Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online Episode 1.

What’s the show? Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online, Episode 1.

‘Kay, and what’s it about? It’s like a VR game, except if VR was actually good. Except it’s not a game it’s a show. And it’s a shooter, so lots of people speaking tactically and talking about guns and what not then bursts of violent action to punctuate it all.

Cover fire.

‘Sword Art Online’, I feel like I know that? Well it’s a popular series, this is like a spin-off or something.

Why haven’t you mentioned it before? Because I kinda don’t give a flying fuck about Sword Art Online! I know that’s probably ‘taking a side’ in the inane debate between SAO lovers and haters, but personally I’m just not that big of a fan of things set in generic fantasy settings, so that’s part of the reason why I never watched but a minute of the original SAO but also why I’m here reviewing GGO.

She’s small and fast, a lethal combination.

Right, fine, but what aside from the setting makes them so different? I don’t know! If I knew that maybe I’d have bothered to watch the original SAO, but as it stands I’m content to watch this version, but I fully admit it feels kind of populist, kinda like the same feeling I get when watching Fairy Tail or the like.

Oh my god you’re such an anime hipster it kind of hurts. I am not!

I don’t know who this is as she’s only in the show for a second but probably best girl.

You absolutely are, but now’s not the time to bicker. So who are the characters in the show? Well so far we’re really only introduced to LLENN a cute girl with a pink P90 machine-gun she calls P-Chan, and M a massive sniper dude with a tactical mind. At the very end of the episode we meet the gamer behind LLENN and thankfully it’s not some overweight otaku in his basement but a tall woman by the name of Karen (who I only know is really tall because the MAL synopsis, but I’m fairly sure that’ll be a plot point in future episodes).

I’m secretly hoping the gruff sniper dude, M is also a girl on the outside world.

Fair enough, so what exactly is the point of this show? I don’t know, but I enjoyed it all the same. I mean sure the stakes seem kinda low since the majority of the show is happening within a game world but I’m still interested to see how this kind of show goes!

So recommended then? I can only speak for people who haven’t see a Sword Art Online series before, and even then it’s still just my opinion but I can think of worse ways to spend 25 minutes, it hasn’t done anything remarkable or revolutionary but it’s still fun and I look forward to seeing how the series progresses.

Karen in real life and her online character LLENN.

The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA Review for The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: The New Thesis – Encounter Episode 1.

What’s the show? The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These Episode 1.

Quite the mouthful. Heh!

Did I say something funny? Oh, no just kind of apt, this show’s got a serious homoerotic streak between the protagonist Reinhard von Lohengramm and his second-in-charge Siegfried Kircheis. And I don’t know if it’s intentional but it’s how do I put this delicately…

Just spit it out. Haha!

Some quality dialogue there.

Oh my god you’re so immature… Listen, I’m all for homoeroticism, believe it or not. Just because I’m usually into cute girls doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the importance of a little male same sex relations but it’s just… it feels so damn silly here! And not because it’s OTT, quite the contrary, it’s so stuffy and repressed that I don’t even know who the target audience for it is. Maybe because it’s based on an older anime that came from a time when it wasn’t so cool to be open with these things. Or maybe it’s just because the setting is so grand and slick and its framed against epic space battles and intergalactic diplomacy that it kind of feels like they’re holding back as not to further narrow down their audience but in doing so they’re really just making an unfulfilling product.

Anime blue balls? Sure, if you want to be crude about it…

And perhaps later I can show you my stamp collection.

Hey, who’s the one who was laughing at my innuendo just a few questions ago?! You admit it then!

Ugh—so you mentioned ‘epic space battles’. Care to elaborate? Yeah, I mean it’s probably the most impressive thing about this show, the 3D CGI animation is flawlessly integrated into the 2D and the battles have the kind of scope and scale that I don’t think I’ve ever seen in a TV series. It’s just a shame the rest of the story is so dull and the characters (so far) are playing it so low key that there feels like everybody’s just phoning it in. That and the story is kind of boring.

It looks better in motion, trust me.

Well that’s a shame. It is! It feels like there’s a lot of promise and a lot of talent behind the scenes but it’s not very well executed, to the point I have to wonder why should I bother continuing. But it’s not offensive enough to give it up just yet, maybe it will improve, and maybe the relationship between the two men will go beyond “flirting” “words”, but until then it will continue to be dull.

That kind of captain’s chair says a lot about a person.

Since when are you rooting for more man on man action? Hehehehe ‘rooting’.

No but seriously! I don’t know, I guess when there’s so little else to focus in on in a show like this you want it to do something daring. I mean at least it would be doing something.

A bit phallic perhaps? Or do I just have a dirty mind?

Fair enough, so do you recommend this show? Umm, not really? The space battles are excellent but that’s not nearly enough to make it worth watching unless you are for some reason really into these characters. I’ll keep watching though, because even though it may be dull at least it doesn’t offend me or make me angry. Maybe that seems like a silly reason to continue a show but the very least I’ll have some cool space battles to look at.

It really is a good looking anime.

Hyperdimension Neptunia – 20 Question Anime Review

A 20 Question Anime Review for Hyperdimension Neptunia.

What’s the show? Hyperdimension Neptunia (2013).

Uh-huh. And what’s it about? Anthropomorphic video game consoles in revealing clothing fighting generic bad guys and having conversations about international diplomacy with lots of lame video game puns and references.

I wish.

Scathing! And here I thought it would be right up your alley, what with ‘cute girls’ and ‘skimpy clothing’, least that’s what it says here in my notes… *shuffles papers* I don’t like the fact that you seem more prepared for these reviews than you are usually… it’s unsettling.

Well get used to it, bub! So what’s got you so negative about something you’d normally be all over. I don’t like the insinuation that just because something has good lookin’ ladies that I’d be “all over it”, there’s plenty of shows that fit my niche that I’ve not ended up liking, I just don’t find it easy to write negative reviews so I rarely cover them…


Why not? Why don’t I like writing negative reviews?

Yeah. Well, every show is someone’s favourite show, just seems kind of mean to pick on something someone out there loves…

That’s a dumb reason, you’re dumb. Fine, you want me to let lose?!

YES~! Fine, this show, no this whole series, is just unbelievably lazy and stupid and inane, it’s kind of like the thing that a couple of ten-year old’s would come up with while having a sleepover, like “omg imagine if our video game consoles were countries and they were ruled over by sexy anime girls, hur hur hur!”

So many characters, so little point.

I’ve probably heard worse ideas for a series, but go on… It’s not even that the idea is stupid (which it is), but that it’s that it feels so half-assed that every idea was like the first idea they had, like “okay, we need a name for the Xbox country/how about Leanbox, lol ok sure whatever” The Japanese are so much smarter than this, and so everything about this series just screams ‘lowest common denominator’. It’s like The Big Bang Theory of anime. Cheap references, lame jokes and zero point to it all.

…Did you watch this in English? Maybe, so what, sometimes I watch shows I know will suck in English so I don’t have to pay as close attention.

Y’ever think it might be better in Japanese? Of course it’s fucking better in Japanese, but that still doesn’t fix the inherent issues… as if I could sit through 12 whole episodes of this shit while also reading subtitles. The only thing that made this tolerable was that I could stare at the eye candy.

I don’t even remember who this is, but ‘Yay boobs!’?

You are unbelievable sometimes… What?!

You’re so judgmental but I bet if you found this show under different circumstances and watched it in Japanese you’d be singing its praises! Haha, okay… And what pray tell are these “different circumstances” you speak of?

If you were a teenager when you watched it! …I-I… no, that’s…

I’d like to give her the D-pad.

That’s…? Okay fine! Maybe, just maybe I would have been into it if I was a ‘young’ and ‘impressionable’ (read: horny) teen! But that me is stupid too, I’m so much smarter now! I’m an educated, well-read adult of class and sophistication with a taste in anime and manga to match!

Didn’t you just give ‘Mononoke Sharing‘—a manga with copious amounts of boob related fan-service, a positive, dare I say glowing review on your blog? Oppai… oppai never changes…

Well~ not really.

Was that a f**king Fallout reference?! So how about them (local sports team)!

I… I don’t even know what’s going on at this point… This show is boring and dumb and I feel like I’m a million years old and let me shake my fist at the unceasing callousness of the passing of time! Just let me be young again and I’ll pay you a million yen!

See what I mean?

Who are you even talking to? God, the devil, I—I don’t know, I think… I think I’m having a midlife crisis!? FFFFuuuu~

SO—final score and recommendation? Ergh, umm—if it isn’t already abundantly clear I don’t like this series, it’s lazy and repetitive and obnoxious and just fucking stupid but I do admit that some of the girls are *kisses fingers* bellissimo! I just don’t care about their “plight” and I certainly don’t care about their characters beyond the superficial, much like the original creators probably! Oop~ there I go presuming things I couldn’t possibly know! Oh well whatever, ahaha, this is why I shouldn’t write negative reviews while drinking: 55 out of 100.

This Digimon spin-off certainly took a turn for the perverse!

Akiba’s Trip: The Animation – 20 Question Anime Review

A 20 Question Anime Review for Akiba’s Trip: The Animation.

What’s the show? Akiba’s Trip: The Animation (2017).

Gee, thanks I couldn’t tell it was an animation seeing as this is an anime review… Listen, adding ‘The Animation’ to a title is just something they do when an anime is based on a video game, to differentiate it I suppose.

Oh I see, well who’s Akiba and what’s his trip about? Ahahaha, I sometimes forget how much of a ‘normie’ you are…

What? What’d I say that’s so damn funny? Akiba’s a place, it’s short for otaku nirvana Akihabara.

I miss Akihabara…

Oh…okay. So how can a place have a trip? Listen, it’s a pun title with a double meaning. It’s supposed to be read as AKIBASTRIP. So it can be read as Akiba Strip.

Because…? Because the game and by extension the show is about monsters taken host in human bodies that can only be defeated by exposing as much skin as possible on the host’s body, so by stripping them.

He’s the hero, lol.

—I’d feign surprise but by this point I’m just glad you haven’t brought up lolicons or siscons, you’re not going to bring up lolicons or siscons are you??? Relax, relax, believe it or not this kind of an innocent show, all things considered.

I think you and I have a different opinion on what qualifies as ‘innocent’. No really, it’s very goofy and light-hearted, it feels like a Saturday morning cartoon from the West except for the fact that it’s set in Akihabara… the fan-service is pretty moderate – by anime standards that is. I mean yes, there’s lots of people being stripped down to their undergarments but it doesn’t linger or put outrageous detail into it, it’s handled surprisingly tastefully and to be honest after the first few episodes isn’t really what the show chooses to focus on.

Well what happens during an average episode? Take your pick! I mean this show is wildly varied, each episode has its own standalone plot and standalone villain and usually parodies some aspect of Akihabara culture or anime or video game, but not in a way that’s alienating or oblique, it somehow makes Akihabara accessible and even quaint compared to how it is in reality.

Careful! You might damage the anime figurines!

Isn’t that kind of dishonest? Pfft, I mean maybe, but this is a comedy, it’s not trying to faithfully depict Akihabara, episodes go from subjects as low key as arcade tournaments, competitive eating and building computers to real life kung fu battles, brainwashing maid/butler cafes and dropping a nuclear bomb on Akihabara!

Yeah that does sound kind of silly. And that’s this show’s strongest point, when it gives in to its silliness its an absolute blast, but unfortunately it falls into the trap of thinking its deeper than it is one too many times. Even for an Akiba devotee such as myself some of the later episodes are way more complicated or backstory heavy than they need to be.

Getting Ms Koizumi flashbacks!

So who are the characters? We should probably talk about them for a hot second, yeah? Mmm, there’s our Akiba obsessed otaku protagonist Tamotsu, who depending on the episode is into pretty much anything. He’s a good guy, he sacrifices his life to save a cute girl named Matome, who he only just met! Except this cute girl turns out to be a ‘bugged one’, the ‘bugged one’s’ are the bad monsters that infect people, but she’s a good one, who’s devoted her life to fighting them! In order to save his life from his fatal wounds, she kisses him, turning him into a ‘bugged one’ like her. Together, and with the help of a busty, blonde Finnish otaku named Arisa, and Tamotsu’s kid sister Niwaka they form the vigilante group ‘Electric Mayonnaise’ and commit to protecting Akihabara from whatever evil decides to beset it!

I—I have so many questions… Go ahead!

Okay, wait, ‘Electric Mayonnaise’? The main girl’s full name is Matome Mayonaka, so her friends call her ‘Mayo’ for short. I guess the electric part is because it sounds cool. *sunglasses emoji*

The action is pretty damn cool tbh.

Right, and what’s this about a busty blonde Finnish otaku? Sounds like someone’s fan-fic leaked onto your anime… Yeah, her character’s kind of like the comic relief, which in a show that’s basically all comedy (+ random bursts of sci-fi/supernatural action) is certainly saying something! She’s a cosplayer too, so expect her to be in a different outfit every episode, some provocative, some ridiculous.

What do they teach in Finnish schools?!

Fair enough… you seem lost.

I’m just trying to wrap my head around what kind of show this is, that’s all. It’s unique, that’s not to say it’s something you need to rush out and watch, its got pacing issues, some episodes will appeal to some subsets of the otaku community more than others, and sometimes it’s just plain dumb. But it’s certainly worth a watch if you are into anime and the surrounding culture.

Wise advice, wait what?

And if I’m not? I know you’re not, so just sit in the corner and be quiet, this review’s almost over.

Anything else? Oh probably important, full disclosure and all that, but I did watch this show in the English dub. Don’t know if that makes a difference to this review, don’t think it should, the references were all distinctly Japanese, it’s not like certain other dubs that felt the need to throw in American references wherever they possibly could! But that may have contributed to the Saturday morning cartoon ~vibe~ I felt.

Ahem… final score and recommendation? It’s flawed, but still ultimately a fun and funny show. If for some reason you’ve avoided it because you think it’s going to be some perverted, ecchi heavy show it’s really not despite the conceit. If I had kids I’d have no problem letting them watch this right along every other Saturday morning cartoon. Though that’s probably a good reason I’ll never be a parent… 78 out of 100.

I always picked Chun-Li too.

Darling in the FranXX Episode 8 – 20 Question Anime Review (Spoilers)

A 20 Question Anime Review for Darling in the FranXX Episode 8.

Please note: This review is no longer representative of the author’s feelings on this show for an up to date review please read: Puberty & Robots – A 20 Question Reassessment of Darling in the FranXX (Episodes 1-15)

What’s the show? You know what the f**king show is, don’t be cute.

Whoa! Where’s this anger coming from? You ever watch something so insulting that you despair for humanity?

Hmm, like Adam Sandler’s ‘Pixels’? Right, sure, except the difference is there aren’t thousands of people proclaiming the brilliance of Pixels a lot of people are with Darling in the FranXX.

Oh boy. We’re going here again aren’t we? I intended to do a quarterly review of this show every 6 episodes, content to watch on in eye-rolling disbelief as the show progressed. But episode 8 made me so mad I almost put my fist through the screen!

So the clothes melting monster slime only touches the women, hmm? HMM?

Haven’t you heard the phrase, ‘don’t blog angry’? No, and I think you just made that up.

Well someone has to be the voice of reason, besides no one likes reading your rants… They don’t want to read it, they don’t have to.

No chance of that, I’m in full rage mode!

Way to antagonize, buddy. So I guess there’s no stopping this 50 ton freight train of hate, so what about the episode has got you so riled up? Oh you know the usual trash you’d come to expect from this show: casual sexism played for laughs or titillation, women being reduced to less than objects as they are stripped and ogled and then told to not be so up right about it. Reinforcing toxic gender stereotypes, suggesting that women should just ‘get along’ with men regardless of how uncomfortable it makes them.

It’s like ‘the Fappening’ all over again…

U Mad Bro? Don’t you fucking meme with me!

Sorry! I just thought we needed a little levity. So the show continues to be shitty to its female characters, what else is new? Not to be harsh but you knew that 3 episodes in, why do you keep watching if it aggrieves you so much? Because I’m fucking delusional obviously, it’s like the dog who keeps going back to its owner even though it knows it’s going to get beaten down. Because the owner was once good and kind and fun, but is now content to do everything to undermine any sense of what used to be.

Did I forget to mention “heteronormative” because, well yeah…

So ‘all that’ aside, is there anything redeemable you can say about it? I know you praised the animation and the mystery behind the larger story in the previous review, what about now? Nada.

Yikes, you’ve really lost anything favourable to say about the show haven’t you? I don’t think I’ve ever seen you this defeated by something. It’s like if you went to a decent restaurant for a while and then one day after going you get the worst food poisoning of your life, like literally body sweats, white knuckle, out every orifice kind of food poisoning. You’re not going to go, when asked “how’s that restaurant?” Say “yeah the bread sticks are good and the wait staff is nice,” no you’re going to say, “stay away, I nearly shat my soul out after eating there.”

Who could’ve guessed this show was written by men?! I mean women totally just sit around and lament about how they nag too much.

Evocative imagery… But do you see what I’m saying? There comes a point where it doesn’t matter if a show is half good, if the part that’s half bad is so bad it makes you shake with rage.

So it is half good? You want me to be honest? Fine, yes, the animation is still very good and the setting is interesting, and the mystery is one that begs answers. But it’s also dumb as heck, I mean this episode literally had a trope as tired and lazy as dividing the house in two with a taped line to determine the boys side and the girls side. I mean really?! Why not just get all your plot points from old sitcom reruns since you’ve evidently run dry of all the anime tropes you stuffed in to the previous episodes?!

“Lucy! You’ve got some ‘splaining to do!”

I have a feeling I know the answer to this question already, but seriously why don’t you drop the show? Nobody’s forcing you to watch it. Yes, in fact every one is forcing me to watch it. Every 5 star review or 10/10 score is goading me into try and understand what kind of people are out there and what they could possibly see in this show? Like I long gave up trying to understand the scores shows get on MAL relative to one another, and understanding people is about as fruitful endeavour as trying to drink soup with a sieve. But I need to know that it’s more than just ogling girls in demeaning positions and big robots fighting that has made this show so acclaimed and so quickly.

Maybe it’s just not for you? Maybe, but then who is it for?

People not like you. And why are there so many of them?

I don’t know. And why do they hate women so much?

Okay then. I think it’s time we pull the breaks on this train before you say something that looses you a follower. It’s okay, they probably won’t notice, they’re too busy what with all the women hating.

She’s giving permission for to be leered at, but only a little. Because, you know, nobody likes a king leer. #lamejoke

You know you could be wrong and this show goes on to subvert all your expectations by the end. I hope this day comes, I truly do. I hope after episode 24 airs and it’s actually revealed to be a masterclass in feminist discourse, that everyone who’s been aggrieved by my comments towards the show they love comes to me and says, “ha! You were wrong, it was smart and sensitive and actually about deconstructing all the things you said it was enabling” and I’ll say, “guess you were right all along, pardner” and I’ll tip my Stetson to them and ride off into the sunset on my gallant steed content in being wrong and contrite enough to know that I was a fool to ever doubt the geniuses at Studio Trigger.

Well I’m glad you got that off your chest, it must feel better to have written that all down now you can do the sensible thing and delete it and everyone will be happy. And published!

Elfen Lied – 20 Question Anime Review

A 20 Question Anime Review for Elfen Lied.

What’s the show? Elfen Lied (2004).

And what’s that mean? I had to look this up, apparently it’s German or Dutch (or both) and it roughly means ‘Elves Song’.

I’m guessing since you had to look it up the show is not about elves then? Indeed, the Wikipedia synopsis is pretty spoiler heavy so I’ll just sum it up from how it presents itself in the first few episodes. It’s about a crazy naked girl with invisible arms who breaks out of a testing facility she was being held in and ends up staying with university student Kouta and his cousin Yuka, who look after her and try and discover what her deal is.

Pictured: Me, having to be restrained from buying everything when shopping in Akihabara.

Okay, sounds interesting. What’s ‘crazy naked girl’s’ name? Lucy, or Nyu, depending on who you’re talking to.

Huh? Let’s just say you’re better off talking to the child-like persona Nyu, you won’t like her when she’s Lucy.

Is that a Hulk reference? Yes, basically she’s crazy violent when she’s Lucy, this show doesn’t shy away from the violence and gore by the way.

Mona Lisa Smile.

And nudity, I assume? Well yeah, but I’m not complaining.

Right. So what are your complaints, I’m assuming you have some? Unfortunately yes, first 4 or so episodes I was not enjoying myself. Sure, it’s got an interesting plot and some nice animation, but aside from that I couldn’t get into the characters and I didn’t appreciate the jarring tone, between the violent and serious parts which comprise ‘the plot’ and the lighter moments when Nyu’s getting into all kinds of “misunderstandings” because she doesn’t understand cultural and societal norms.

The art is gorgeous sometimes.

So it was tonally jarring going between the serious scenes and the jokey scenes, but were the scenes on their own at least good? The serious stuff was good enough, it was suitably grim and sinister and mysterious but the light-hearted stuff was almost unwatchable, except for well you know… the fan service, I’m still a guy after all…

Aha, so when you said before you weren’t complaining about the nudity, you meant on a surface level. Yes, the nudity is fine, it is what it is, but the ‘comical’ scenes at home like where Kouta has to dress her and then his female cousin walks in and it’s just so obvious and lazy, it feels like it’s from a completely different show. It’s not funny enough to make up for the intrusion to the tone and simultaneously its not subtle or nuanced enough to seamlessly integrate with the rest of the show.

“I love donuts!” #GuessTheReference

Explain it to me like I’m, well… me. Right, it’s like your watching Terminator the original one, you know ultra violent sci-fi and then suddenly there’s comic relief courtesy of American Pie, or worse one of the direct to video sequels.

Yikes! Really sounds like you don’t like this show… No I actually do, if you skip to the bottom you’ll see I end up giving it a 76 out of 100.

Wait, what? Huh?! I was just about to write this show off completely and praise you for doing your first negative review on this website! How does what you just said end up with a show scoring 76 out of 100? Pretty sure, I said that that was just the first 4 episodes that were like that. And considering there’s 13 episodes, even if those episodes were total bottom of the barrel turkey trash, if the remaining 9 were flawless that could still technically be a 76 I mean if we’re talking averages. Though the first 4 aren’t complete trash, they’re high 50’s at worst.

So what happens in the remaining nine episodes?! Oh? So suddenly you want spoilers, weren’t you just the other day cajoling me into keeping these reviews “spoiler free”?

I… can’t come up with a funny caption.

Ugh, fine, without spoilers, explain how this show makes such a turn around? Character development, back story, emotional revelations, genuinely clever writing, believe it or not all these things are in this show, it just takes a quarter of the season to start showing the signs of promise

Wouldn’t you say that’s too little too late? For some people maybe, but I’m generally not in the habit of dropping shows.

‘Dropping shows’? It’s a common term in the anime community, when you watch a show and then get to a point however many episodes in and then decide not to continue. I don’t do it personally because even the worst shows have some redeeming qualities, plus I can’t give something a score unless I’ve watched all of it. But that’s just a personal rule, I can understand why people do it, there’s a lot of anime out there and only so many hours in a day!

There really aren’t enough good quality pictures of this show on Google. But it beats having to screencap shows myself!

Fair enough. So how do you go about recommending a show like this? Well it’s a classic series, I remember watching it about a decade ago and liking it a lot more than when I re-watched it a year ago. Maybe it hasn’t aged as well or maybe my tastes have changed, or maybe there’s just so much other stuff out there that it’s less special then it was back then. But if you haven’t seen the show I still recommend it, but there’s about a hundred shows I’d recommend before it.

Well okay then, final sc- No wait a second, I change my mind on that, if you’ve never watched anime before and you want something very dark and very violent and a little perverted but not like FULL pervert, then it’s probably a good place to start.

Nobody reading this has never watched anime, they’re all like you. True, and then for them I say if you haven’t watched it, and you’re not feeling it, at least try and give it ‘til episode 8. I know that’s a big ask in our fast paced world, but I think it’s worth it for how good it gets, even if it’s a tough slog at first. Final score, 76 out of 100.


One-Punch Man – 20 Question Anime Review

A 20 Question Anime Review for One-Punch Man.


Sorry did you say One Piece? No. Never One Piece, not even once.

Ok sure, so what’s the sho- ONE PUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH!!!

*sigh* It’s going to be one of those reviews, huh? No! I’m just enjoying myself, geez such a spoilsport. The show is called One-Punch Man.

Glad to see you’re back with us, and what’s it about? It’s about an ordinary bald man named Saitama who can defeat any enemy, no matter how powerful, with just one single punch.


Hmm, seems kind of overpowered, doesn’t that get boring for what I presume is a fighting style anime? Ah, but it’s not just a fighting anime. It’s got a bit of science fiction, it’s got quite a lot of comedy, it’s a very well rounded show when it comes to having a little bit of something for everyone.

But does it spread itself too thin because of that? A little, it’s kind of like, being almost a parody of loud-battle anime’s doesn’t mean you should still lean so heavily into the tropes of those shows. The show is at it’s best when it indulges in little character moments between Saitama and his cyborg sidekick Genos, or when it delves deeper into Saitama’s dissatisfaction and depression about fighting not being fun because of his overpowered punch.

And at its worst? Well the show tries to come up with ways to have villains that challenge Saitama’s god-tier abilities but there’s never the sense that he’ll ever lose. It’s not until the end of the season does anything in the show really feel like a threat.


Anything else? Not enough female characters, there’s literally one recurring female character and she’s not even introduced until half way through the show and she does so little it’s kind of a bit insulting. There’s no reason that more of the S-class heroes couldn’t have been female.

Fair enough, sounds like you have a lot of complaints, that’s kind of rare for you, you’re usually so positive about anime? It’s like this, if a show is going to have the kind of ambition that this show does and put a unique spin on a familiar anime genre, than they should commit to it, and it doesn’t always feel like that. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still a very good show, the visuals are fantastic and the action is well animated, but you can’t half ass the story just because you have some good ideas.


Sounds more like you’re scolding a naughty child, not reviewing an anime. I’m not upset, I’m just disappointed.

This is a very highly regarded anime, if I’m not mistaken? Indeed, very. It’s ranked #38 on popular anime scoring website that will remain nameless.

And you’ve taken a sort of critical opinion on it and decided to post it online. Yes I have.

This is a bit against protocol but what score are you intending to give it? This is very unorthodox, but I’ll allow it. It scores 81 out of 100. So not a terrible score at all, that still qualifies as a hearty recommendation.

But yesterday you gave ‘Yamada’s First Time: B Gata H Kei an 82 out of 100. And what’s it’s ranking on popular anime scoring website that will remain nameless? #3084. What’s your point?

Don’t you think you owe it to your readers to explain why the scores are like that? Because I have taste and people on that site don’t?


Whoa! Shots fired! No but there is a reason though isn’t there? Why so many slice of life and ecchi anime score in the high 80’s and 90’s and shows like this score lower? Cute girls?

No, it’s because you’re easier on those other shows, I can tell that much from the short time we’ve talked together, it’s okay you can be honest. Listen, that’s only partially true but it’s not like I’m just giving them a higher score because if one were to imperially measure one against another, a slice of life would score lower because it’s a slice of life. I judge a slice of life or an ecchi anime on it’s own merits, not comparing it to things which the mainstream like to consider to be better. If a slice of life does everything it set out to do, does everything right, is funny and charming and cute and ticks all the boxes why shouldn’t it score in the high 80’s or 90’s? There’s plenty of slice of life show’s that I think are just okay, or average, believe it or not there’s even some I hate but I don’t like writing negative reviews, so that’s why I prioritise positive reviews over negative ones. This isn’t even a negative review, so I don’t know why I need to defend myself!

You don’t, your only arguing with yourself here after all. Huh, true. Guess I was just anticipating a backlash that probably won’t even happen. Well it felt good to get it out.

After all that’s said and done, final recommendation? Even if you don’t think you’ll like it, you probably will and even if, like me, you have issues with it you’ll probably still enjoy it a whole lot too. 81 out of 1PUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH!