Anime VS Manga – Monster Musume

Anime VS Manga – A comparison review between the anime and manga of Monster Musume

This is a blog series comparing a manga and its relevant anime adaptation, discerning which version is ‘better’. These posts will be spoiler-free comparisons helping to inform people on which version is better—in my opinion of course. Also, this post contains NSFW imagery.

What’s the important information? Monster Musume is an ongoing manga series that has been running since March 2012 and as of August 2018 is currently in its 14th volume. In Summer 2015 it received an anime adaptation of 12 episodes + 2 OVAs.

What’s it about? The series is a harem/comedy about Kimihito Kurusu, a man whose life is thrown into utter disarray as he unwittingly becomes involved in the “Interspecies Cultural Exchange” program which basically means a bunch of sexy monster girls start living with him and he has to deal with all their various quirks and proclivities—while offering a safe and happy home life for them all. I reviewed the anime series in full here if you want a more detailed review.


Which has the better art? Author Okayado’s artwork is something of a contentious point with me. While he sure as heck knows how to draw the female body (and all the monstrous permutations of) there’s always been something lacking about the way he draws action, added to that the fact that Lerche is responsible for the anime it’s no wonder that the adaptation looks as good as it does. While the girls always look good, the same can’t often be said of the surrounds. The anime wins here, if only because it’s more wholly consistent between the characters and the world they inhabit.


Which has the better comedy? This is a tough one to pick because the comedy always seems secondary to the ‘harem shenanigans’—which are plentiful. Since this is such a faithful adaptation, I’m going to call this one a draw, as neither one strikes me as funnier than the other.


Which has the better characterisation? Time makes fools of us all, but sometimes the best characterisation comes from biding one’s time—to see how a person would react against different stimuli in the grand scheme of things. With this in mind there’s far more room for characterisation and development against an unending backdrops of manga’s past, present and future than there is in a limited run of 12 episodes. The manga wins this battle.


Which has the better pacing? There’s something about a ‘one episode equals one new character in the harem’ approach to constructing a series that seems so inherently appealing on a fundamental level than anything the manga could have concocted. Indeed, giving each new character a definitive beginning in the form of an introductory episode serves to have you focus—and thusly connect with them on a more intimate level than simply dividing a chapter or two across however many books would do. The anime wins, but only out of the virtue of episodic hindsight.


Which has the better fan service? Oh gosh, don’t make me choose! One of the fundamental cornerstones this series was built upon was fan service, monster girl fan service—as if that really makes a difference. While the manga is impeccably drawn with specific attention to detail, there’s no denying how far—above and beyond the call of duty—did the anime animators go to make such a wholly satisfying and far more motion-filled adaptation of the bountiful ‘service that the manga first represented—the anime wins but only because I live to see ‘dat bounce.


What specifically is better about the anime? With the exception of a few scenes the anime feels more alive than the manga ever did and that’s hard for me to say because I love the manga this is based on but ultimately the adaptive process has done all the favours to this series. And, while it may seem unfair to mention there’s no denying the seductive quality of having what was once mere words on a page be voice acted in such flawless fashion.


What specifically is better about the manga? Monster Musume can feel busy at times, what with all the monster girls living under the one roof—the manga affords the reader the time to take in everything that’s happening on a given page and thus never feels as frantic as the series does which is both a good and bad thing depending on your inclinations. Also, while the anime has the benefit of seductive voice acting the manga too benefits from allowing your imagination to run wild—indeed the eroticism feels greater in the manga, undoubtedly elevated by the attention to detail in the mangaka’s artwork.


Monster Musume, Anime VS Manga—which version is better? It should be overwhelmingly obvious that the anime is the superior version—at least as far as the adapted volumes are concerned, the adaptation just does everything right and stays faithful to the source material while adding all the necessary flair to make it more kinetic on-screen. Don’t think this means that the manga isn’t worth your time however as without the manga this anime would be nothing and the manga has such worth on its own. If you’ve never watched or read the series the anime is my version of choice, however it’s worth noting that the sheer wealth of material that comes in the volumes not yet adapted makes the manga especially worthwhile for those wanting more out of this series.


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Monster Musume – 20 Question Anime Review (Mild Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Monster Musume.

What’s the show? Monster Musume: Everyday Life With Monster Girls.

Right. And what’s it about? Body positivity.

Ah, okay. Cool, what else? Sexy sexy monster ladies.

That’s what I assumed you would have said first, so harem anime then? Indeed!


So who are these characters? Miia, is a Lamia (snake girl) and the first of protagonist Kimihito’s burgeoning harem, taking part in an interspecies cultural exchange and thus living under his roof, much to his conflicted feelings. Later joins Papi the Harpy (bird girl), Centorea the Centaur (horse girl), Suu the Slime (the blue one), Mero the Mermaid (duh) and Rachnera the Arachne (yikes a spider!) They all end up living under the one roof, vying for “darling’s” affections while trying to get along with each other and dealing with a world that’s only recently become aware of the existence of Liminals (monster girls).

Right, talk about a full house *cues Full House intro music* I don’t know what that is, but cool reference bro?

Shuddup. So, I have an awkward question, and I feel like I’m going to offend someone by saying this but I have to since it’s my job and all but… well, monster girls + harem, are these characters supposed to be sexy? Because I’m not really feeling it… OH. MY. GOD. I can’t believe you just said that! How racist do you want to be?

They aren’t real races so it’s not racist; I was just asking the question… No, stop! Don’t you dare say another bad word about my monster waifus!

So I take it that some people do find them attractive then? Yeah mate and you’re talking to one, want to fight about it?!


Sorry, I’m not here to judge you for what you find attractive, different stokes and all that… [Crude joke about ‘stroking something’, deemed too obscene for].

Okay then… so let’s get back on topic. What’s the show about besides ogling monster girls? A lot actually! Well, not really with regard to plot, but when it comes to character development this show delivers! Every one of the girls has their various likes and dislikes and dissonant personalities that either clash or compliment with other girls and that of Kimihito. For some girls he almost ends up feeling more like a father figure or big brother, whereas other girls are exceedingly attracted to him because of his boundless compassion towards monster girls no matter what they look like!

I said I was sorry! I’ll forgive you once you pick one of them to be your ‘best girl’.


What? No, I don’t do that, I’m not into anime like you are. DO IT! Or I’ll turn this blog around and no one is going to Disneyland!

Fine! Uh… ah, I mean, I guess… the mermaid? BOO! No one likes Mero, you fail, you only picked her because you’ve been preconditioned by the Disney corporation!

What’s with all these Disney references? I DON’T KNOW.

And all the shouting? I don’t know…


Fine then, who is your best girl? Probably Papi, I mean she is a bit of a birdbrain but she has the best booty and you know I’m all about the booty. But then there’s Rachnera, yes she’s a spider, which is like a totally bad time for an arachnophobe like me, but she’s absolutely the kinkiest of the bunch into BDSM and all that. But then there’s Suu, and well yeah she’s a slime and almost kills ‘darling’ on more than a few occasions by nearly drowning him in her cleavage but being able to change her cup size on the fly has to make for some good variety. But then there’s Centorea, she’s just so noble and pure and devoted and did somebody say I-cup, yowza! Oh but then there’s Miia, she’s been there since the beginning and well if there’s anyone who is DTF amongst the monster girls it’s her!

Jesus! You didn’t even put this much thought into your entire Steins;Gate review, and that was about as something as complicated as time travel! What can I say; I take the business of ‘best girl’ very seriously.


More like you’re a serious pervert… Hey! What did I say about kink shaming? None of that here thank you very much!

Fine, final verdict? I could talk all day about this show, and not just because I’m into monster girls, what I’m into is well rounded characters with flaws and hang ups and genuine emotions as they deal with a world that’s often less accepting of the parts of them that makes them different from other stereotypical beautiful girls out there. As a protagonist and centre of a harem anime, Kimihito is admittedly kind of bland but he’s also unfailing kind, accommodating and understanding of every monster girl he comes into contact with, not just those who live with him. It’s something that’s not only admirable but also endearing and should make whatever reservations you have about this kind of show (harem/ecchi/fan-service, etc.) feel minor. Yes he’s attracted to these girls, but he also treats and acknowledges them all as unique individuals and seeks to make each of their lives better no matter the cost to himself. A monstrous 89 out of 100.