Mitsuboshi Colors – 20 Question Anime Review

A 20 Question Anime Review for Mitsuboshi Colors.

What’s the show? Mitsuboshi Colors (2018).

Mitsubishi? MITSUBOSHI.

Mitsuboshi— “Jump!”

Oh…kay, so uhh, what’s the show about? It’s about kids being kids.

Ready for action!

And what’s that mean? It’s just about the most realistic depiction of kids I’ve ever seen, not just in anime but in media fullstop. I can’t stress, how unlike other anime portrayals of children this is, it’s like someone managed to distil everything that’s quintessential about childhood, such as insufferably inane conversations, potty humour, insane imagination, brilliant non sequitur’s and a callous disregard for authority, purpose and rationality. And while it is delightfully innocent, it’s never precocious or grating. Seriously, I can’t speak highly enough about this show.

Wow, okay, so sounds pretty damn interesting then. It’s not even the best show of the 2018 Winter anime season, but I’d almost recommend it over everything else just because of how refreshing an experience it was.

I thought it was funny Sat-Chan!

Well before we go too deep into ‘recommendations’ and what not, who are our protagonists? ‘Colors’, assemble! There’s Yui (brunette), the polite and timid leader of the group who is exceedingly innocent and therefore gullible. Then there’s Sat-chan (blonde), the groups resident anarchist, filled with energy and an infectious laugh. And let’s not forget Kotoha (blue), the laid back, video game loving girl with a dark streak.

That was quick. Listen, I’m not going to pretend that there’s character development or any depth or complexity to these characters, it’s about grade school kids goofing off in and around Ueno, Japan. They run around creating mischief, saying the ‘darndest’ things and occasionally try and kill Saito, a police officer who patrols Ueno Park.

I beg your pardon?! Well not really, every show has to have a ‘bad guy’ and Saito is it, because he’s such a stick in the mud, everybody else entertains ‘Colors’, enabling their childish rampage across Ueno, but not Saito, he takes great pleasure in spoiling their fun!

He deserved it.

It kind of sounds like a kids show? It’s interesting you say that because it’s absolutely not, I mean sure kids can watch it, but I think kids would get bored before adults would because there’s something delightfully nostalgic about it even if your childhood was nothing like theirs.

Well it sounds like your nothing but praise for this show? Well… I wouldn’t go that far…

Oh? Listen, I do certainly want everyone to watch this show, but I’m not going to pretend like it’s perfect in every way.

She’s usually the sweet one!

Go on… It’s unique charms are in part, a reason it won’t be considered a classic anytime soon.

How do you mean? It perfectly captures the essence of childhood, and well, I don’t know if you know this but children can kind of be annoying, like really annoying.

I had thought as much but figured you were going to say something on it. Every positive word I said about the show is a hairsbreadth from being turned around into a negative depending on your mood or tolerance or whether you have kids of your own and how annoying they are on a daily basis. (Or at least I presume)

Chu-chu cabrilla’s! (No context for you!)

So it has problems? Yes, of course, it has pacing issues, it repeats itself on many occasions, and there can be long gaps between laughs. But that said…

But what? There’s a couple of episodes early on and also the beginning of the final episode that offer some of the biggest and most joyous laughs I’ve had in any anime for a long time. It may be sporadic, but this show can be so very funny.

Well this has been an odd one, I feel like every positive word you say about the show comes with a caveat. Yeah maybe, but here’s the deal, you probably already know if you want to watch this show, people have pretty clear ideas about what they like and don’t like.

Gotta help out your friends when you fall in the snow!

Anything else to add? The voice actress for Sat-chan is phenomenal here, I don’t know how she manages to sound so child-like and not at all in the way other anime and even the other girls in the show sound, it’s actually kind of frightening how authentic she is. It alone is worth watching the show, or at least a couple of episodes to witness.

Final score and recommendation then? Put simply, Mitsuboshi Colors is simultaneously a litmus test for how much childish inanity you can handle and the single best representation of elementary aged fun and innocence committed to screen. This show is most definitely not poop, 87 out of 100.

This is a very long gif, but it’s worth it!

10 Best Anime OP’s of Winter 2018 – Listing Compulsive

My Top 10 Anime OP’s of the 2018 Winter Season.

For a minute I thought about making a new blog just for this subject but I realised, that just because a lot of my content is reviews in the 20 Question Format and my blog is called Anime Q and A, didn’t mean I couldn’t shake things up a little. So begins the blog posts under the ‘Listing Compulsive’ banner, they will be countdown style lists where I count down from 10 to 1 my best (or sometimes worst) things related to anime and manga. Also it should go without saying but like all lists these picks are subjective, we all have different tastes so if you don’t agree with me feel free to state why in the comments, it’s always interesting to read other people’s opinions!

The subject of this list, as you can no doubt tell is The 10 Best Anime OP’s of Winter 2018, and to make this list as comprehensive as possible I decided to listen to every anime opening credit song from this seasons crop of shows. Obviously I’ll try and divorce my opinions of the show from the ranking of these songs because it is solely about the music, not the visuals of the opening and certainly not the quality of the show attached to it. I’m also only listening to the version of the song as it plays over the credits, not the full-length song! Music is important, especially to anime, a single great song can inspire you to watch it, whether because of how much it pumps you up, or because how cute it sounds, or maybe it’s just an amazing song fullstop. All were the case with the songs that made it into this list and so with those parameters laid out let’s count down the 10 Best Anime OP’s of Winter 2018!

*Note: I tried to be as thorough as possible, however I may have missed some! Excluded from eligibility are shows that have a different opening every episode, or shows that have an opening 30 seconds or under.*

Number 10: “OVER” by Little Glee Monster from Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto? I love Mexican food!

I gotta be honest with you, I’ve never seen a single episode of Naruto, or Naruto: Shippuden or whatever the hell Boruto is. But this song is a straight up toe-tapper! It’s captures the kind of wonder and spirit of adventure that a lot of great Shonen theme songs have.

Number 9: “Colors Power ni Omakasero!” by Colors☆Slash from Mitsuboshi Colors

“Mitsuboshi JUMP!”

As much as I tried and I mean tried to make this list impartial and not influenced by the show itself, I admit this pick and the number two pick I couldn’t separate from the show. But it’s hard when you have the voice actresses singing the song and so you remember all the good times from the show and you can even begin to pick out their personalities in the lyrics.

Number 8: “FEELING AROUND” by Minori Suzuki from Ms Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles

Anyone else hungry?

The beat in this song is so damn infectious, and then when the chorus hits, just magic!

Number 7: “KISS OF DEATH” by Mika Nakashima x Hyde from Darling in the FranXX

Shame they couldn’t put such a good song in a better show.

Proof of the power of a great song, I dislike the show immensely but absolutely LOVE this song; it’s like a James Bond opening from the future! It’s sexy and stylish and just plain cool.

Number 6: “SHINY DAYS” by Asaka from Yuru Camp.

Partially English chorus? Don’t mind if I do!

Even if the opening few seconds are a bit too close to sounding like a Jackson 5 song the rest of it is pure joy and happiness, it just makes me smile!

Number 5: “OH MY Sugar Feeling!!” by Ayana Taketatsu from Dagashi Kashi 2

This song is a sugar high in music form.

It’s not as much as an earworm as some shows on the list; you won’t be humming it in the shower like SHINY DAYS, but while you’re listening to it is quite literally a high. It’s high speed, high intensity and high fun!

Number 4: “The Girls Are Alright” by saya from A Place Further Than The Universe

Nothing cold about this heartwarming tune!

I love the progression in this song, the fact that manages to fit such a quiet, almost contemplative opening, then build, then build then finally explode into that addictive chorus is pure art.


Number 3: “Flashback” by MIYAVI vs. KenKen from Kokkoku.


I-spy an anime with a super cool OP.

Such is the power of this particular song that it made me buy an Amazon Video subscription just so I can watch the show that this cool, head bopping song came from. Maybe the show will actually be good too? Either way the song still rocks. Also, the fact that it doesn’t sound like any other opening this year is also a massive point in its favour.

Number 2: “ne! ne! ne!” by STARTails☆ from Slow Start

Kamuri too precious. Must protect at all costs.

Yup! I’m a sucker for songs sung by the show’s voice cast, whether it’s cute girls like in Yuru Yuri or the whole damn class like in Assassination Classroom, I just think they’re so fun, and this is among the most fun this season! Also, hearing Kamuri sing her parts is just too precious for words!

Before the winner is announced here’s a couple of Honourable Mentions: 

Honourable Mention: “Azalea” by Nano.ripe from Citrus

Catchy as hell song, plus I really like the vocalists more rough sound, nice change from all the higher pitched cute girl songs.

Honourable Mention: “Psychomachia” by Yousei Teikoku from The Seven Heavenly Virtues

I don’t watch this show, but I will (pervert, etc), though I admit I didn’t expect death metal for an opening to an ecchi show. I have a soft spot for death metal because of my youth. Also it technically is ineligible because it’s only 30 seconds long, hence why it’s in the honourable mentions.

Honourable Mention: “WiSH VOYAGE” by IDOLiSH7

I’m not sure what boy band this song reminded me of, but I had a good time listening to it all the same, which is strange because I don’t like boy band music, must be because I don’t know what they’re saying that I enjoyed it more. This and “Azalea” just missed out of the top 10 but were worth highlighting all the same.

And now, my favourite favourite Anime OP of Winter 2018 is:

Number 1: “urar” by Chima from Hakumei and Mikochi

When I decided to do this list, even though I said to myself I would be open to songs from shows I wasn’t watching, I didn’t ever think that one would make it to the number one spot. That should go a long way to selling you on the strength of this particular track. I’ve never watched the show and yet it’s OP is Number 1! It’s whimsical but it has a mysterious dark edge to it that I find irresistible. There were parts of the song that reminded me of my favourite band Radiohead, at other times my favourite live action US TV-show Twin Peaks (composed by Angelo Badalamenti) but even without those musical parallels it’s just such a beautiful song, that honestly made me feel something, even though I had no idea what the song or the show it is attached to is about. But that’s the power of music, to be able to forge connections by sound alone.

And that’s the list, but stay tuned because while it is indeed a great season filled with great songs, there’s also 10 more songs to talk about, the worst OP’s of Winter 2018 coming soon!

3 Days 3 Quotes x 2 (Day 1) – Untold Questions

A 3 Quote 3 Days Challenge (Day 1) – An Untold Questions blog.

And what’s this all about? I got simultaneously selected by two different people to do the same challenge! It’s called ‘3 Quotes 3 Days’!

And what are the rules? How did you know there’s rules?

There’s always rules… True. Right, so I have to thank the people who selected me, I have to post a quote every day for 3 consecutive days, and nominate three bloggers each day.

3 bloggers x 3 days x 2 because you got nominated, that’s a lot of bloggers! Rules like the best things in life are flexible. *winky face*

Now, now. So who nominated you? Ryuuiji and Arthifis! Thank you so much for thinking of me for this!

So first quote? Well this one is for Ryuuji specifically since he started his own quote post with a ‘fake quote’ from himself! And one about poop no less! So I figured I’d return the favour!

Oh dear.

“Look at that meat! When it was alive it was pooping!… You see, and eventually that meat will be poop too. In the end we’ll ALL be poop… Our final destination… is nothing but poop.”

  • Sat-chan, Mitsuboshi Colors, Episode 3 (2018).

(And the full scene for those interested!)

Well that was, something… And now the next quote for Arthifis! Sticking to a similar depressing theme about ‘the end’.

Hopefully non-poop related this time…

“Because in the end, everything we do, is just everything we’ve done.”

  • Corey Taylor, track: Omega by Stone Sour (2002).

(The quote is at the very end of the track, it’s not a song but a spoken word piece from their first album FYI)

That one was not nearly as funny and not at all anime related. Nobody said it had to be anime related.

Fair enough. So who and how many are you nominating today? Just three today: thespookyredhead, fool7677 and fuelledbysmiling. If you’ve already been nominated by someone else or just don’t feel like doing it, that’s completely fine too!

See you tomorrow? See you tomorrow!

20 Question Weekly Review Week Ending 11th February 2018

A 20 Question Weekly Review for the Week Ending 11th of February 2018.

What’s this?! A new weekly feature of this website, exploring my previous weeks’ anime/manga related experiences. It’ll be posted every Monday and cover the previous week up until the Sunday (I’m posting this one late because I only got the idea to do this on Thursday). The blog will also contain some shout outs and personal thoughts because apparently people are kind and generous and actually want to know things about me *shy shuffle*

Okay, cool, I guess I can get into this? Do I get paid double for doing this job too? No.

Pfft, fine. So what new anime did you watch last week? Well… a lot to be honest, this ‘Winter’ season has been pretty damn good for slice of life. Which is, I’m sure most of you are aware, is my favourite genre. Of last week’s newly aired anime I watched episode 6 of: A Place Further Than The Universe, Citrus, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, Marchen Madchen, Miss Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles, Pop Team Epic, Slow Start, Yuru Camp. And episode 5 of: Dagashi Kashi 2, Darling in the FranXX and Mitsuboshi Colors.

It was just a button! Silly Hana.

That’s a lot! Pfft, that’s nothing. There’s some people who watch every new anime. That’ll be me one day, hopefully.

What’s stopping you? Crippling depression. Not enough hours in the day. And, um, personal stuff…

Personal stuff? Spill! Well, I turned 30 on the 9th. It’s weird because I simultaneously don’t feel 30 and also feel like a hundred million years old.

Big deal. People are having birthday’s every day. Oh and my grandmother died two days later.

Woah, this took a turn for the dark, sorry for your loss and all but maybe not ambush the good people who bothered to read this with such things? Hey, you wanted me to spill!

So, what’s your verdict on all those shows you’re currently watching? And succinctly please we don’t have all day… Hmm, okay. All of it is really good (I mean otherwise I wouldn’t still be watching, right?) I usually don’t release preliminary scores and I don’t make a decision on the score out of 100 like I have for my reviews until completing an anime. But I will for the sake of these weekly blogs give a score out of five stars for the series as it currently stands, so bare in mind these scores could change by the end of the season.
A Place Further Than The Universe ★★★★★
Slow Start ★★★★1/2
Citrus ★★★★1/2
Mitsuboshi Colors ★★★★1/2
Yuru Camp ★★★★1/2
Miss Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles ★★★★
Dagashi Kashi 2 ★★★★
Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san ★★★★
Marchen Madchen ★★★★
Darling in the FranXX ★★★1/2
Pop Team Epic ★★★

Even Japanese girls don’t like durian! Hard to believe when they still like natto.

Cool, any other non-new anime you’ve started/continued watching last week? Up to episode 10 of Haikyuu!! It’s not really my thing but I certainly see the appeal, there will be a review of it up once I’m done with it, be rest assured of that. Also finished Made in Abyss.

Oh yeah? How’s that show? Remember when I mentioned the ‘crippling depression’ above? Yeah, that show’s partially to blame…

Huh, that powerful then? *slow nod*

And I see we’re talking about manga now? That’s like anime except book, yeah? Sure… “anime except book” let’s go with that…

Shuddup. So what are you reading? Well I’ve bought quite a lot, but last week I read Volume 1 of ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’ and Volume 1 of ‘Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary’.

An irl photo! All the manga I received last week.

Verdict? Well, ‘A Certain Scientific Railgun’ has its charms, its more focused on world building than I expected (which is good!) but at the expense of character development (which is bad). I can see me continuing with it even if I find it hard to tell the difference between the two main girls, which is a big problem as far as I’m concerned. But ‘Nurse Hitomi’s Monster Infirmary’ omg, I LOVE it! It reminds me a lot of ‘Interviews With Monster Girls’ which I’ve only seen the anime, but loved a lot, except Nurse Hitomi has a lot more cheeky comedy and innuendo, plus the characters are all so unique and interesting. I instantly bought the other 6 volumes on [popular book website] and will read them with glee once they arrive!

Well this was all very nice, but what if I have more questions for you, beyond the allotted 20? Then wait ‘til next week you impatient bastard.

AHAHA! (I was meaning what if the readers have more question, don’t go alienating them already!) Oh, um sure if you have any questions just come and add me on I’m the kind of person who always has twitter open so unless I’m asleep chances are you’ll get a quick reply! Or comment below, either way works!

Anything else you want to add? Of course, I’m only new to the blogging scene but already I’ve been overwhelmed by the kindness of the wordpress anime blogging community. Specifically I want to shout out Irina @drunkenanimeblog, who was there from my fourth day on the site and kept liking my content and thus spurring me on despite very few views. Then came @raistlin0903 who reblogged me and still comments like a persistent cheerleader! And @chizurue who championed me on twitter loudly!

But wait; didn’t the last two people only start to do those things the week after the week ending the 11th? Ah… well yeah, but this is the first blog of this type so credit where credit’s due and all that… I just wanted to thank some people is all… Plus there’s way more people before and after the aforementioned that deserve a shoutout, I’m just still trying to get to grips with this whole thing…

Fair enough. How would you rate the week ending 11th of February 2018? An emotional roller coaster, as much as that is a cliché, I don’t think I’ve ever felt such dizzying highs and worrisome lows. Nevertheless, I am out the other side and thinking of the future and can’t wait to see what comes next for this blog, for anime and manga and for my life.

Well that was the first of my 20 Question Weekly Reviews! Let me know what you think, what should be changed, what else should be discussed? Also, don’t worry, the normal 20 Question Anime Reviews will still come out daily, these will not interrupt the regularly scheduled reviews! Thanks for reading!