Is The Order A Rabbit? – 20 Question Anime Review

A 20 Question Anime Review for Is The Order A Rabbit?

What’s the show? Is The Order A Rabbit?

Huh? I didn’t order anything? No, that’s the name of the show.

Oh, okay, one of those anime show names that makes more sense in Japanese is it? Mmm, I doubt it. Pretty sure it means exactly the same in Japanese.

Right. So what’s it about? *Whispering* Ask me what time it is…

What, why? Ugh, fine whatever ‘what time is it?’ Time for another instalment of ‘cute girls doing cute things!’

Oh good, well what cute things are these girls doing? Running a café!


Well I do admit that does sounds cute… wait they don’t serve rabbit at this café, do they? No! Of course not, just lovingly prepared coffee and the usual accompaniments!

Then what’s the rabbit thing about in the title? The café that our protagonist Cocoa works in is called ‘Rabbit House’ and is run by the too adorable for words Chino!


This review isn’t going to devolve into you ‘squee-ing’ over cute girls again is it? So kawaii!!!

Dear god, we’re losing him already, err, um… so what else is the show about? Hmm, oh. Well it’s a slice of life anime, so not much!

That sounds like a negative. Then you obviously don’t watch enough slice of life! Cocoa and Chino are joined at ‘Rabbit House’ by Rize, gun wielding, army brat and all around best girl. There’s two competing cafes, where their other friends work, artsy Chiya who works at a more traditional Japanese looking coffee house and hard-working Syaro who works at an almost maid café.


Oh, so there’s like rivalries between the different café’s that strain their friendships and adds some drama to the proceedings? Nope!

Ah… hmm. So what is there about this show that we can talk about? Tippy-desu!


What… what is that? It’s Tippy! He’s a rabbit!

Ah, err, okay, sure. And he talks.

Not even surprised. And also he’s Chino’s grandfather.

Okay now you lost me. It’s true! He interjects occasionally to comment on Chino’s running of the café and laments the fact that he’s no longer human and is now a very fluffy rabbit!


And how is, well how everything of all that? You mean, how did Chino’s grandfather ‘die’ and become reincarnated as a rabbit? Your guess is as good as mine, they don’t explain it and haven’t even come close to in season two either. But does it really matter? I mean look how cute they all look!

Well this review went nowhere fast… You want a review? Fine! ‘Is The Order A Rabbit?’ is a show whose audience can precisely be quantified by looking at a picture of the main characters, if you went ‘dawww!’ you’re the target audience and this is probably the show for you. If you didn’t well then let’s face it your probably too busy watching 800 episodes of Naruto to even notice this kind of show even exists. It’s a character driven comedy, driven by characters whose comedy comes from their cuteness. It’s seldom laugh out loud funny but it’s warm and genuine and sweet and beyond criticism for someone who eats this kind of stuff up. So excuse me for just wanting to bask in something happy and nice instead of the unrelenting darkness that is the rest of the world!

I… uh, I’m sorry. Final score? Is The Order A Rabbit? I’ll order seconds, thanks. 92 out of 100.