3 Days 3 Quotes x 2 (Day 2) – Untold Questions

A 3 Quote 3 Days Challenge (Day 2) – An Untold Questions blog.

Another day another quote challenge, eh? It’s the same one just the second day of it.

I knew that! Pfft, repeat the rules for anyone new, will ya? Yeah, so you have to thank the people who selected you, then the meat of it; post a quote every day for 3 consecutive days, and then nominate three~ bloggers each day to do the same.

“~3” meaning? Meaning I DO WHAT I WANT.

Fair ‘nuff. So who nominated you? Ryuuiji and Arthifis! Thanks again for the noms!

Quote number one please? So here’s the thing, and I hesitated to do this because it peels back the curtain on the mystery of me more than I wanted to, but things is I used to be a obsessed with the film and TV works of writer/director David Lynch, doesn’t mean I’m still not a fan, but anime is now all consuming and everything else is just background noise. So me of a couple of years ago could have just filled this list of quotes from his movies or his life, but instead I’ll settle for one.


“My cow is not pretty but it’s pretty to me”

  • David Lynch
Left: Cow, Right: David Lynch.

And what’s that mean? I’m not in the business of dissecting the inner meanings of the things people say but I’ll offer as much this time. Maybe he’s literally talking about a literal cow, or maybe he’s speaking to human nature itself, in that the things we like are to the core the things we like, regardless of all opposing words against them. In short, I like this thing, you don’t but I like it and that’s what matters to me. It’s a good attitude to have in this world that seems in a constant state or arguing.

Right, and something normal for the second quote? Don’t bet on it.

Go on then!

“A fake with more power than the real thing is more dangerous than the real thing.”

  • Senjougahara Hitagi, Bakemonogatai


[Insert Obvious Political Commentary] It’s not just about politics, regardless of how relevant that is to current times, it may be an obvious thought but it’s so appropriate to all aspects of life. We must always be wary of those people with money and influence who seek to make decisions over other people despite not being qualified to do so.

Heavy stuff. Also if you haven’t check out my review for Bakemonogatari, it’s as of the writing of this, still my favourite anime of all time. It was only my second ever blog so there’s a chance you may have missed it!

You’re shameless, you know that? Today’s nominees! As usual no obligation to do one yourself if you’re too busy, or just don’t want to! @ambeivory @nesha5971 @shookamoka

You totally just ignored me- See you tomorrow for the third and final round of quotes!