Japan Trip 2017 – Day 11 & 12

The eleventh and twelfth day of my Japan Trip 2017, its mostly about food tbh…

If you haven’t read Day 1 & 2 of my Japan Trip 2017 blog series, please do so before reading this post for context and continuity’s sake. Day 3Day 4Day 5 & 6Day 7Day 8, Day 9 and Day 10 are also available to read.

Two days in one post, huh? That doesn’t bode well… Wow, way to get readers wanting to continue reading! Some days when you’re on holiday you don’t feel so inclined to take photos of everything or you second guess how interesting something is or you’re not allowed to take photos because you’re spending all your time in stores. Or in the case of Day 11, all of the above!

Fair enough, well do your best then. What did you do on Day 11? We went to Nakano Broadway! Which for those who don’t know it’s like an older-style shopping mall connected to a slightly newer shopping mall and the newer one’s upper floors are pretty much entirely anime and otaku related stores. It’s also more of a mix of old and new, vintage and modern then anywhere in Akiba is so if that’s your style then you definitely need to pay a visit. I’m not so into retro toys and figures so that stuff was kind of boring to me as I didn’t have a connection with any of the old shows they were attached to but it was still cool to look at. Plus there was more than enough modern anime-related goodies to keep me entertained.

This is the older part of the mall. Sadly I have no photos of the inside of the new part 😦 I promise to get some next trip though!
This round the back of the mall. These are literally the only two photos I have from Nakano except for a food one.

So is that all you did in Nakano, look at anime and otaku stores? Pretty much, as far as I could tell there’s not much else to do there, its a pretty suburban area. Anyway, we had lunch there at a place that specialised in curry puff things so have a photo of that!

This was very fancy plating for what was essentially a giant curry puff (and side salad and egg in dressing). The puff was ~ridiculously~ fluffy. Miss Beezlebub would have been in heaven.

And what about the rest of Day 11? Honestly I’m not quite sure, I know that sounds pretty bad for a travel blog but the only thing of note that we did was dinner. And that I do have a lot of photos of because it was at a famous chain that specialises in “bullet train” delivery sushi! What does that mean? Well take a look at this video I took to find out!

I’m not even sure what I’m looking at… So basically you order the sushi you want from a video screen and in a few minutes it gets delivered to you by a high speed sushi train! It’s very cool and never got old! Incoming flood of related photos!

I think that’s the whole menu in that picture. Truly impressive!
All in English too! Very convenient!
Some sort of massive fish sushi, it was delicious though!
It’s a bit hastily put together but with the speed at which the food comes out you can hardly blame them.
Hina would approve of this!
Tempura prawns! Oishi!
I can’t even remember what this is.
Just egg.
Beef? On sushi? Madness!
Too much kewpie mayo? No such thing!
Crispy coconut prawn!
They even had desert!

And you said there wouldn’t be enough material for a full post! I stand by that! I mean who’s going to want to be satisfied with a post that’s 90% food! Oh wait, this is the internet that’s practically what social media is used for… Oh well, on to Day 12!

Okay. So Day 12, I presume it was a more interesting day photo-wise? Yes and no. See, Sharon wanted to go back to Harajuku since we kind of rushed through their on Day 10 whereas I wanted to go back to Nakano because likewise we rushed through. So we did both… only separately! And I took precisely ~zero~ photos as I was just buying heaps of anime merch and being a general weeb. But before we went our separate ways we visited the Meiji Shrine which is located just outside of Harajuku station. It’s a beautiful shrine in a massive park and a must-see location if you’re nearby!

Sake bottles. All empty sadly. What? Don’t look at me, I didn’t drink them, I swear!
My simple prayer/wish was “pls no war” because I had a bit of anxiety as the President who must not be named was visiting the region while we were in Japan.
Hanging up our prayer plaque.
*squints* It was a very sunny day for these two pale nerds.

Well isn’t that touristy and wholesome and normal you should do that more often… Yeah yeah yeah, you’ll get that with the next trip (probably).

So no other photos from the day? Well… I mean, is it a day in Japan without pictures of food?! For dinner we didn’t stray too far from the hotel surrounds and ate at a smoky little bar, we just ordered random bar food that looked different or tasty and drank copious amounts of alcohol. It was good!

And that’s Day 11 and 12 complete? That it is. I hope you enjoyed that, look forward to Day 13 where we find ourselves in a new city and staying in one of the tallest hotels in the world!

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Japan Trip 2017 – Day 10

The tenth day of my Japan Trip 2017, have you heard of the Kawaii Monster Cafe? Because you’re about to!

If you haven’t read Day 1 & 2 of my Japan Trip 2017 blog series, please do so before reading this post for context and continuity’s sake. Day 3Day 4Day 5 & 6Day 7Day 8 and Day 9 are also available to read.

So what’s in store for Day 10 of the trip? Well first of all a quick detour from our hotel in Shibuya off to Shinjuku, for what reason? Shopping and food of course! What else are you supposed to do on a holiday? But if you’re getting bored of all that keep reading ’til the end where you’ll get to see us visit a burlesque show in Harajuku!

Moshi moshi, Godzilla desu!

So what’s in Shinjuku? Lots! Though we mostly just walked around for a couple of hours, went to the Animate (which was mostly geared towards female anime fans) and then had some lunch.

I don’t think Sharon even knew who these boys were but she was happy to see them nonetheless!
That’s one table you don’t want to rest your arms on!

So what was for lunch? We found a third floor Okonomiyaki restaurant (that’s Japanese pancakes for all you filthy normies) where there’s a hot plate built into the table in front of you where you’re supposed to make your own! It was honestly a little intimidating, mostly because there was the language gap and the fact I’d never made Okonomiyaki before. Luckily we managed to convey our overall ineptitude and the waitress helped us out a bit, though we still added the toppings ourselves.

It may look like a mess but it was delicious!

After lunch we took a train to Harajuku, a “trendy” spot filled with people far more fashionable than us (also, expectantly lots of tourists). I’m still undecided about how I feel about Harajuku, it was an ~experience~ but there was very little that interested me. In fact, I think it was the longest period of time while in Japan that I didn’t see anything anime related!

While there we decided to do some ~cliche~ (but fun!) Harajuku things like get a giant cotton candy and take “kawaii” photos in the ‘Purikura’ photo booths!

Purikura photo booths + man with a beard = nightmare fuel.

And after that? Some more shopping then dinner at a chain Tempura restaurant, honestly not that good, the batter was too thick, but for the price it was okay.

And then?! You’re just waiting for the reveal of that burlesque tease I made at the start of this post aren’t you?

N-no, not really! I wouldn’t be interested in anything so lewd! Sure sure, so after that we headed to the ‘Kawaii Monster Cafe’ which most days of the week is just a bright and colourful cafe filled with noise and people in costumes! But on Thursday nights, they hold a sexy burlesque show, and well, guess what day it was when we decided to visit Harajuku?

Thank god it’s Thursday! Ahem, I mean… The interior of the place was really cool, like someone had put Alice in Wonderland in a blender and upped the contrast of the mess that resulted.

Something vaguely fetishistic about a bunch of baby bottles hanging from the ceiling.

Uh-huh, very interesting… But you’re not here to see pictures of the decor, right? You’re here to see what anyone going to a burlesque show wants to see, RIGHT?!

Show me it! Right, here it is! Some food and drinks!

That’s not what I’ve been waiting to see! Haha, yeah I know, just thought I’d mess with you. Fine, here’s a bunch of videos I took! Unlike a lot of places in Japan they are totally cool with you taking photos and videos in here! Sadly the lighting was, well ~club lighting~ so I only really had one video worthy of sharing!

Oh, well I guess that was okay… Trust me when I say, the full experience was a lot more hectic and fun than that video can convey! There was loud techno music and bunny girls and members of the ‘audience’ being allowed to dance on stage with the girls. It was just a lot of fun! In fact here’s another video, just try and ignore all the drunk patrons dancing around the entertainers on the stage.

Seems like you had fun! I did, I really did. And here’s a bunch of random photos from the day that I didn’t quite know where to place in the chronology of this post. Blame it on the booze.

Not sure if this was in Shibuya, Shinjuku or Harajuku!
Same goes for this one.
The bathroom sinks in the Kawaii Monster Cafe had a lot of balls!
Probably the clearest photo I could get of one of the main dancers, look at those abs!

Well that was certainly an eventful day. What can we expect from Day 11? Not much, don’t get your hopes up, it’s all down hill from here!


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Japan Trip 2017 – Day 9

The ninth day of my Japan Trip 2017, Shibuya beckons…

If you haven’t read Day 1 & 2 of my Japan Trip 2017 blog series, please do so before reading this post for context and continuity’s sake. Day 3Day 4Day 5 & 6Day 7 and Day 8 are also available to read.

So last time you were at Disneyland, what comes next? Back to reality–which if it were any other country it’d be disappointing but this is Japan we’re talking about here! Nothing boring about Japan! But before we get to the next leg of our journey, there’s checking out of the hotel and breakfast to be had (not necessarily in that order).

Ridiculously delicious microwave breakfast from Lawson’s. Yes this was my breakfast.
Just a couple of dorks in an elevator, don’t mind my terrible face. I’m bad at candid photos… also there’s a story behind that Daisy duck plush which I’ll save for the end of the trip blog…

Leaving, Maihama, huh? Where to next then? So from Maihama we move on to quite possibly the busiest place in Tokyo–that’s right, we’re in Shibuya! I’ll admit I was a little intimidated by the prospect and while it was exactly as busy as I expected, it wasn’t nearly as intimidating. Well, the hike to our hotel was, lugging those 20+ kg suitcases up multiple sets of footbridges and up and around side streets was ~not~ anyone’s idea of a good time. But we got there in the end, a boutique hotel called The Shibuya Granbell… I wish I’d taken more pictures because boutique hotels are no slouch! The only photo I could find was one of the bathroom, so here you go!

Basically there’s a clear window between the bed and the bathroom, so I guess for people who like to watch their partners while in the bathroom? #nokinkshaming

Right… so what’d you do in your first day in Shibuya? Well we were on the West side of the station, which meant we’d have to cross those multiple sets of troublesome footbridges just to get back to the station and then East of the station was Shibuya proper. So obligatory photos of the ‘Shibuya Scramble’ a.k.a. the busiest crosswalk in the world, and I gotta say, not nearly as busy as I expected. The worst thing about it was dumb tourists stopping right in front of you as you’re trying to cross and taking photos. Not me though, I just lifted my camera above my head and rapidly pressed the button in the vain hope of getting a cool picture of the melee.

View of the ‘scramble’ from Shibuya Station.
A photo taken midst stride while walking across the ‘scramble’. See, no need to stop and be a nuisance to everyone!

And then? Lunch of course! Which meant paying a visit to Wendy’s, yes that Wendy’s. And I know what all you Americans are thinking “why did you travel all the way to Japan just to eat at a Wendy’s?!” and what I have to say is, we don’t have Wendy’s in Australia and as a fast food fan (and also someone who never intends to visit America) this was as close as I was going to get to experience Wendy’s. So that’s why!

Pretty good, not great.

And then after lunch? Just exploring Shibuya more or less, nothing was planned for this day so we just kind of walked around and looked at things that looked interesting… which for a place like Shibuya doesn’t really offer many photographic opportunities as its mostly a lot of retails shops. Though we did find a very cool Mandarake store (those familiar with my Mandarake Madness posts will know they are second-hand anime retailer located all over Japan). This one was located on like the fifth basement level of a building. I didn’t get pictures of the inside (as I’m always wary about taking photos in anime shops as there’s often signs discouraging the practice) but I did get a picture of the street-side entrance.

Cool art.

Buy anything? A few things, but I’ll post that (maybe) in a seperate post about all the merch I got in Japan this trip (assuming anyone’s interested enough). So more wandering around found a cute anime window display surprisingly not near an anime store, but rather in the more ~fancy~ area of Shibuya near the H&M advertising one of my absolute favourite CGDCT shows ‘Is The Order A Rabbit??’ Actually to be precise they were advertising the movie which was being released the same month we were there and obviously I had to get a photo in front of it.

I’m not looking at the camera because I was too busy being mindful of other pedestrians as this was a busy street!
Random photo of Shibuya Tower Records I took.

Great. And after that? We headed back to the hotel side of Shibuya, and looked for something more ~authentic~ to eat for dinner. Eventually we found ourselves at this quaint little ramen shop run by an old woman–we were the only ones in the place and though she (seemingly) didn’t speak a word of English and neither us of Japanese she welcomed us warmly and handed us menus. We ordered our food, we watched her prepare it, we waited patiently and we ate of it heartily. It was a surprisingly authentic and intimate experience for a place as flashy and hectic as Shibuya.

Beef tail ramen with kimchi.

And after that back to the hotel, right? Well~ not quite. It wouldn’t be a day in Japan without finding where the nearest Lawson’s convenience store is and acquiring snacks!

Yes, even the cookies have ‘Is The Order A Rabbit??’ anime branding on them it was that big of a deal while we were there! Also that “Uchi Cafe Sweets x Godiva’ thing was phenomenally good.


I took this screenshot of the wifi networks in our hotel, yes that’s an individual wifi spot for every room in the hotel! Japan’s hotel wifi game is lit AF!

And now, time to sleep? Time to end this blog post? Ah, but not before some views of Shibuya from our hotel room at night. Despite being an awkward location geographically to the rest of Shibuya I still kinda fell in love with the view here… it looked better at night hence why all my photos of the view are at night…

This was taken from the edge of the bed of our room. The window was impressively large and offered a view of a thousand other hotel rooms.

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PERSONA 5 the Animation – Full Season QandA Rundown

PERSONA 5 the Animation – Full Season QandA Rundown

What’s the important information? Persona 5: The Animation is a Spring 2018 anime that aired 26 episodes between April and September. It is based on the Persona 5 video game released by Atlus.

What’s it about? Ren Amamiya is a high school student, who, after being in the wrong place at the wrong time ends up on probation. He moves to Shibuya to start a new life under the roof of a family friend but soon finds himself caught up in something bigger and more important than he could possibly imagine. He has unlocked the supernatural power of ‘Personas’ and with it the ability to change the hearts of wrong-doers, with the help of his new friends they become the ‘Phantom Thieves of Hearts’ a group of vigilantes intent on saving innocents from those who abuse power. But things aren’t ever just that simple…

Where are your eyes looking…

Why did you watch it? I played the Persona 5 game so naturally I’m going to see how much the stuff it up, uh, err, I mean faithfully adapt it for television…

Did you enjoy the show? For the most part, yes I did. It simultaneously made me fondly remember the best parts of the game (the story and the character development) while glossing over the infuriating parts of it (the back-tracking, the repetitive battles) while also wonder why it so faithfully adapted things that could have easily been cut for the sake of a more streamlined experience. Ultimately though it’s interesting and entertaining even for someone who’s played the game so that’s got to be a recommendation of sorts!

Ren’s pretty cool for a video game protagonist.

What was your favourite episode? With so many episodes and none of them specifically distinct the whole series kind of blends together into an amorphous blob but the most faithful episode (at least as far as I’m concerned) was the first beach episode (Episode 18) where Futaba starts coming out of her proverbial shell so I’ll pick that one!

Futaba’s expression is me whenever I see people outside having fun.

What were your most favourite things about the show? Despite the fact that I played the game with English dubs but watched the show with original Japanese voices I still think they perfectly captured the essence of every character (with the exception perhaps being Ryuji who I still prefer in English). Also, unlike Persona 4 the Animation this series feels less like a video game adaptation and more its own thing—which for newcomers is a very important thing.

Don’t mess with these heroes!

What were your least favourite things about the show? This show tries too hard to squeeze every little thing that was even ~vaguely~ significant about the game into the show which adds to the narrative bloat and ends up with a lot of pointless asides that while ostensibly ‘fan-service’ for players of the game fall flat for everyone else. Characters like Hifumi Togo the Shogi player and Chihaya Mifune the psychic are introduced and ~vaguely~ returned to, but never in the same substantial way that they are in the game so their inclusion feels like pointless padding in a show already stuffed to bursting.

Who was your favourite character? In the game it was Futaba, she was best girl—but without the adaptation of her romantic plot line the connection feels lost. The character who came across the best in this adaptation was surprisingly Sojiro, the surrogate father figure to our protagonist and all around good guy—bet you didn’t expect me to pick an old dude over a waifu!

Sojiro’s about as deep as side-characters come, so much backstory and complexity.

Thoughts on the OP (opening) and ED (ending) and the soundtrack in general? Not to keep referencing the game too much but its soundtrack was a definite highlight and thankfully most of it remains for the adaptation, the various OP’s and ED’s are all sung by Lyn as they were in the game but in serving as OP’s and ED’s they draw ~more~ attention to themselves and thus highlight the quality of the soundtrack overall.

What’s something unique about this show? It seems weird to say but the fact that we got 26 episodes of a video game adaptation and we’re still not done with the completed adaptation! Yes, that’s right, a ‘special’ episode will air in late 2018 to wrap up the story proper! Maybe this isn’t especially unique but it kind of felt like it for me!

Makoto is great too!

What other anime are most like it for the sake of comparison? It should go without saying that it’s somewhat similar to Persona 4 but this show carries more style and panache than that show ever could muster. There have been plenty of shows throughout the years that focus on the struggle between oppressed and oppressor but none have felt more nascent and timely than Persona 5.

Who would you recommend it to? If you’ve played the game, then obviously this series comes recommended. Just don’t expect a 1:1 retelling of events nor anything that expands upon the universe. If you haven’t played the game the series is still worth watching for those interested in a compelling drama with interesting and charismatic characters.

Sum up the season in one sentence: ‘Social Justice Warriors; the anime!’

Final score? 83 out of 100.

Go team!

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(Stopped reviewing weekly after Episode 5)

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PERSONA 5 the Animation Episode 5 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for PERSONA 5 the Animaton Episode 5.

What’s the show? PERSONA 5 the Animation, Episode 5.

And how are things with the show this week? Are we good are we not so good? Hmm, kind of a bit of both really…

Oh, care to elaborate? Well, it’s another case of too many plot elements introduced and not enough time given to let the new elements breath. Like we get some more of the hot Doctor character, and the information that the protagonist is going to be doing clinical trials (mildly important element from the game) as well as the introduction to ‘Mementos’ which is the collective unconsciousness of society and a place to solve the ‘minor-league’ cases of “shitty adults” who are plaguing the city (in the game it’s basically side-quests where you grind your levels up).

Never mind, we need her in the show, she’s too cool.

Uh-huh… and it’s not introduced well? I mean it’s fine, it’s just I have to wonder how necessary either of these plot points are to telling a more streamlined version of this narrative. Obviously the anime wants to adapt pretty much everything and I appreciate that as a ~moderate~ fan of the game, but I think a just as good—if not better adaptation could have been made by cutting out one of these elements from the show. It would have made the pace more consistent at the very least.

Shibuya doggo statue behind them! Unrealistic though, it’s never that quiet around the statue.

At it again with the “pacing problems” huh? Well it is my single biggest gripe with this show so far. Like the first half of the episode has the scenes set at the ‘swanky’ buffet and this was a part of the game that already felt unnecessarily long, but here—when the second half of the episode is already rushing to introduce new elements—it feels even more pointlessly long. There’s a difference between character building and establishing a theme (i.e. that adults suck and make life difficult for those younger/weaker) and shortchanging important information in lieu of hammering home a message that’s already pretty obvious at this point.

When she sends a meme instead of a nude.

I thought you said this was both ‘good and not so good’? I’m only hearing ‘not so good’ so far. We get our first proper scene with Makoto! She’s my second favourite character, if I haven’t said so before. Also we get more hints towards the Madarame subplot, and as you well know the plot is what I’m about when it comes to this series, that and the characters of course.

2nd best girl!

Any other good points? Well there’s the introduction to the Phan-site, a fan blog run by one of Ren’s classmates who seems to know an awful lot about the Phantom Thieves, or as they’ve decided to call themselves ‘The Phantoms’, terrible name if I do say so, I preferred the name gave them in my play-through, the ‘Social Justice Waifus’, though that’s because I played with a mostly female line-up…

For what it’s worth there still continues to be a lot of cool shots in this show, even if they’re hardly brought attention to.

Right… I’m pretty confused now so let’s wrap this up. What are your final thoughts on the episode? I’m still mostly happy with this adaptation, if I’m picky or pedantic it’s only because I think I could have done better—not in reality mind you just in my head. I’m willing to overlook a lot of flaws though because they are more-or-less telling the story as it should be, just at an annoyingly inconsistent pace.

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PERSONA 5 the Animation Episode 2 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for PERSONA 5 the Animation Episode 2.

What’s the show? PERSONA 5 the Animation, Episode 2.

So how’s this video game adaptation going for you? Well…

Oh, bad news is it? I wouldn’t go as far as say ‘bad news’ just disappointing news.

Kamoshida is even more of an asshole here, or at least it seems that way. Maybe it’s just the Japanese voice actor sounds a lot more punchable—in a good way!

Well go on. I still love the story and characters of this game and by extension this anime and the stuff outside in the real world is as strong if not even better than the game. But the stuff in the ‘cognitive world’ known as “Palace’s” is a lot worse.

Like a screenshot from the game, only worse.

Oh, how so? Well maybe I’m biased because I genuinely didn’t enjoy the gameplay of the game (or at least, I didn’t enjoy how much of it there was and how similar feeling it felt). But here it just feels like watching someone play the game, and as much as the flashy visuals worked in the game, they just feel so lazily imported here. Like after the first large battle with Kamoshida’s henchman, there’s almost exactly the same stylised black and red splash screens you’d get in the game after defeating an enemy just minus the stats of levelling up. And not only does it somehow look worse than the game it just doesn’t make any sense for it to appear except for it being an homage to the game.

But does it harm the show in any meaningful way? I think it’s just unnecessary. I’m hoping it’s a one-off homage but I get a bad feeling they’re going to do it with every encounter throughout the show. I think an adaptation of a game should feel more like a TV show and take advantage of the strengths of the medium rather than flat out copy/paste the visuals of the game.

“You’ll never see it coming”

So you’ve gone cold on the show? I wouldn’t say completely, sure it’s an annoyance but I still want to see this adaptation in its entirety. And I’m still keenly looking forward to the other characters being introduced. Besides, compared to the game where you spend way more time in the “Palace’s” than in the real world, the balance seems more favourably skewed toward the ‘real world’ parts in the anime—which is preferred and appreciated!

That’s the look of a teacher who’s completely given up.

Anything else? Oh and Morgana’s finally been properly introduced and he’s as cute and charismatic as ever!


So, still recommend it then? Sure, I mean maybe these issues will only affect people who play the game, or maybe nobody has these issues, I don’t know! Either way, if you’re still not sure, I’d say give this show a go because the story is still progressing in a positive way!

PERSONA 5 the Animation Episode 1 – Anime QandA Review

An Anime QandA review for PERSONA 5 the Animation Episode 1.

What’s the show? PERSONA 5 the Animation, Episode 1.

Oh, ‘the Animation’ that means it’s based on a video game doesn’t it? Indeed, and I’ve even played the video game this is based on!

So you already know all about the plot and characters and where it’s going, huh? Sure do!

No spoilers! I’m not an asshole, of course no spoilers.

So what’s the show about? Well broadly it’s about The Phantom Thieves, a group of social justice vigilantes who seek to undo the wrongs did my ‘shitty adults’ by entering their “palaces” and “changing their hearts”.

Huh? “Palaces”, “Changing Hearts”, what’s all that about? Well it’ll be explained in future episodes so I don’t want to go into too much detail but basically our protagonist Ren Amamiya discovers a magical app on his phone that allows him to enter people’s ‘palaces’ which is like their cognitive world manifested as a hyper stylised fortress filled with enemies which reflect the worst aspects of their personality. Inside these palaces are a treasure, which if obtained makes the person have a ‘change of heart’.

I feel like you probably spoiled more than you should have… Maybe, I mean if I had to guess you’d probably find out most of this within the next 3 to 4 episodes, but there’s a lot more to this show than its central premise.

So having played the game does that make your viewing experience different? Absolutely, because it’s so faithful it does kind of feel a little bit boring to watch. But that’s because I only finished the game in February of this year so it’s still fresh in my mind. But the story and the characters were the best part of the game so I’m still happy to watch it all unfold in an animated form.

And how does it compare so far? Well as I said it’s very faithful so far, and it looks great and has some great audio cues from the game but I played the game with the English voice acting so hearing all these characters in Japanese is a little jarring, especially since I put like 80 hours into the game so I’m very used to the English voices. Having said that, Sojiro’s voice acting is great and it’s good to have a voice to the protagonist who was mostly voiceless in the game, but I already can’t stand Ryuji’s voice actor. Everyone else sounds pretty similar to their English counterparts, but Ryuji sounds so different it might be hard to get used to. But that’s entirely my problem and not a problem of the show.

Fair enough, so what’s the final word on episode one? If you haven’t played Persona 5 I recommend the show, it might seem confusing and dense but this is definitely a show where you need to see more of it to fully appreciate the stories and characters, all of which are great. I can’t wait til the show introduces Makoto and Futaba, my two favourite characters in the game, and of course Morgana who we got a glimpse of at the end of episode one. I’ll be interested to know what people who haven’t played the game think and those who have how do you think it fairs so far as an adaptation.