The Anime QandA Search Terms of 2018

A look at what search terms led people to find Anime QandA in 2018

So as I’m sure many of you are aware WordPress has this slightly amazing (if not completely flawless) way of detecting the ‘search terms’ which lead the randos of the internet to finding your blog/website. Of course, it doesn’t include ‘Google’ search results because ~reasons~ but it does include every other search engine. And apparently that’s where all their weirdos hang out because I swear the majority of my search terms in 2018 were either specifically perverted or just pervertedly specific! Let’s take a look at some, shall we?! This post was inspired by Irina’s of the same nature, take a look at hers please, it’s substantially more ‘unique’ than mine!

Also, much like Irina’s post I’ll be dividing this up into categories as I see fit! First off:

It’s All About Boobs

Make no mistake, anime and boobs go together like, peanut butter and jam (apparently, I don’t know I’m Australian, we don’t eat those two things together). But yeah, in case you missed it last year I did a post about the 10 Biggest Boobs In Anime and unsurprisingly that was my 2nd most searched for post–Garnering 1,437 views! But all sorts of ways got people to find that post, let’s take a look at a few!

  • somehow this was my biggest search term of the year, 80(!) of them and its literally just a web address for the post? Do people not know how browser bars work?
  • biggest boobs in anime yep, that’s what it was called, next!
  • breasts in anime 2018 yes there were breasts in 2018 anime too, and 2019 I’m guessing too!
  • biggest boobs in animr I mean the ‘R’ key is very close to the ‘E’ key so I suppose this is forgivable…
  • big boob anime why do I feel like a caveman wrote this?
  • biggest breasts manga close but no cigar!
  • big booby anime school girl I don’t remember the last time someone refereed to them as ‘booby’ but thanks for the nostalgia trip!
  • largest breast in anime I bet this person was British. #justsayin… (also why singular use of breast, rather than breasts?)
  • biggest anime boob ever AGAIN why with the singular?!
  • list of anime big boobs character ‘making a list, checking it twice…’
  • list of biggest boobs in animes I love me some “animes”
  • the biggest boobs in anime history well now you’re just making me regret what I called the post with such grandiose language!
  • monstrous boobs anime I mean “monstrous” is just so evocative
  • top 10 big tits hentai womens names “I need names, damn it!”
  • boobs anime yep, that’s the two things!
  • top 10 biggest tits hentai I’m not covering hentai content… yet…

What Controversy?!

Remember when ‘Goblin Slayer’ was controversial? I sure do, because I managed to rack up 1500+ views on my Episode 1 review in the space of a single week! I doubt I’ll ever see those kind of numbers in such a short time again, but with said numbers came search results!

  • goblin slayer rape scene this was my number 1 Goblin Slayer search term with 11 hits, succinct and to the point you could say!
  • goblin slayer sex ummm… not quite
  • goblin slayer rape correct!
  • goblin slayer episode 4 elf one eye closed you mean a wink right?! It’s called a wink!
  • goblin slayer has a rape scene no way!
  • goblin slayer episode 1 rape? that question mark is triggering me so hard right now…
  • hentai goblin slasher sounds like a porn parody
  • qanda qoblindo like the sound of a ‘qoblin’ its like a goblin with a speech impediment!
  • goblin slayer episode 1 uncensored excuse me?! What exactly do you want more explicit about that episode? Oh the rape… right…
  • goblin slayer uncensored ep1 stop

My Sister, My Writer? My God!

So apparently covering ‘My Sister, My Writer’ on a weekly basis was a good idea because I got literally thousands of views for this show each month. And I doubt any of them were searching because of the plot!

  • with 18 views this was the second highest searched result of the year… and again it’s a literal address as opposed to key words. Wut.
  • my sister, my writer episode 1 uncensored “down with censorship” is pretty much the theme of this particular category
  • my sister, my writer fanservice not much of that I’m afraid, the show is kinda dull in that respect!
  • my sister my writer bad animation but yes, it did have that.
  • my sister my writer nude wait, you want the whole show nude?
  • my sister my writer naked again?!
  • my sister my writer anime nudity gotta get ‘dem nudes!
  • my sister my writer what is it about incest, next!
  • my sister my writer anime ahegao double peace well she is the best character!
  • my sister my writer unscenaord oh, you tried…
  • my sister my writer be dub lol no, never in a billion years
  • incest anime gifs I can only assume this is related. Heh! “Related”!
  • horny+loli sister my writer yep that about sums it up!
  • my sister – my writer uncensored moments just the moments, you can keep the rest
  • my sister my writer episode 7 not is that you Borat?
  • when will my sister my writer be uncensored you just gotta believe! But seriously it’s called the AT-X version and you can get it via torrent. It’s that easy.

Assorted Perverts

I mean what else are people on the internet for other than sex? What other possible use does this technology have?! Please tell!

  • konosuba boobs gifs Yes I want them too!
  • shina aki sex not quite, well not yet anyway…
  • naked women anime when you word it like that it just sounds strange!
  • christmas shota a shota’s not just for Christmas!
  • the master of ragnarok & blesser of einherjar twins naked with big ass …excuse me?
  • the master of ragnarok sex nope, never happened
  • anime girl bath too many to choose from!
  • bo y doing each other it’s the unintentional space in the word ‘boy’ that makes this search term a winner
  • hentai narusawa riyouka now you’ve got me curious…
  • older sister straight shota this isn’t pornhub!
  • cattleya boob they are impressive
  • that time i got reincarnated as a slime girls naked I’d like this too? Where can I get this? Oh right not on my site…
  • shera greenwood gif boobs it’s the gif that keeps on giving
  • sexy ogre prior to ‘That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime’ I would have thought this search term silly, now I can only nod agreeing while thinking of Shion.
  • momen seksi dxd hero I don’t speak Indonesian but I understood that perfectly
  • anime girl with abs *new fetish acquired*
  • anime belly button now that’s very specific
  • anime girl enema this is because I titled a Chio’s School Road ep review ‘Public Enema Number One’ isn’t it?
  • naked pictures from the master of ragnarok & blesser of einherjar rule 34 didn’t anyone ever tell you to make your search terms short?!
  • murcielago sex as in the manga? or the sports car?
  • a loli a day keeps the doctor away?
  • how not to summon a demon lord fingering ~oof
  • island anime had sex “and it felt so good!”
  • chio’s school road nude It’s out there, just not on my site (sorry)
  • chio’s school road no panties ahem…
  • chio’s hentai man Chio was popular!
  • senran kagura shinobi master nipple just the one, that’s all I need!
  • franxx strelitzia hentai robot porn, sure why not
  • anime tongue kissing LEWD

Question Time

Sometimes people have very specific questions and I can only hope that my site offers them a degree of enlightenment. If not I will proceed to answer those questions, right now! (Minor spoilers for shows that aired last year)

  • rascal does not dream of bunny girl senpai age you need to know for “research” purposes I’m sure, she’s a third year in high school so let’s say 17.
  • island anime did setsuna have sex with rinne well spoilers but yeah. But it’s complicated!
  • how not to summon a demon lord where does diablo put his fingers in rem you’re really needing me to spell it out? In her vagina. Next!
  • best ghost waifu now I need to make that into a list! Oh, let’s just say Yuuna for the sake of answering this question.
  • does ayaka miss caretaker loves akkkun too many ‘k’s in the name but yes she probably does.
  • serial killer loli anime 2018 that’d no doubt be ‘Happy Sugar Life’ but what a way to describe it…
  • bang dream vs love live bang dream.
  • is angel of death really scary anime that’s subjective, but personally I only saw 2 episodes and it wasn’t really.
  • that time i got reincarnated as a slime will shizu ever return? hey look an actual question mark! I mean it’s a fantasy series so I wouldn’t rule anything out but I’m going to say sadly probably not.
  • aki shina really a boy I mean I know he’s petite and cute but that’s kind of mean, of course he is!
  • sunohara-sou are you really a boy yes! Stop asking!
  • märchen mädchen what happen? a hurried production time, a director quitting and being replaced with an inexperienced one, just basically every bad thing that could happen to an anime production.
  • how much time passed in darling in the franx a lot.
  • does yuuna and the haunted hot springs have an uncensored version yes, it’s on blu-ray in Japan.
  • the master of ragnarok does felicia have sex with someone else umm, she doesn’t have sex with anyone as far as I’m aware!
  • what anime does a girl like another girl and likes coffins maybe ‘Ms Vampire who lives in my neighbourhood’? But what a strange way to word it…
  • best waifu to start out with this is the single most perplexing question I got this year. Like is this an alien trying to figure out how to fit in with Earth otaku culture? Or is this someone trying to go undercover as a weeb? Mate, you don’t pick a waifu, there’s no guide, you watch anime… any anime and the waifus will come to you.


Sometimes people know exactly what they want but that doesn’t help me much. I didn’t get many but these were the more perplexing search terms of the year…

  • heds cool dxd born animeq I’m sorry you’ll need to repeat yourself?
  • anime mild born to be mild?
  • futaba rascal does not “Oh hi Mark!”
  • manga pony play I don’t even want to know!
  • kyodan what?
  • bachelorette blake instagram ~why~
  • hare bikini fanservice what, as in like a rabbit?
  • muck definition I don’t even know how you got to my site by searching this…

And that’s it for 2018 search terms, I spent way longer on this than I should have so hopefully it provided some entertainment for you! Feel free to share some of your weirdest/funniest/most random search terms in the comments below!

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