High School DxD Hero Episode 3 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for High School DxD Hero Episode 3.

What’s the show? High School DxD Hero, Episode 3.

And on a scale of 1 to 10, how much should I prepare myself to *sigh* and admonish your tactless adoration of 2D anime girls? 11.

Oh dear, maybe I should just step out of the room a moment… If after reviewing episode 0 you’d asked me whether this fourth season of High School DxD could ever hope to come close to eclipsing the excellent first season and the very excellent second season, I probably—honestly would have said it had a slim chance and impossible hill that could only be achieved by the end of the season if it was really committed to it. But here we are at episode three, and I’m so tempted to just say, yes, not only has DxD recovered from the disappointing third season but it may—in fact—be as good as it’s ever been.

Nice to see Issei with some girls other than Rias and Akeno.

Bold claim. I know, I know, and take my opinions with a grain of salt as you always should, but this episode was just so—damn—amazing, it’s hard to not want to heap mountains of praise upon it and shout its successes from the rooftop!

So what exactly about this episode has got you pitching a proverbial tent. Not just a proverbial one…

Oh come on, nobody needs to hear that, geez~! Listen, I’ve always been a vocal advocate for the quality of the storytelling in DxD, it’s not only head and shoulders above the usual harem fare it’s comparable to some of the best supernatural fiction out there and that certainly is the case here, this current storyline is simultaneously so grounded but so deeply important to so many characters that it carries a kind of weight that you only get from a show that’s been going this long. But… the fan-service in this episode is top tier and I’d be remiss if I didn’t spend some time talking about it.

It’s… it’s okay… it was in… his… imagination…

*sigh* I don’t suppose I can say anything to stop you, so just please, make it brief and clean—if at all possible… So, up to this point in the fourth season the fan-service had been good, teetering on great, but here… oh man… they brought their A-game here. From something as simple as Issei having a fantasy about a character’s mother (I’ll get to that in a second), to a very sensually directed bath-house scene with the same Rias x Akeno x Koneko nude trio as last episode, to the undoubted highlight of the episode with Issei, Asia, Xenovia and Irina hiding in a closet together, and oh boy… is it hot in here or are there 3 almost naked girls all trying to get Issei to impregnate them.

Send this picture to someone who doesn’t know what anime is.

If I *sigh* anymore I fear I’ll pass out. Are you quite done with the fan-service talk? Oh I could go on, but sure, let’s talk about something else. What should we talk about?

Oh I don’t know, how about the ~plot~ of the episode?! You joke but there is a ton of plot in this episode. Not only do we find out that loli fox antagonist from the previous episode is in fact good, she’s also a Yokai and I’m getting serious Kakuriyo vibes about this—except it’s DxD so I’m not struggling to stay awake. We learn that her mother went missing and the Kaos brigade is probably to blame, and when shown a painting of said mother Issei has a fantasy about the busty matron and his head between her head sized melons.

Yokai are weird, yo.

I said no more fan-service talk! Sorry! It just came up… speaking of things coming up…

No! Stop! Calm down, I was just going to say it seems like there’s going to be a pretty cool battle coming up, it’s teased at the end of the episode and it’s such a stylish and well-paced scene, like damn does this show know how to build up suspense. And kudos to this new studio for how well they’ve paced the whole episode, there was not a moment in this episode did I feel like I was watching extraneous or filler scenes, everything seemed to serve a purpose, even if it was just character building moments, like, oh my god…

He carries a big spear, evidently.

What? I think I have a new best girl and it came totally out of left field!

Uh-huh, who is it then? Xenovia! A character who I liked but never had that much interest in before, she always seemed kinda intentionally sidelined and two dimensional but here she was charismatic and hilarious and cool and I don’t know if it was just the lighting or whatever but she looked so damn good in the cupboard scene, it was a revelation!

Holy hell she’s so beautiful.

Right, so nothing but good things about this episode? This is probably the best episode of any show from any series this Spring 2018 season (so far)! I know that’s a big call, but for fans of DxD I’ll be very surprised if you didn’t at least think it was great if not as great as I did. The balance this episode strikes between plot and character development and comedy and action is *chefs kiss*. I don’t know if things can possibly stay at this quality throughout but I’m so unbelievably excited for the rest of the season!

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High School DxD Hero Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for High School DxD Hero Episode 1.

What’s the show? High School DxD Hero, Episode 1.

Wait, didn’t we review episode 1 last week? No… that was episode 0, please keep up! It’s not that difficult.

Fuh, fine… so what’s changed since last week? Well, considering the previous episode was just a retcon of the last few eps of season 3, we’re now in all new territory here! A brand new plot line to go along with the fancy new animation and art style!

What are you all looking at?!

Oh! So what exciting new story do we have for season 4?! It’s another Rating Game story arc, just like in season 1 and season 3…

Oh… is that bad? Well~ it depends how they handle it, if it’s done like in season 1 then I’m all for it, something that’s high stakes and well executed but not a confusing mess or over in one punch like it was handled in season 3.

Well you ARE shorter than most of them…

Are you confident the new studio will deliver? Well if the first episode is anything to go by, I am confident! They spend nearly 10 minutes on a little sparring match between our protagonist Issei and Sairaorg, a super powerful devil who he’ll be fighting for real in the rating game, and not only is it a well-animated, easy to follow fight but it’s also got tons of little details that really enhance the scene, like Issei’s armour taking damage and having to self repair, the physical toll that the fight is taking on him and his inner monologue as he pushes through the pain and his joy in finding an opponent who actually respects his power and abilities rather than talking down to him. It was miles away from what season 3 was and had had some of the better moments of the entire series.

You go Issei!

High praise! And not just that, we also got a touching moment between Issei and Rias on the train platform as he’s about to leave on his class trip to Kyoto. A kiss! And it felt so genuine and nice, I had to check I was still watching High School DxD!


Is that all that happened? No, there was some nice moments at the Gremory mansion, getting to check in with Rias’ older brother Sirzechs’ as well as her mother, father and younger brother, also a probably unnecessary moment between Koneko, though I only say that because I think her character was given the most disservice in season 3 and that was the one thing they didn’t fix with their episode 0 retcon.

Still cute though!

But other than that? Other than that I’m excited for DxD again, sure there’s some complaining that this new studio is somehow adverse to showing nipples, and while yes it’s technically true there’s a lot less nipple on display than previous seasons, it is early days, and I mean if the only reason you’re watching High School DxD is for the fan-service, then… well I don’t know what to say…

Like mother, like daughter.

So recommended? Absolutely! Things feel like they’re getting back on track and that’s exciting! The writing’s better, the animation’s better, the fights are better and the story isn’t a jumbled and confusing mess (yet). Highly recommended for fans of this series!

High School DxD Hero Episode 0 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for High School DxD Hero Episode 0.

What’s the show? High School DxD Hero, Episode 0.

Episode 0? Huh? I’ll explain in a minute.

Okay, sure. So, this is the fourth season yeah? Indeed! I’ve previously reviewed season 1 and season 3 for the site.

DxD fans praying for a better adaptation.

Oh yeah, I seem to remember you not being too fond of season 3, production issues, incoherent plotting and all that? So what’s new and better about season 4 then? Well I can say what’s new at least, a new studio and a new art style and apparently a commitment to fix the bigger problems from the previous season and adhere closer to the light novels.

Of course, he’s the Oppai Dragon after all!

And how’s that looking so far? Well, this first episode is actually titled episode 0 in the show itself, and that’s fitting as this episode attempts to rectify some of the plotting problems from season 3. It’s meant as a retcon of the final 4 episodes of season 3, which were among the worst in the whole series’ run, and for the most part it is better…

Some fanservice for those into sexy anime boys too!

But? But, I’m still not sold on this art style. I know that’s a dumb complaint, especially since this is apparently more representative of the light novel’s art style but it’s going to be hard to get used to this.

Good advice for everyone, wait what?!

Other than that it’s good though? Yeah, I mean there’s not much new to talk about seeing as it is just a retcon of the final 4 episodes of season 3. I’m confident the new studio will be able to do a better job with the show and I’m excited to see where it goes because many people online who’ve read the light novels say that it’s expected to be a very important season for Issei and Rias.

No comment.

So how exactly is it better? Aside from just adhering closer to the light novels? All of it just makes more sense, the action is less hurriedly animated, it’s easier to keep track of what’s going on during the scenes and there’s a lot more personality to it. The writing is so much better, with side characters making quips about how ‘absurd’ a situation it is that the only way to deactivate Issei’s potentially lethal balance breaker is boobs and specifically touching Rias’ nipple.


I can’t believe this exists. But I totally believe you watch it… Nice oppai!

*sigh*. So do you recommend the show? If you’ve watched previous seasons and enjoyed them then of course, and if you were disillusioned by the quality and plotting problems of the third season then I think it’s safe to say that the future of the show is in better hands, or at least hands that are committed to producing a better adaptation of the light novel and that’s something to be excited about!

And Asia confesses her love and steals a kiss.

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20 Question Weekly Review Week Ending 18th February 2018

A 20 Question Weekly Review for the Week Ending 18th of February 2018.

So we’re doing another one of these, huh? And so soon after the first. They’ll be happening every Monday(ish) from now on, last weeks was only later in the week because I had the idea to do it later in the week. Besides, lots of anime and manga related things this past week to talk about!

And some personal stuff? Yeah sure, and some site news too.

Let’s start with something other than what currently airing anime you watched, since I’m guessing it’ll be the same as last week. Very astute, also correct.

So you got some anime merch last week? How’d you know?

Well if I didn’t know I couldn’t ask you questions and this whole blog format would be unsustainable. True. And yes! I did get some anime merch from amazon.co.jp. I got myself a Rias Gremory ‘High School DxD Born’ tapestry and an ‘Amagi Brilliant Park’ noren (Japanese door curtain) both for my anime room.

I have no shame.
I’ve yet to divide the curtain yet as it requires cutting the curtain down the middle, I don’t trust myself to do it right.

Cool. And you got some new manga this week too? Yes, here’s a picture because I mean you don’t really need me to write out the titles right?

I should be sponsored by Seven Seas Entertainment considering how many of their manga I buy!

I’m sure we’ll manage, thanks. Um… I do notice a common theme with those covers though. Oh yeah?

Lot of ‘cute girls’, huh? I know what I like.

Fair enough, what manga did you finish reading last week? Well I read Volume 1 of ‘Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid: Kanna’s Daily Life’ which was expectantly cute and occasionally funny but as expected for a 4-panel manga was lacking in a satisfying story to carry my interest. Unlike most manga, which I read in a single sitting it, took three separate days to finish it.

Not much of a recommendation. Well I’ll probably read the other volumes just because I like the characters and universe so much, but it’s nothing special.

What else? I also read Volume 1 of ‘Sundome’, which is a delightfully twisted and considerably erotic tale with a much darker art style than I’m used to but I still enjoyed it a lot. But, my favourite thing of the week was Volume 1 of ‘Yokai Girls’, very much my kind of thing, monster girls + really inappropriate humour and situations + Akihabara set = love it! Definitely not for everyone, so I can’t really recommend it unless you’ve got a dirty sense of humour and like lots of really detailed fan-service… ahem.

No context for you! Unless I decide to review manga one day.

As expected, I suppose. So copy/paste what new anime you’re watching from last week just change the episode number? Pretty much. Episode 7 of: A Place Further Than The Universe, Citrus, Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san, Marchen Madchen, Miss Koizumi Loves Ramen Noodles, Pop Team Epic, Slow Start, Yuru Camp. And episode 6 of: Dagashi Kashi 2, Darling in the FranXX and Mitsuboshi Colors.

Still the same scores/opinions as last week? Kind of. Slow Start had a phenomenally interesting episode 7, which I talk about at length here. Pop Team Epic #7 was a bit more consistently funny that previous episodes, I loved the live-action ‘Hellshake Yano’ bit, very well done. Dagashi Kashi 2 Episode 7 introduced new characters and went heavy with the plot, which makes it all the more annoying these are only 12-minute episodes. Marchen Madchen Episode 7 went full deus-ex machina, but whatever I still like it enough to keep watching. Citrus episode 7 amps up the drama and is heading in all kinds of fun directions. Other than those everything else is of the same quality as last week.

Even if you don’t like the show, it’s worth watching this ‘segment’ alone.

Good to hear! Any other anime you watched this week? Yes, lots! Finished season 1 of Haikyu!! Expect a review in a couple of weeks. Binged all of Classroom of the Elite and wrote a review, expect a review of that one very soon. And some other things that I’ll keep secret for reasons…

Is it hentai? It’s not hentai.

Sure, sure. So what’s new in your life? Time to get personal, huh? Well I’ve been a bit down lately, due to not having a job. Money is rapidly becoming an issue. So I’ll have to do something about that soon.

But what about all the things you bought? Well not that I need to explain myself to you, but birthday money + selling things on eBay in order to help finance my anime/manga spending habits.

Fair enough! And you mentioned something about blog news? Well not so much ‘news’ as just housekeeping. First of all big thanks to my followers, I’ve hit 25 followers which is honestly very nice and I appreciate everyone who likes and comments on my reviews. Secondly, I’ve been nominated to do some blogging awards, which is very humbling. I probably won’t do them for a few weeks though as I’m going to have to make a ‘miscellaneous’ blog section on the site to accommodate them but I don’t want it to seem like it’s just tacked on, I want it to feel like it belongs within the context of the site.

Anything else? Well I know I promised these weekly reviews wouldn’t impede on the daily ’20 Question Anime Reviews’ but these seem to take a lot longer to do than normal reviews. So there may come a time when Monday’s only have a Weekly Review blog and not both. But not this week! So expect a review later today!

Okay then, so how would you rate the week ending the 18th of January? With regard to anime and manga it was good often very good, personally not so much, but hopefully things will turn around soon! Thanks for reading!

Highschool DxD – 20 Question Anime Review (Mild Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Highschool DxD.

What’s the show? Highschool DxD?

And what’s it about? Broadly, an uneasy three-way truce between Angels, Demons and Fallen Angels and trying to keep that truce lest all hell breaks loose and everyone on Earth is subjected to a war of biblical proportions.

Hey, that sounds kind of cool, a bit like ‘Supernatural’? ‘Supernatural’, oh you mean the one-season anime about two brothers travelling across America killing demons?

No I mean the (as of this writing) 13 season, US live-action TV show, about two brothers travelling across America killing demons. If it’s not anime, I don’t care.

Anyway, so you said that’s what the show is broadly about so what is it really about? Boobs!


Of course it is. Is it a harem anime? Yes, and one of the best ones at that.

So what quantifies a good harem anime over a bad one? A likable male protagonist, female characters who are genuinely good friends with each other and have interests other than the protagonist. Plus having a genuinely interesting and well-developed story as a backdrop to the harem shenanigans is always a big winner.

So it’s a good story too then? Hey, it’s legitimately so good that you could make an edit of the show without any fan service or harem subplots and the show would still stand up on it’s own.

What is the plot then? Just quickly. Hyodo Issei is a bit of a loser and quite a lot of a pervert when one day he is killed by a fallen angel because he secretly possess a great powerful and ancient weapon. He is resurrected by demon, President of the occult research society and all around flawless specimen Rias Gremory who sees in him great potential and decides to train him as a part of her household.


Would you say the harem side of the show is unnecessary? The harem side of the story contributes to the plot; it makes sense in-universe why all these powerful girls would be attracted to him and none of the girls are in love with him just because of what he is but rather non-supernatural things, like his kindness or his braveness or his determination or his compassion.

Cool, and so you mentioned something about boobs before? Oh yeah! Issei is kind of a fiend when it comes to boobs, his story arc for the first season is that he wants to touch Rias Gremory’s boobs – consensually of course.

A-ha… what was that about ‘kindness, braveness, determination and compassion’ before? Hey! You can be all those things and a pervert; they’re not mutually exclusive.

So who’s your best girl? Rias Gremory is the easy pick, just because we get so much more of her back-story than any of the other girls, though that changes as things go on. As of season one Rias is best girl but I reserve the choice to change my mind come future seasons.


Changing best girl? Isn’t there some kind of rule about that? Is there?

I don’t know… I thought I could be cool and pretend like I knew something about anime that you didn’t. You’ll never be as cool as me.

If being ‘cool’ means owning an anime body pillow then I think I’ll pass. Don’t you talk bad about my Rize-chan!

Ahem, so you mentioned other seasons? Three seasons, soon to four come mid-2018.

That’s a lot of boobs! You’re telling me!


Any thing else to say about Highschool DxD? Even if the idea of harem and fanservice heavy anime isn’t all that appealing to you, there are enough interesting plot points, exciting action scenes and well-developed characters to carry the show through. If however you are into fanservice and beautiful girls and the kind of humour that can come from a well-written harem, then Highschool DxD is heartily recommended. 88 out of 100.

Heh, 88 looks like two sets of boobs. Now who’s the pervert?