even more pointlessly long. There’s a difference between character building and establishing a theme (i.e. that adults suck and make life difficult for those younger/weaker) and shortchanging important information in lieu of hammering home a message that’s already pretty obvious at this point.

When she sends a meme instead of a nude.

I thought you said this was both ‘good and not so good’? I’m only hearing ‘not so good’ so far. We get our first proper scene with Makoto! She’s my second favourite character, if I haven’t said so before. Also we get more hints towards the Madarame subplot, and as you well know the plot is what I’m about when it comes to this series, that and the characters of course.

2nd best girl!

Any other good points? Well there’s the introduction to the Phan-site, a fan blog run by one of Ren’s classmates who seems to know an awful lot about the Phantom Thieves, or as they’ve decided to call themselves ‘The Phantoms’, terrible name if I do say so, I preferred the name gave them in my play-through, the ‘Social Justice Waifus’, though that’s because I played with a mostly female line-up…

For what it’s worth there still continues to be a lot of cool shots in this show, even if they’re hardly brought attention to.

Right… I’m pretty confused now so let’s wrap this up. What are your final thoughts on the episode? I’m still mostly happy with this adaptation, if I’m picky or pedantic it’s only because I think I could have done better—not in reality mind you just in my head. I’m willing to overlook a lot of flaws though because they are more-or-less telling the story as it should be, just at an annoyingly inconsistent pace.

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My Hero Academia 3rd Season Episode 5 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for My Hero Academia 3rd Season Episode 5.

What’s the show? My Hero Academia 3rd Season, Episode 5.

The villains cometh! What’s happening in this episode? Well, yeah pretty much the same as last week, just with less of an emphasis on a single big battle and more just focusing on the other heroes of UA High defeating the League of Villains’ Vanguard who’ve decided to “wreck up” their camp while spreading the word that they’re after Bakugo.


Uh-huh, and what else? Well that’s about it… I mean stuff happens in this episode, but there’s not a lot of closure, it’s very much an in-between episode, we’re mid-arc here people so don’t expect a bunch of emotional or dramatic or super cool moments!

Oh… so nothing special then? Well… it’s kinda like, if I were binge-watching this series I’d have no problems with this because it’s still pushing the story forward but because I’m having to wait a week for this it’s kind of like NEED MOAR EPISODE.

Eat dirt mf.

Sure, I can understand that. But what is here? You wouldn’t have bothered with a single episode review unless you had enough to talk about! True, and yes there are some interesting moments here, I do like we’re getting more character development with the Class B heroes, sure they’re kinda boring in comparison but we’ve got Iron dude and big hand girl defeating a particularly ruthless villain who resorts to using an actual hand-gun to try and kill his opponents, that’s of course in addition to his poisonous gas he emanates.

*insert dirty joke about handjobs*

“Iron dude and big hand girl” Please give them the benefit of at least Googling their names… Fine, it’s Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu and Itsuka Kendo, a.k.a. Real Steel and Battle Fist.

Hmm, your made up names weren’t that bad considering… I told you! Not that it matters, they’re Class B after all…

Tetsutestu Tetsutesu (a.k.a Real Steel) on the right there is totally rocking a Dad Bod!

Harsh. Hey, it’s not me! It’s just as much as I feel like the show pushes to show more of them it’s only doing so because these kind of Shonen anime have to have ridiculously large casts, not that it actually cares about these characters, but hopefully I’m proven wrong! This is my official petition to get a Class B student put in Class A and get one of the more useless Class A characters out.

I presume you have someone in mind to get rid of? Mineta of course! He’s literally the worst thing about this show, has been since Season 1 and continues to be to this day.

Eraserhead agrees, probably.

Probably best you don’t talk about him much more since he had all of one-line in this episode… Fair enough.

So what’s the final opinion on this episode? It’s good, even with moments of greatness, as I mentioned in the previous reviews I am enjoying how downright dark the villains are but this is also just a mere stop along the road to the inevitable final destination. There’s a lot more to come and the sooner we get there the better because these middle episodes aren’t exactly as satisfying when you’re watching them week-to-week as opposed to binging.

This guy is effing scary, I look forward to his inevitable defeat next episode! (Probably)

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