Interviews With Monster Girls – 20 Question Anime Reviews (Mild Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Interviews With Monster Girls.

What’s the show? Interviews With Monster Girls (2017).

Oh boy, here we go again with the ‘monster girls’… Don’t you think people are getting tired hearing you go about the same kind of show over and over again? Okay, first of all, sit down, secondly shut up. Interviews With Monster Girls is different, it’s not a harem, it’s not an ecchi, and there’s almost no fan-service.

Almost? Well one of the characters is a succubus…

Of course she is— Hey! No succubus shaming!

Fine, what’s it about then? It’s about high-school biology teacher Tetsuo Takahashi, who is fascinated by monster girls, or demi-humans as they’re called here. He wants to write a book about them but has no experience with them, that is until three demi-chan high school student’s start at his school, as well as a new demi-chan math teacher.

Kyoko, Hikari and Yuki.

Okay, so his interest in monster girls is purely professional/academic? Well yeah, I mean it starts out that way but as he gets to know the girls, not just as demi-chan’s and what makes them different, but also as complex and flawed young women. He begins to look out for them and does whatever he can to guide them through life, facing the difficulties that come with being such rare individuals but also the kind of dramas that regular human adolescents encounter too.

Sounds serious. Sometimes. I mean it’s still considered a ‘comedy’, but the comedy comes from knowing the characters and watching them interact with one another.

Such a great scene!

Okay, fair enough. Who are these characters? Well as mentioned before there’s Tetsuo, he’s sort of a gentle giant, very muscular and almost intimidating, but incredibly patient and caring and affable. Then there’s the three demi-chan students, Hikari is a bright and bubbly vampire girl, who probably spends the most time talking with Tetsuo. She has a twin-sister, Himari, who isn’t a demi and there’s a lot of fun moments of ‘misunderstandings’ between the three of them as Hikari frequently miscommunicates the teacher’s helpful actions towards her which leads to a lot of red faces!

Hikari needs to nibble.

And the other two students? There’s Kyoko a dullahan (head separate from the body) who’s studious and kind and also develops a crush on Tetsuo. And then there’s Yuki, who is probably the most different, in that I don’t think her monster type is often explored in Western pop-culture, she’s a snow woman.

Dullahan physiology is complicated, yo.

A snow woman? How’s that work? Well, she’s basically just a girl who can make things cold; they explain the mythology around her better than I could in a short review, I would say she has it easiest of all the demi-chan’s since aside from having tears and sweat made of ice when she’s upset she’s basically a normal human. But the show does a great job of having you empathise with her particular hang-ups and issues. Also she’s shy and into manga, so that’s a win!

I couldn’t think of a funny caption.

And you mentioned something about a math teacher too? Yes! Sakie Sato, the new math teacher, and also a succubus, her body produces a powerful aphrodisiac and so she’s super paranoid about accidentally exposing any skin (aside from her face and hands of course) in case she accidentally seduces someone.

Well that could be played for laughs I imagine. It could, but the restraint in this show is that with the exception of maybe 2 or 3 small comedic moments, it’s instead played as something that’s almost crippled her life, or her social life at least. Out of all of the demi-chan’s Sakie’s troubles are the most detrimental to her every day life, she gets the very first train in the morning to avoid accidentally touching someone and takes the last train at night plus she lives in a remote house so as not to bother neighbours, it’s a tragic life that’s entirely self-imposed but she does it because she loves teaching but also doesn’t want to cause issues for anyone else.

Talk about a succubust!

Well fine, I’ll admit I was quick to judge, this show certainly sounds a lot more complex and interesting than I expected. It’s light hearted but it contains the right amount of depth and lays out character development at a steady but interesting pace, it’s pretty much a show without obvious flaws, well… except one.

Oh? Well I’m probably being picky, but when a show is as good as this, the things that’s are lacking stand out more. I don’t think it’s a detriment to what’s good about the show; it just kind of bothers me as a writer.

Well what is it? So I can’t remember the exact number but it’s frequently mentioned that Kyoko the dullahan is one of only like 3 dullahan’s in the entire world and is the only one in Japan. And I know it was probably done to make her character feel more isolated and not have anyone of her own ‘race’ to talk to but it’s pretty unrealistic to assume she’d be able to live a normal high school life. Being the only of her race in the country would make her so absurdly famous, that even if she wanted to be left alone there would be media and obsessed ‘fans’ following her wherever she went. It just feels like lazy world building on the part of the writer, but that’s just my take on it. I can see why they did it, but I think it’s unrealistic for it.

Hikari is such a troll.

Complaining about realism in a monster girl anime, that’s a new one… Hey I’m just giving you my thoughts, it was a slight bother while I watched the show and I’m obliged to report it thusly.

Fair enough, so is there a best girl? There’s always a best girl.

I know! I kicked myself the moment I asked it. Who is it? Succubus-chan Sakie! Even though I just wish she’d hurry up and get together with Tetsuo, her character by far has the most pathos, plus I mean, well… she’s so dang hot.

He’s trying his best not to react to her aphrodisiac charms because he’s so polite and doesn’t want to make her feel awkward!

A-ha, keep it in your pants buddy. Sorry.

So final recommendation and score? If you’ve avoided this show because of a fear that it’s something else, then rest assured it’s a (mostly) wholesome, very entertaining, character driven comedy with rich character development and important messages about being yourself, the strength of confiding in others and asking for help and the power of friendships that extend beyond your usual groups. This is a rare demi-chan indeed, 94 out of 100.


Mandarake Merch Madness: Part 1 – Untold Questions

An Untold Questions blog about Mandarake Merch Madness: Part One.

Okay, what’s this then? It’s a merch post!

“Merch”, “Post”, is this some kind of weird ritual? Yes.

No, but seriously what’s going on. Don’t be difficult, ‘merch’ means ‘merchandise’ and post is what this is.

—kay, but what’s a “Mandarake”? Well it’s got nothing to with Harry Potter if you’re wondering.

I wasn’t but do go on… It’s a second-hand anime goods chain in Japan, it’s like a treasure trove of anime related goodies for otakus like me! Also, second-hand for Japan is basically like new, 90% of the things they sell have never been taken out of the box!

And I presume this means you bought some goods from them? A whole BOX of ‘em!

You could fit a person in this box!

That’s a big box! Ahem…

Always well protected, the more delicate items are individually bubble wrapped too.

Right-o, so get into it then! Full disclosure, a lot of these pictures will be of the items out of their boxes because, well, I was too impatient to take pictures of them in their respective box. I don’t know if this breaks some rules of unboxing/merch posts but give me a break, okay? I’m new here after all…

Fine, fine. Just get on with it! Okay, so prepare for a lot of photos, also I’m not really sure what order to display the merch in so I’ll leave the figurines ’til the end [edit: figurines in seperate post], and everything else before.

GET ON WITH IT! Right, so first off I wanted to get a new wallet. I’ve already got a re:zero one but it’s due for a replacement soon.

From: Is the Order a Rabbit?? Still in packaging because i’ll leave it in til I’m ready to change over from the old wallet.

What’s up next? Next is a couple of CD soundtracks! I have most of my music digitally but it’s sometimes nice to get the physical thing, plus the Amagi Brilliant Park one comes with a bonus DVD. Unfortunatley, Mandarake’s website isn’t the best about giving detailed information on the content of some of their products, and some things are just poorly translated, so as it turns out the DVD is of just one, 4-minute music video. But whatever it was cheap enough anyway!

Yuru Yuri Season 1 OST and Amagi Brilliant Park Character Song Collection + Bonus DVD.

4 minute long DVD, that’s got to be some kind of record for shortest DVD. Haha I doubt it, but yeah… Anyway while we’re on the subject of Amagi Brilliant Park. I got a stylus and a poster. I was a bit disappointed the poster was just a paper one as the site said ‘image board’ but again it comes down to translation issues and not very good pictures on their website. It’s certainly not a perfect system, but it kind of adds to the excitement of opening the items!

Amagi Brilliant Park, Isuzu Sento Stylus.
Amagi Brilliant Park full cast poster.

Buyer beware I suppose! It’s fine! Next up is a COSPA pillowcase for New Game! I’ve already got a bunch of COSPA brand pillow cases from the actual COSPA store in Akihabara when I went last year and I was so impressed with the quality when I got them home I bought another one! They don’t have a wide range of shows unfortunately, but they are double-sided with different images on each side!

New Game! Pillowcase, still in packaging until I buy a new pillow insert for it but you can see the two sides of the design on the paper beneath. Also it was a lot cheaper than the RRP, as some Mandarake items usually are.

When you said pillowcase I thought it was going to be something lewd… thankfully it’s only partially so with those bikinis… Did someone say lewd?! This next purchase was just because of how much it amused me, it’s an oppai drink bottle holder. It’s also from a series I’ve never watched before which I don’t normally do, but it was too good to pass up. Unfortunately, and I feel like I’m saying that a lot, but the hole to the bottle in the top is too small for most if not all water bottles, it might be able to fit a small coke can or bottle or beer, but I don’t drink either! Oh well, might have to just repurpose it into a pen holder or something!

Too late to say NSFW?

Yeah… why am I not surprised you bought something like that… My browsing habits on Mandarake generally just result in me putting in the titles of shows I or the irl waifu likes and seeing what comes up. A show we both like, but not love is Persona 4: The Animation, ordinarily I wouldn’t bother with merch for a show I just ‘like’ and not ‘love’, but when I showed her this she had to have it.

Teddy plush thing from Persona 4. And yes it’s a working zip and you can put things in it! Not much though it is very small.

Well that’s cute and wholesome! And now back to our regularly scheduled smut! Well, not the item itself, but rather the show (or visual novel, it could be from either). I was searching ‘We Without Wings’ and this item came up, it was vague in the description, it translated something to ‘towel’ and I assumed beach towel, but it’s not, it’s more like a velour (or microfibre?) throw blanket. And it’s very big, it takes up most of the single bed in my office.

Is Naru best girl? I don’t even know, that show’s so confusing. Regardless I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and size especially considering the relatively low price.

Mmm-hmm. Moving on… I broke one of my rules twice this shop, that rule being never buy things for show’s you don’t watch/haven’t watched yet. But I think this one’s forgivable, because apparently it’s a really good show? Also, who can say no to a cheap, brand new t-shirt!

Angel Beats t-shirt. Really good quality print, really poor quality photo. It’s pristine white irl but the photo makes it look worn.

I wouldn’t have thought Japanese sizes would fit you… WOW. I mean it is a little snug around the belly, but it’s fine. I’ll probably only wear it at home, and only once I’ve watched the show too. Anyway, next it’s time for Interviews With Monster Girls merch! I got 3 phone charms and a really cute phone case. One I thing I quickly learned while in Japan is that while they have a LOT of anime phone cases, only about 5% of them come in the Large size for iPhone plus sized devices. So of course while browsing the site I was thrilled to find one for Interviews With Monster Girls that fits my phone!

Bad lighting strikes again!

Well this post has gotten longer than I thought it would be, should we maybe take a break? You don’t get breaks, but yes I see what you mean, it probably is a bit much for one post. Alright, take five and we’ll continue with figurines in part two!