The 12 Days Of Ecchmas – Ninth Day

On the ninth day of Ecchmas my senpai gave to me…

♫ On the Ninth day of Ecchmas my senpai gave to me… ♫

Nine loli’s lewded!

Eight maids in costume!

Seven shower scenes!

Six bikini babes!

~Five… panty… shots!~

Four sexy stumbles!

Three breasts groped!

Two bunny girls!

And a waifu in her lingerie!

I’ll be posting a new part of the ’12 Days Of Ecchmas’ song, every day leading up ’til Christmas so look forward to that!

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OreImo – 20 Question Anime Review (Mild Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review of OreImo.

What’s the show? OreImo (2010).

And what’s that mean? It’s a shortening of the full title ‘My Little Sister Can’t Be This Cute’. It makes more sense in Japanese, trust me.

Right, and what’s it about? Listen, listen, you’re just going to have to go along with me for a bit because it’s going to get weird. Japan weird. So… It’s about a high school student named Kosaka Kyosuke and his fourteen-year-old sister Kirino, who’s a model student. Literally, she’s so perfect she models in her spare time, and along with perfect grades, being athletic and popular there’s nothing she can do wrong. Except she’s got a secret see, she’s super into erotic video games about younger sisters! Haha, this is really awkward to talk about with another person!


I’m sorry, what? Just whatever you do, don’t Google lolicon.

Oh my god, I’m going to jail. What the hell?! I told you not to Google it.

What else am I supposed to do; I literally live on the Internet. Listen, it’s not illegal in Japan. But it is still looked down upon, which is something this show actually goes into and treats it in a semi-serious way. There’s a plot point with one of Kirino’s model best friends who finds out and is so disgusted she tries to get her to quit her hobby. It doesn’t sugar coat the issues around such content, but at the same time it is still an anime, and she is a main character so it still takes her side.


I didn’t expect this to get so complicated so quickly. I thought this was going to be just another ‘cute girls doing cute things’ anime with a title like that! That’s one of the admirable things about this show, it knows these issues are messy and can evoke strong reactions from people, even within the anime and otaku communities.

Well, with a questionable hobby like that I assume she’s at least a likable character? Well, she constantly verbally and physically assaults her brother for the crime of existing in her presence. She’s temperamental and demanding and mean spirited too.

So why are we watching a show about her? Not exactly painting an enticing picture. Because it’s interesting and in a way that’s hard to exactly quantify. She isn’t completely irredeemable though, she has moments of kindness and it’s hard not to sympathise with someone for whom so much is expected of on a daily basis, but all she wants is someone to talk about her interests with.


You mean the kind of interests that involve romancing digital little sisters? I said it was messy, didn’t I?

So what’s the genre of this show? It’s a bit slice of life but it’s heavy on the confrontation, so it’s not nearly as relaxed as those shows usually are. It’s got comedic elements but I’d stop short of calling it a comedy. It’s almost a dramedy, even though that genre doesn’t really exist in the anime world. It’s pretty unique all things considered.

And the supporting characters? They really shine. Kuroneko a gothic lolita who is into darker, teenage oriented anime is a personal favourite, but all of the side characters get a decent amount of character development throughout.


Don’t say ‘lolita’ again, I’ve only just erased the images from my mind from that previous Google search. Knock knock. Who’s there? It’s the police coming to take you away!

Don’t even joke! So how do you recommend a show like this? Unless you’re deep into anime, there’s no point really. It throws around otaku terms without explanation, kind of like this blog, only way more frequently. But if you are an anime fan then give it a go, I was hesitant at first but only because I thought it was going to be a lot more siscon than it actually is.

*Googles ‘siscon’* Well I suppose I should have seen that coming. Why did you think it would be like that? Well, it’s from the same author as ‘Eromanga Sensei’, and well, the brother’s intentions are pretty clear from the start of that series.

*Googles ‘eromanga sensei’* Oh dear. I think I need to sit down. I think I need to revoke your Google privileges… either that or make you watch ‘Kiss x Sis’ and break you completely. Muahahaha.

*Googles…* actually no, I think I’ve learnt my lesson. No more Googling! That’s probably for the best.

So is there anything else I need to know? It’s got a second season so there’s plenty time yet for him to bang his sister!

…Why do I talk to you? Because who else is going to be your guide through this anime world? Plus, you enjoy this, just admit it! Deep down you’re just as twisted as me!

Final score? Please. I enjoyed it a lot; it’s complicated and complicated can be worthwhile, and very entertaining in this particular instance. 88 out of 100.