My Patreon Update (Better Rewards, Cheaper Tiers!)

An Updated post about My Patreon and what to expect from it going forward.

Hi everyone! I won’t take up too much of your time if you’ve bothered to read this, but basically I’m changing some of the rewards for Patreon subscribers in an effort to hopefully entice some more of you lovely people to support me on Patreon!

So, what was previously the $2 option, allowing Patrons of this level and above to vote on a weekly poll to determine future content (anime reviews, lists, essay topics, etc) will now be available to those donating just $1! Hopefully this provides more incentive to become a patron at this level!

The new $2 incentive is something that might make my content a bit more varied, a seperate poll (one per month) will be created, consisting of 10 random shows I haven’t watched but are in the MAL top 100 anime list. Whatever show is winning the poll at the end of the month I will sit down, watch and review in full (excluding really long shows which will obviously take longer).

And finally, the previously $10 tier is now going to be just $5 a month! If you don’t remember what that tier entailed, basically you pick 3 episodes of any anime or a full-length anime film or 1 volume of a manga and not only will I watch it—no matter what it is—I will review it and link to your blog in the body of the review. And you get to do this every month for the duration that you’re a $5+ patron, so if you were a patron long enough I could review an entire season of a show you want to force me to watch, or if you’d prefer pick a different 3 episodes/movie/manga to watch each month! You have the power!

Also of note, anyone who becomes a patron at any level will get their name and blog linked to on the ‘About Me’ section of my website. Just please make sure to leave me a message on Patreon, with how you want to be identified as in this section and which content you want me to link to!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you’ll consider supporting me on Patreon now, or some time in the future!

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Untold Questions – The Future of Anime Q and A

An Untold Questions blog concerning the future of Anime Q and A.

What’s wrong? Oh you know, just thinking about the future.

Like flying cars and robots and colonising other planets and stuff? No, like my future and the blog’s future.

Oh, sounds kind of serious. It is, partially so, I mean it is just a blog it’s not life and death, but I’ve been here less than a month and it’s already something I enjoy doing more than a lot of things recently. 2017 was not a good year for me emotionally, but finishing the year off by quitting a job that I hated and going to Japan for three weeks was a real boon to my psyche. But it’s been three months since then and the money from my long service leave payout is almost entirely dried up, so either I go about getting a new job or…

Or? Or I try and make this my job.

This? Don’t be ridiculous. I can dream, can’t I?

You have 34 followers on wordpress, not exactly setting the blogging world on fire. I didn’t say it would be easy…

So what’s the point of this particular blog post exactly? I don’t know. I guess just to let my followers know that with their help I know I can succeed and achieve my goal. And that I’ve got big plans for this blog for the coming months whether I get a part time job or not!

Anything else? Yes, I can’t even begin to thank all the people who’ve liked my content over the past few weeks, it’s been such a boon to this poor writer’s heart, who’s always had the blogging spirit but never the drive or ideas to do so. But in 20 Question Anime Review’s I found a muse that’s a constant voice in my ear, pushing me to create more and more content.

Are you talking about me? Well, yeah. Otherwise none of this would be here…

I’ve never been someone’s muse before! Don’t get so excited, this is already weird enough as it is.

And I believe you wanted to ask your readers something too? Indeed. To all my fellow bloggers, you’ve already done so much, but I ask for your assistance in growing my audience. To the one’s who’ve reblogged and retweeted and recommended I couldn’t ask for more that would be selfish, but know I appreciate it every time you do. It feels like my words are going further than they have ever before and as a writer that’s all I could’ve hoped for. But what other advice would you give me to help grow my followers?

And you wanted to talk about collaborations too, yeah? Right, so obviously being new to wordpress blogging I don’t know a lot about collaborations, in fact to be blunt, I know nothing. For example whose blog do they go on? Do they go on both at the same time? Etc, please unfurl your great knowledge upon me so I can be a better blogger. Also and this is important, if anyone wants to collaborate with me, now would be a good time while I’m still unemployed! Drop me a message on twitter if you want to discuss ideas!

Was there site news too? Yes! Starting in March I’ll be doing 20 Question Manga Reviews! But as they’ll probably take a lot more time to organise, don’t expect more than one a week!

Cool, so that’s it then? For now, but feel free to leave any advice you have for an up and comer like me and once again thank you all for your continued support! Also, sorry if this post was a bit dry but kudos if you made it through ’til the end!