A Credit To Its Genre – ‘Endro!’ Full Season Review

A Credit To Its Genre – A Full Season Review for ‘Endro!’


What’s the show? ENDRO~!

Uh-huh, and what’s it about? It’s a CGDCT series set in an action/fantasy world with swords and magic and monsters and even a demon lord! Our main characters are four girls who set out to defeat the demon lord who threatens the peace of this world! And they do–or rather they almost do–instead of banishing the demon lord once and for all our hero Yuusha flubs a magical incantation and sends the demon lord back in time. Back in the past, the demon lord (now in the body of a loli) becomes teacher to the four girls at the magic school they trained at, her intention to stop them from ever being good enough to be in a position to defeat the demon lord in the first place!

You can’t all be the leader!

Sounds pretty high-concept for a ‘CGDCT’ series. Yeah. And that’s ~kinda~ the problem…

Uh-oh, I sense some negativity incoming? Don’t get me wrong, I love this show. The characters are all pretty much perfect which for a CGDCT show is kind of all I need. Added to that is the fact that it’s funny and silly and adorable and I couldn’t ask for more… except…

Cutest Demon Lord this side of… well every other show that has a loli demon lord…

Here it comes… The first episode of this show is pretty remarkable–at least if you’re going into this expecting just your standard cute girl show in a fantasy world–I won’t go into detail here (you can read my glowing first episode review here for more details) but suffice to say I was more than impressed by what I saw as a fresh take on this kind of show. Kind of like how ‘Zombieland Saga’ wow’ed all the normies out there a couple of seasons ago, except good.

Shots fired! *airhorn sounds* Yeah, sorry, that was a bit uncalled for, I’ve just got unresolved issues regarding that show… but moving on….


So what happened to make you not love the show it became? I’m gonna sound like a complete hypocrite here, but it became a pretty standard CGDCT show in between.

Wait, I’m confused. I thought you loved that kind of shit? First of all, don’t refer to it as “shit” even casually, and secondly, yes I do. Unreservedly. But with a first episode that raises the bar–not to something better, but to something different–and then it (pretty much) fails to live up to that “different” bar–well then that’s gonna cause some problems.

*problems intensify*

I just scrolled down to the bottom of the review… you gave this a 90/100. A NINETY! How on any planet does that correlate to the kind of complaints your incessant levelling against this show? Shut up, I’ve got my own personal scoring system–it doesn’t always hold up against critical analysis…

Uh-huh… you know this is exactly why no one takes your reviews seriously anymore! “Anymore”? Someone used to before?!

I agree.

Okay, fine. Can you gather your thoughts long enough to make a brief ~paragraph~ that’ll at the very least be able to convey your opinions on this show without giving the reader a headache?! ‘ENDRO~!’ is a fun and light-hearted experience with the expected character development and comedic shenanigans you’d come to expect from a CGDCT show set in a fantasy world. Don’t expect any substantial inversions on tropes or narrative twists that are implied by its first episode, but likewise that shouldn’t be a problem if all your here for is the tried and tested CGDCT shtick–which this show does almost flawlessly. Simply put, it’s a great CGDCT show with the veneer of something more serious but it never feels the need to adhere or elaborate on the aforementioned front. Friends to the end with Endro; 90/100.

Now this is the kind of ear-nibbling content I sign up for!

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The Most “Isekai” Isekai Anime Ever Made – ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ Episode 1 and 2 Review

The Most “Isekai” Isekai Anime Ever Made – An Anime QandA Review for ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ Episode 1 and 2


What’s the show? Wise Man’s Grandchild, Episode 1 and 2.

And what’s it about? It’s just about the most “isekai” isekai anime ever made. Take the ‘overworked salaryman living in Tokyo’ trope, add the ‘tragic death that leads to a reincarnation in another world’ trope, throw in a splash of ‘reincarnated protagonist has abilites far-exceeding the ~normal~ people of their new world’ and let’s not forget ‘new world is a typical fantasy world with monsters and magic’. And that’s just the basic premise–that doesn’t even begin to account for character tropes like ‘older protagonist is suddenly a young boy’, ‘protagonist has wizened mentor who was once an epic hero’, ‘protagonist meets attractive young girls by the end of the first episode’ and ‘protagonist is self aware, comments knowingly on his surroundings, etc’.

You say it like it’s a bad thing!

Sounds kind of derivative if I’m honest… you’d think so, but no this show’s actually pretty damn great!

Huh?! Yep, it’s got that trope too! But seriously, if we’re to talk about ‘isekai’ as a genre for a moment I’ve got to at least admit my stance on the genre–that being, I don’t understand why so many people have a problem with it. But then again I’m like that with most genres that are poarising within the anime community: ‘Moe’? Love it! ‘Harem’? Gimme. ‘Ecchi’? Can’t get enough. And likewise ‘Isekai’ falls favourably amongst those genres in my list of anime preferences. And while I was quick to call this “the most ‘Isekai’ Isekai anime ever made” I absolutely mean that as a compliment.

Two best girls for the price of one!

And how exactly? You have to justify that against examples, not just opinions? Okay fine. Our protagonist, Shin is a bit like Kazuma from ‘Konosuba’ except his sarcastic droll is used sparingly rather than being the defining character trait. Likewise he’s a champion of the downtrodden (as long as they are a cute girl) harking back to the likes of Subaru from ‘Re:Zero’. The fantasy world its set in evokes such recent fare as ‘Endro!’ and the magical school which serves as the base is reminiscent of ‘Little Witch Academia’ (and by extension Hogwarts from the ‘Harry Potter’ series. And of course there’s myriad comparisons both thematically and narratively to ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ not the least the idea of an overpowered protagonist who can ~almost~ do anything.

Time for school!

Okay, but how does “evoking” other series’ make it good? Isn’t it just lazy? It’s kind of hard to explain–it’s like it takes the best elements from each series it’s inspired by and distills them down to its core components then presents them in a way which is interesting and borderline parody to the audience.

Oh… so it’s a comedy? I don’t know if I’d go that far. I mean it’s funny, but for me a “parody” doesn’t necessarily mean to lampoon or ‘make fun of’ the subject in question–it’s equally paying reverence and respect to the subject matter in question. It’s still an isekai and is beholden to the rules of said genre.

Thank goodness for subtitles!

Right, and what’s something about the series that you think is unique? Well I can’t say to have seen all the isekai out there, so maybe this isn’t unique but a continuing thread throughout the two episodes is how Shin’s immense power is both a blessing and a curse. In that he is capable of miraculous magical feats the likes no-one in this world has ever seen, but at the same rate–should his powers be made known to the general public he would be seen as a threat to world peace. Wars would be waged in order to gain his allegiance, his advanced magical abilities would upset the balance of power the world over. Basically he’s a human atomic bomb and whoever has him is the new world power and no-one wants that…

Overpowered is an understatement!

Anything else to add? I could go on and on, there’s just so much to these first two episodes that it seems like a disservice to being anything but thorough but part of the fun in this show is just experiencing it.

Sounds like you’re about to wrap up then, final recommendation for ‘Wise Man’s Grandchild’ Episode 1 and 2? I almost didn’t watch this show–it wasn’t in my ‘Spring Watch List’ and the only thing that brought it to my attention was its stellar OP that made its way to Number 2 on my list of Best Spring 2019 Anime OP’s. But not only am I glad I watched this show, I think it stands (so far) as a testament to what can be done within the confines of the “familiar”. Yes, this is an ‘isekai’ and by most measures a fairly standard one–it doesn’t strive for ‘weird’ or ‘edgy’ or ‘ultra-violent’ or ‘overtly-ecchi’ it’s just an isekai done very well and by that same measure an isekai done ‘very isekai’–which should ~never~ be a negative thing to say!

Actual best girl. She has like 1 minute screen time but I want more of her please!

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Good Things Take Slime – ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ First Season Review

Good Things Take Slime – A First Season Review of ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’


What’s the show? That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime.

And what’s it about? You know what it’s about, everyone does at this point–this isn’t like one of my niche cute girl or ecchi shows that no one’s bothered to investigate.

Wow. Why the attitude? No attitude, just cutting to the point of this review. Also, if I’m honest, I kinda didn’t want to write this review.

Reincarnation seems like a fun idea…

Oh? And why’s that? Because I’ve kind of got nothing to add to the overall discussion around this anime. Sure I’ve seen my share of complaints about this series (mainly on WordPress) but at this point it feels like the people who don’t like this show are steadfast in their disapproval and there’s no amount of discussion on my part that could sway them to think otherwise. Nor would I want to, that’s really not my job after all.

Hehe, the little ears and tail!

For the sake of sating my curiosity, what are the complaints? You want me to do a Top 5 Complaints and Rebuttals About ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ type thing then, because I’ll do it?!

Sure, means I can have a break while you talk to yourself… I mean more than usual… Right! Here we go!

    1. “Rimuru is too overpowered!” That’s practically every shonen anime ever–at least the one’s I’ve watched. Overpowered is the point of these types of wish-fulfilment fantasy series’, to be able to envision yourself in the place of the protagonist crushing your enemies like you wish you could do to your enemies in real life.
    2. “He’s so overpowered that there’s no threat to any of his encounters with his enemies, he can just pull out some ‘deus ex machina’ and win instantly!” Even if that was true (which I think is a bit of a stretch, he has to rely on a couple of more powerful or more knowledgeable individuals throughout the series) what’s so wrong with having a protagonist with god-like powers? It makes for an interesting inversion on the tried and true Shonen formula of ‘fight a guy, get defeated, train, learn new skills, fight a guy, win’. Not to mention its good for comedic effect–which this show leans on quite a bit.
    3. “The show’s pacing is far too quick. Entire storylines are brought up and resolved within the space of an episode!” I hate this complaint so much, yes it’s pace is fast. There are many one-episode arcs that could (and would) have been stretched out to 3+ episodes if this was an adaptation of a long-running filler filled shonen manga. But this is originally based on a web novel that’s 248 chapters long and that presumably has a definite beginning, middle and end to the whole saga. Added to the fact that the first season only adapts 64ish chapters means there’s a larger story to tell then the brief arcs which are mere connective stitches in the overall “bigger picture”.
    4. “Why do the more animal or monster looking characters turn more human and “sexy” when they receive a name and rank up?” Not to be racist, but human looking characters are typically sexier than monster-looking characters. That’s literally the reason, don’t think too hard about it.
    5. “I just find the whole series underwhelming and kind of boring.” That’s fine, that’s your opinion and if you think so then there’s no need for you to watch the upcoming second season. I personally am very invested in the characters and have the confidence that the author (and those responsible for the adaptation) will deliver a compelling story to come!






Hmm, oh, you’re done? Sorry I was just taking a nap. Hey! You asked me to do this!

The ogre’s are still my favourite group of side characters.

Oh yes, right and what a splendid job you did. Should we continue with a proper review now? Yeah, yeah…

So what was your favourite arc in the first season? Obviously Shizu’s story remains the beating heart of this series and while the episodes about her were always of a high quality, I really enjoyed connecting it back to the kids she was trying to save and the last arc with Rimuru teaching the students, gaining their trust and finding a way to “cure” their predicament. I get the feeling we’ll be seeing those kids again, albeit at a later and more pivotal moment in the series where they can repay their debt to their slime sensei.

The feels.

Just for the record you haven’t read any of the Web Novel or Light Novel this is based on right? That’s pure speculation. Correct, I barely have the patience to read one manga a week let alone get through that many chapters of a novel. With full sentences and hardly any pictures!

Right. And what was your least favourite thing about the series? Aside from my one-sided feud with Gabiru, I think some of the female characters were underutilised at some points. This is a minor nitpick as, with so much of the story yet unadapted, there’s still plenty of time to use them later down the line. But I still would have liked to see more action from Shion and Milim.

More of this please, or better yet a whole series of Shion kicking butt in her suit.

Ahem, speaking of which, in your Best Waifu’s of Fall 2018 list you gave Shion the number 2 position meanwhile in the Best Waifu’s of Winter 2019 list you gave Milim the number 2 position. Care to definitively pick one as all time favourite from this show? Oh god, why are you making me choose? That’s like asking which do I prefer ‘anime boobs’ or ‘anime butts’! But, gun to my head I’m picking Milim–I just prefer her overall personality to Shion’s.

Just look at that face!

Answering the tough questions here folks! So final recommendation and review for ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’? I’d have thought this show would have almost universal appeal but there seemed to be a fair share of people who didn’t care for this show–or maybe they just happened to be especially vocal and in my direct circle of fellow reviewers/commenters. That said, if you enjoy the isekai genre, fantasy, comedy and action you should find something to enjoy about this series. While I had no overwhelming complaints about the series I don’t think it’s the best isekai out there but nevertheless I still enjoyed the experience from beginning to end (or should that be beginning to one fourth of the way through the full story). Final score: 89 out of 100.

I mean, you have to admire my restraint that I didn’t make all the gifs in this review ones like these…

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When Dragon Girl Met Princess – ‘Mysteria Friends’ Full Season Review

When Dragon Girl Met Princess – A Full Season Review for ‘Mysteria Friends’


What’s the show? Mysteria Friends.

And what’s it about? It’s a low-key and laid back slice of life style “romance” anime about the budding relationship between two high-school girls who attend a prestigious magic school, Anne who is a human princess and Grea who belongs to a race of half human half dragons–and is also a princess. It’s also an exceedingly beautiful anime with (arguably) some of the nicest art and animation of any anime this season.

Picture perfect scenery.

Hmm, I note the “quotation” marks around “romance” and feel like you’re baiting me into asking why. So why? We’re given ten, 15 minute episodes so almost 150 minutes of total run-time and (spoiler alert) they don’t even kiss. Maybe I was expecting too much from a series like this (whatever a series like this even is categorised as) but it feels like a big investment and very little ‘pay-off’ so to speak.

Dramatic slow zoom. Fade to white.

You sound disappointed with the show. Are you? No, because I still enjoyed the journey, I loved spending time with these characters and watch them interact and grow closer, I loved the episodes that had more action and adventure and I loved the quieter more intimate ones where they’re just playing hide-and-seek in the massive school library. Aesthetically this show is gorgeous and it’s stunning world design along with the aforementioned high art quality means I couldn’t possibly be disappointed with the overall experience. It’s just worth mentioning because people watch different shows for different reasons and if you’re expecting any kind of romantic closure you ~might~ be let down.

Anne is too genki for her own good sometimes.

Fair call. So who was your favourite character? If you paid any attention to my 10 Best Anime Waifu’s of Winter 2019 you’d know there was no contest–Grea is not only the best girl on the show I voted her best girl of the entire season, and while pictures do speak a thousand words–hearing her speak and shyly interact with Anne is what really sells her and the whole show really. I can’t imagine this show being nearly as enjoyable if Grea wasn’t Grea. I know that might seem like an odd (or maybe obvious) thing to say but there’s no denying she steals every scene she’s in and thankfully she’s in most of them.

Grea’s introduction scene is the epitome of sexy and classy.

Anything else you wanted to add that’s important to mention? The series is an in-universe spin-off to ‘The Rage of Bahamut’ series (the game, if I’m not mistaken) but absolutely zero prior knowledge of that series is required to enjoy this series. This show never spends any of its time with lore or history or backstories, nor does it need it. This series could have taken place in any generic fantasy world with magic and half-breeds and floating islands and not felt any different–at least from a narrative perspective.

There’s some action. Just not much.

Final recommendation and review for ‘Mysteria Friends’? With regard to its overall mood there are similarities between this and ‘Bloom Into You’ though the same comparisons do not extend to tribulations shared by the characters in the latter. If you want a sweet and simple story of two girls building the beginnings of a relationship set against a fantastical ‘Hogwarts’-esque backdrop with dashes of action and magic thrown in then this show might be for you. But if you’re looking for a substantial narrative or romantic progression beyond hand-holding you will need to look elsewhere. There’s no “mystery” about how much I enjoyed this show though: 84 out of 100.

They’re adorable.

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Sand, Sea and Slaying – ‘Endro!’ Episode 4 Review

Sand, Sea and Slaying – An Anime QandA Review for ‘Endro!’ Episode 4


What’s the show? Endro! Episode 4.

How’s this episode? I say “beach”, you say “episode”! Beach!

Episode… Beach!

Episode. Gah! Why are you like this?! Because I like girls in bikinis, it’s not rocket science, mate.

I mean, they’re not actually that more skimpy than their everyday outfits but whatever!

Hmm, well fair enough. So what’s this episode actually about, I take its not just an excuse for pointless fan-service. I’ll overlook the “pointless” quip and get to the point. This episode is an adventure and serves the purpose of being our group’s summer homework set by demon loli Mao (yes she’s no longer AWOL and back at teaching). And I kinda love how self-contained this episode is. I mean sure it benefits from prior knowledge but it’s also got a short-film, stand-alone vibe to the events, it tells a little story with minimal exposition and has a clear beginning, middle and end. That said, I think that very thing is likely to be a turn-off to some who are expecting some sort of overarching plot line when the show isn’t really interested in committing to something like that as of yet.

Nice melons.

Baseless assumptions, all of that? Of course, it’s my favourite past time.

Uh-huh, so what were your highlights about the episode? I liked the whole journey to the deserted island itself–a sort of mini-adventure in the adventure (plus it reminded me of RPG’s and most specifically Animal Crossing)–so that was fun! The running gag of coming across different and very imaginative monsters on the beach was cool, and obviously the catching of the mackerel man and his whole subplot was as ridiculous as it was entertaining. Also the fact that Chibi-chan ended up inadvertently saving the day by eating the released spirit of the evil underwater god who was enslaving the mackerel men.

In a nutshell.

Huh? Also did I mention this show is all kinds of ridiculous and I love it all the more for it? Because that, that 1000% of the time. I love this show’s ‘looseness’ and free-spirited approach to almost everything it does–it’s stupidly endearing and leaves me with a smile across my face throughout. And that’s it, that’s the end of the review!

I know I’m supposed to be distracted by the mackarel man’s legs but those faces tho!

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A Meeting Of Monsters and Men – ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ Episode 17 Review

A Meeting Of Monsters and Men – An Anime QandA Review of ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ Episode 17


What’s the show? That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Episode 17.

So how’s this episode? Another jam-packed episode filled with new and returning characters, ~almost~ confrontations, people foolishly underestimating Rimuru and newly forming alliances and deals.

And is it interesting? Okay, so like I get all this kind of world-building is important to establishing the ‘Jura Tempest Federation’ as a prominent political force in this world. I’m sure all this alliance forming and talk of trade deals and what not is going to be called into play later when things get more serious–it’s just that it’s kind of a lot to take in. Like between the various other Demon Lords and faction leaders from other regions all having a say in the workings of their growing community it’s a bit overwhelming to remember everyone and everything. And it seems like the pace is accelerating as if to reach a satisfying seasonal end-goal in spite of itself–though that last thought is pure speculation on my part.

Cute uniform but I miss her old outfit.

Oohh~ sounds like you have some substantial complaints, that seems like a first. I wouldn’t say complaints–more likely trepidation. I don’t want this series to get bogged down in endless committee meetings which feel more and more frequent and lengthier with each episode. That’s not to say they are not well written and don’t feature a decent amount of amusing character moments but by the same token it doesn’t exactly make for the most consistently dynamic or riveting viewing.

Now that’s an outfit I’ll never get tired of.

Fair enough. So what interesting things do happen in the episode that you did like then? So the healing potions that Rimuru “produces” through his own body are 99% effective at healing near fatal injuries. But Vesta, the exiled minister who came to work for Rimuru has–through his research–managed to make a “full potion” that is 100% effective. And aside from the trading and financial implications of such a development I just really liked this redemption arc for Vesta as a character, it was really endearing to see his accomplishments.

Naww, Vesta. What a good lad.

Anything else? Of course. Throughout the episode there’s just a lot of really cute and funny character moments like Gobta single handedly slaying a giant spider (and then getting excited because of how tasty they are in a hot pot). Also Shion’s violent reaction to being called “tits” by one of the village leaders and seeing Elen and her party back in the show was really nice too! One thing I didn’t like was my favourite loli Demon Lord Milim being given a new outfit, I mean sure the school-girl outfit was cute and all but I miss my fan service! Hopefully this is just an everyday kind of deal and she gets to break out the low-riding panties again during battle!

Gobta is true champion of the Jura forest.

You’re the worst. So overall thoughts? I think there was enough material in this episode to be stretched to two but at the same time having that much time spent on meetings would have felt even more drawn out. Had they expanded it to two and inserted some action scenes I think the overall ratio would have felt better, but it’s understandable if they couldn’t due to budgetary constraints. It’s still a good episode that promises bigger and scarier things to come but not close to this show when its at its best.

Milim’s just the best.

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Feline Lost – ‘Endro!’ Episode 3 Review

Feline Lost – An Anime QandA Review for ‘Endro!’ Episode 3


What’s the show? Endro! Episode 3.

How’s this episode? It’s just four happy-go-lucky friends on quests to go rescue cats. It couldn’t get much more cute than this episode was!

And that’s it for the whole episode is it? Pretty much, but to be fair they do have to find a lot of cats. Also the last cat they have to find is being held to ransom in a tower full of monsters and being guarded by a boss monster. So don’t pretend like saving cats isn’t difficult work!

That kind of “luck” goes both ways.

Okay fair enough but what else are you going to talk about if all that’s happening in the episode is rescuing cats? I thought about this for a while and I figured out why this show feels different to normal CGDCT/slice of life shows and why I’m so drawn to it. It’s because mechanically and narratively this series has more in common with RPG games than the aforementioned genres. But rather than wholesale lifting every element such as numerically levelling up and keeping track of how much money is being earned and spent this anime plays it a bit looser with the logistics and is content to stick to references and meta-commentary rather than inundating the audience with the comparisons. And for me it helps sell the immersion of the world and its characters over say an isekai that over relies on those elements.

The cat’s out of the bag now!

Right, but what else? What else? Well like any good RPG it’s about ~the journey~ rather than the destination, obviously this episode isn’t just about rescuing cats, that’s just the quest goal. Rather it’s about the difficulties they come across along the way, the way they work together to overcome their obstacles–be they monster or even food related. And, like a lot of great journeys it’s kind of hard to talk about all the little things that contributed to making the adventure memorable–you just kinda had to be there, or rather had to watch the episode for yourself.

Look at that pout!

Fair enough. Anything else you wanted to add? Our demon loli Mao is MIA for this episode–undoubtedly relishing her retirement and as much as I like her character, I don’t think this episode suffered at all for her absence–which I guess just goes to show the quality of our foursome. Also something about the episode I didn’t like (minor as it may be) was when the quest giving guy at the ‘Adventurer’s Guild’ looked at our four and said “four girls in your party, that’s unusual” I felt like that was a bit of unnecessary sexism thrown in for no reason, unless of course the show’s going to have ‘casual sexism’ as a common thread for the girls to fight against–in which case, you girls show ‘em you can hit just as hard and be just as smart as anyone else! But other than that another great episode!

When Fai is hungry an elf’s ear is apparently a good enough substitute!

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The True Power Of The Demon Lord – ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ Episode 16 Review

The True Power Of The Demon Lord – An Anime QandA Review of ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ Episode 16


What’s the show? That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime, Episode 16.

So how’s this episode? Ahhhhh! I’m so happy!

Oh god, what now? The cute pink haired fang girl with the skimpy outfit who’s been teased in the OP since the beginning of this series has ~finally~ appeared… and she’s everything I could have hoped for and more! Ah, I’m in love!

*heart eyes*

Please… stop… it’s embarrassing. No, never!

Wait, weren’t you like literally in love with Shion just last episode? I… I have room in my heart for two… I think…

She just wants some honey.

Oh boy, this is going to be a ~weird~ one folks, strap in. So who is she and what’s her relevance to the narrative? Her name’s Milim and she’s a Demon Lord and upon learning about Rimuru and his budding nation she pays a visit and promptly gets involved with fighting Rimuru’s kijin entourage (Shion included), but he manages to “tame” her with a delicious treat known as ‘honey’ and with the suggestion that being friends with Rimuru is more fun than being a full-time Demon Lord (which is the only reason she is a Demon Lord in the first place–for the fun of it).

Her expressions were adorable all episode.

Right, wait, she’s a Demon Lord? Is this another Demon Lord Loli?! How did this become a trope and so quickly too? I know right, in the space of a couple of seasons we’ve had ‘How Not To Summon A Demon Lord’, ‘Endro!’ and now this show pulling it out and I gotta say I’m still not sick of it! Sorry/not sorry for everyone who is.

I had a reason to include this gif BUTT I forgot.

Of course you’re not. So I know you’ll probably want to talk about her some more but what else happens in this episode? A surprisingly large amount of things at quite a pace too. Vesta, the guy exiled from the Dwarf City by the king way back in Episode 5 returns to work as a researcher for Rimuru. Speaking of returning from exile, Gabiru’s back and he’s joining Rimuru’s town and has been relegated to ‘comic relief whipping boy’ which feels a lot better than Gobta having to cop it. Also Gabiru’s sister Souka is there with her entourage and so Rimuru decides to give them all names which means a level-ip turning the lizardmen into dragonewts which as a result gives the men wings and the women… well let’s not beat around the bush, it turns them into sexy human-looking women. Because of course it does…

Is it racist to say I like how she looks now instead of before?

Okay that is a lot of things happening. Yeah and all that happens before Demon Lord Milim even shows up in the episode! Anyway so they bring Milim to town and immediately she punches Gabiru for calling her “chibi-chan” and did I mention how much I love her?

You did, move on. And so the townspeople are surprisingly cool with a Demon Lord moving in to their town and her declaration that she and Rimuru are “besties” and it turns out it’s because having a Demon Lord align with your city or country or region is not-unlike being under their protection. Of course, what that means going forward is anyone’s guess but I doubt it’s going to be all smooth sailing seeing as Milim has a bunch of Demon Lord cohorts who at this point aren’t even aware she’s joined forces with Rimuru.

A surreal moment in an episode full of them.

So it sounds like you loved this episode quite a bit then yeah? Sure, I mean it wasn’t perfect. I didn’t like the fact that Rimuru had a big important meeting about the future of the town and the only people invited there were the men. Meanwhile the girls were just frollicking in the hot springs (oh yeah, they have a hot springs now too). That kind of sexism I’m not fond of the women’s opinion are just as valid as the men, don’t start excluding them now when you were doing so well before.

I’ve still got time for Shion, especially when she’s serving up the bath service like this.

Anything else you wanted to– I LOVE MILIM! MILIM DAISUKI!

Ugh, end of review!

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